Justin Bieber is Above the Law

September 10th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Because it’s important for every child star to build their way up to running over a baby with a car, Justin Bieber got his first taste of celebrity justice over the weekend after throwing a water balloon at a state trooper which, surprise, is what happens when you give a 16-year-old kid a billion dollar music franchise. (See, also: Handjobs from Kim Kardashian.) E! News reports:

Our source says that Bieber was having a blast tossing water balloons at people’s crotches backstage…until he made direct contact with the ticked-off state trooper, who was part of a unit on hand for crowd control.
Bieber then retreated to his trailer while his bodyguard successfully persuaded the officer not to put a black mark on the kid’s squeaky-clean record (not including the madness that ensues among his fans when his very name is mentioned).
A state police spokesman described Bieber’s behavior Sunday as “inappropriate,” but he confirmed that no incident report was written and no further action will be taken against the teen or his entourage.

I can’t help but feel that a happier, less soul-crushing ending to this story would’ve been seeing Justin get thrown into a middle school dance as the officer pretends his gun is too wet to shoot. (Been there.) “Sorry, kid. – *click click* – But you really shouldn’t get water in these thing- HOLY DICK! THAT GIRL ATE YOUR FACE.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. asdf


  2. Greg H.

    who is this dude?

  3. Crabby Old Guy

    What I wouldn’t give to see Keith Richards whack this little fucker across the face with his guitar! Oh, and who’s the blond babe escorting this douche? I have some “whacking” that I’d like her to help me with.

    • cindy wood

      The Rolling Stone are just a bunch of old jerks, and they all look like Foolish Mental patients when they are on stage. The whole lot of them need to retire to an old folks home, so they can get their panties changed.

    • Randal

      Guess you want to do Bieber’s hot blonde mom?

  4. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    little cunt should have been tased to death then set on fire

  5. molly

    friggen cops gettin pushed around by babies nowadays… i tell ya if he’d hit clint eastwood with a water balloon he woulda shot him. the good old days

    • Rocky Bushrod

      No shit dood…that cop should’ve at least sodomized him with his (or her) billy-club.
      Take note, folks. This is the first step in what promises to be yet another falling from grace.

  6. Howard the Duck

    Is the Bieber sporting a big downward pointing hard-on those pics? If he is packing cock like that no wonder that Kardashian broad went back on black.

    • yellow jacket

      I know for a fact that all of these young male stars wear cod piece cups, just like the guys in those gay underwear ads and all of the aging rockers.

      • Beef Bonser

        Do you even know what a codpiece is, buddy? Here’s a hint: they wouldn’t be appearing halfway down the thigh. Hmm, how bout this? The Biebz has a *shocker alert* PEN in his pocket! For autographs.

      • doctor spock

        Oh come on, that’s his knee.

    • bwagh

      I’m pretty sure it would be impossible for Justin to sport a boner because that kid is, in fact, a girl.

  7. Olive

    I don’t think he’s sixteen. He is such an immature idiot, and I’ll bet you he’s only fourteen with a phony ID. I can now see why only 8 year olds think he’s hot. He looks like he hasn’t even gone through puberty yet. Just wait till his voice starts to crack, and then even the 8 year olds will think he’s gross.

    • Kleg

      You’re an idiot, Olive Oil. Males don’t become “Men” when they reach 16.

      • Olive

        Now we know what you are, Kleg Head, but you are right, I forgot that celebrity males are adolescents until they are 35, sorry my mistake.

      • Fishstix

        Kleg, you’re the idiot.
        I’m in high school and I don’t know any 16 year old guys that look that young.

  8. Kevin

    wait, this fucking kid already has a copy of halo reach? screw you, bungie!

  9. I’ve been hearing this little guy is really into unprotected sex with his fans. Justin, please make your sexual partners wear a condom before they enter you. It only takes one guy with AIDS, perhaps Perez Hilton, to give it to you. You’re too young, kiddo.

  10. Over It

    No point in even trying anymore

  11. cop should’ve thrown a water bottle at his head!
    lmao and soon as someone on thesuperficial claimed axl rose would whine and walk off stage if that were to happen at gnr–it freakin happened!!
    erin go braless!!!

  12. heart

    I think the water balloons must have been made out of condoms and that’s what got the state trooper so ticked-off.

  13. “That’s assault brotha.”

  14. timmy the dying boy

    He’s up shit creek once his voice cracks.

  15. Shavederic

    Who’s the cougar?

  16. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    Think he’s fucking her?

  17. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    I would be

  18. Marcus

    I got more respect for um, let’s see…………. O TOWN than this little prick. he’ll be broke by 19.

  19. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    hes a scrawny shit sack, gain some weight and muscle.

  20. tod

    i just want to know how this kid made it as a singer………. hes a good looking kid, but a terrible singer

  21. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like he just saw his first vagina.

  22. j/k

    I’m beginning to think this guy has a swastika tattooed under those bangs. Has anyone seen Charlie lately?

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  24. And so the long slow march to E! True Hollywood Storyland begins. In about a year we’ll be cackling at his frequent drunken escapades, assuming Paris Hilton doesn’t completely snap and start slaughtering all of these publicity-hogging nobodies. Starting with herself, natch.

  25. captain america


  26. read my lips… M-I-L-F muh fuckers

  27. Justin Bieber
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  28. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG i fucking hate this kid, bieber fuck you. wha the fuck he thik he is, damm.

    This fucking “artist” have to grow up yu pease of shit

  29. Me1

    Who is that woman!?

  30. Rough, stole dead friend's personality

    Well, what do you know! Look@ the Bieb showing off his cute handler. erm, Lacking some bust, nevertheless cute.

  31. cc

    God I hate those pants.

  32. louis

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  33. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    he’s not even old enough to play halo

  34. ok, I just need to say it… For years her entrir existence has been Laguna & Hill,just don’t think we can get that our of our minds. Training wil not prevent that from happening. For ation she would have to do the dramatic action bit, ya know, extreme weight loss or gain or being a character so far from what she’s been protaid as. i hope she can pull it off. I do however immediately have full confidence of her being behind the camera.

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  36. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude, is that Justin Bieber’s Mom? Because she is fucking hot. No wonder Justin became a lesbian.

  37. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    no thats not justins mom i dont know who that is

  38. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    he doesent look that good mabey he was sick or something

  39. Justin Bieber
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