Justin Bieber Yells ‘F-ck You’ At Fans At Disneyland

February 16th, 2012 // 74 Comments
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Justin Bieber
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Let me start off by saying, I don’t even know how you can tell this is Justin Bieber in the video (after the jump) and this screencap from The Justin Bieber Shrine does absolutely nothing to clear things up. So that said, let’s just all assume it’s true because verifiable facts are for wieners.

What you’re about to see is Justin on a Valentine’s Day date with Selena Gomez at Disneyland where probably the most annoying girls in the world decided to follow him around like the crazy stalkers his fans are eventually prompting him to flip them off and allegedly yell “Fuck you, you fucking assholes.” Again, I really can’t tell cause everyone sounds like a 15-year-old girl. Anyway, these girls are that goddamn obnoxious that the fact Justin managed to stay this cool truly proves he’s the Son of God because he would’ve been completely justified in firing a gun indiscriminately at them while honking Selena Gomez’s breasts which would’ve been my reaction. “What’s that, girl? I clipped a baby? My dad upstairs’ll give it a good home. Honky honk honk.

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  1. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
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  2. cc

    She’s such a vulgar young woman.

  3. Newts

    Someone needs to listen to some Indigo Girls and chill out

  4. Lin

    Not sure if I’ve seen a dude that looks more like a lady than Justin. Scary.

  5. whiskeyafternoon

    When you start on birth control pills, like Justina, the hormone modification can really do crazy things to your mood.

  6. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    Katie Holmes looks happier than usual.

    • Disgusted

      Sorry everyone my retarded brother escaped from his cage again. He likes to play with the internet and make funnies.

  7. Kikidee

    Aw, they grow up so fast. Next thing you know, he’ll pull a Chris Brown and win 4 Grammys.

  8. WhiteChick

    We all get a little cranky when it’s “that time of the month”…

  9. God is Blackeats livers

    pic#1 I really thought that’s an attractive young lesbian hence girlfriend to Selena Gomez but a guy ? No,No……

  10. stacy

    He hangs with Selena Gomez so he can try on her clothes and go out to pick up men.

  11. JC

    Wait, they won’t close down Disneyland for the Maple Christ’s private use? Someone’s going to Maple Hell for their sins.

  12. Cock Dr

    More mascara & lipstick…pixie grrl needs to pop up the color and not look so much like a ghost.

  13. Is that Martha Plimpkin? Loved her in Goonies.

  14. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    15 year old girl

    • Disgusted

      You can tell You are by you stupid comment!

      • Disgusted

        You can tell you are by your stupid comment!

      • omishoatmeal

        disgusted, you are a wiener. your comebacks are lame, and not insulting enough. no one will ever side with you with comebacks this bad. “i know you are, but what am i?”
        bieb’s hair is dumb. guy’s hair shouldn’t look like they just had a cut and blow dry. it’s emasculating.

  15. Cher X

    so THAT’s what Emma Watson looks like without make-up.

  16. Mike

    Apparently giggling and holding a camera steady is impossible for these idiots.


    You know, that Samantha Ronson needs to clean up her mouth and attitude.

  18. If you take out the superfluous Canadian “u’s: he actually said “fck yo” which isn’t nearly as bad.

  19. Seriously though, does he use a cotton candy machine to style his hair?

  20. EricLr

    He’s rolling HARD at Disneyland, yo!

    Next stop, this gangsta’s flipping someone off in Orange County!

  21. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s beautiful.

  22. Bob

    To be fair, I always yell “Fuck you” to Justin Bieber fans too, so I really can’t call him out on this.

  23. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
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    o wow
    I like him with lighter hair
    Now he looks too pale

  24. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Ben Dover
    Commented on this photo:

    Can anyone look at photo one and not think
    this is one gay boy?

  25. Colin

    I thought as puberty progressed he’d look LESS like a lesbian.

  26. Lita

    I don’t blame him. Those girls are fucking annoying.

  27. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    George Michael used to wear an earring like that when he was young.
    How long until the Biebs is caught blowing in the boys room?

  28. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Chucky D
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s a pretty cute girl. Where’s Bieber?

  29. Brad Hallston

    I’m a religious man that believes in the good of all people; I see God in everyone’s face.

    That said I want to kick this asshole’s teeth in, just for looking like that.

  30. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s one swanky lesbian

  31. dooood

    can you feel it? this little turds time in the sun is almost over!
    soon he will be in the where are they now section and the evil corporations will have a new asexual non threatening pussy fart for the masses of underage female idiots.

  32. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    Gay Gumby

  33. justsaying

    Those were not fans, in a different video, he told them to “stop please”, and then they said “who cares” and kept taking pictures.. And they were also calling his brother and sister names or something and annoyed him the whole time

  34. Feetsthss

    With the quality of the video, I am more convinced that there is a Bigfoot than I am that Justin Bieber was anywhere in this clip.

  35. a short haired girl

    someone murder the giggling moron.

  36. Justin would never do that to any of his fans. He has too much respect for them and holds them close to his heart. Would he ever yell something like that Yes he would he would yell it at a Paparazzi. Because Paps have no respect for anyone. If you want respect you have to give respect. Respect is earned not given freely. So if anyone thinks Justin would do this to a fan than they do not know Justin!!!!!!!

    • I believe you mean “…THEN they do not know Justin!!!”

      Get a goddamned dictionary and look up the difference before you’re old enough to procreate, fer fucksake!

      Christ, today’s young people are stupid.

      • GrammerNazi

        Yes, thank God that no one ever made any grammar mistakes when you were a kid, fuckwit.

        Christ, today’s old people are just as stupid and myopic as regards life “When they were a kid” as they have always been. :(

  37. lori

    Not nice, young lady.

  38. Justin Bieber MIddle Finger
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty funny how some people (men mostly) are so jealous of the Beib;s fame and talent that they resort to childish comments on the web. They are the bullies/stalkers with big mouths and empty heads.

  39. Sliver

    Is that mauve lipstick?

  40. Dee

    These fucking jabs at him have me in tears. Oh my god. Thank you, everyone. More please.

  41. When is he coming out already? There is no way he is straight and Selena is such a little bimbo hanging on him to keep in the spotlight. Guess he knows if he comes out it is over. Don’t worry it won’t be forever just ask Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake, all the other nysnc and 98 degrees boys. Enjoy it while it lasts Justine.

  42. Those weren’t fans. xD What the hell kind of bieber fan would say “Imma put this on blast right now” ?


  43. I yell “F**k You!” to people all the time at Disneyland. Not ok?

  44. Steph

    He has a lot of growing up to do. Even if people were taking jabs at him he shouldn’t respond. It’s a very immature thing to do. Thats part of being a celebrity. You need to learn to ignore these kind of things. By responding he just adds fuel to the fire.

  45. justin bieber

    That wasnt me!!

  46. Maria

    It would be one thing if the girls were fans. But I don’t think they were. I think they were just following him to piss him off and make fun of him, so yeah, they deserved it. They sound like asses, too.

    • Sure, right

      That’s why he shouted “Fuck you assholes” while they were filming him, because they weren’t fans. Oh okay thanks for clearing that up. So, what you’re saying is these 14 year old girls that were following Justin Bieber hate his guts and that made him yell “fuck you assholes” while they filmed him. Thanks for clearing that up, Maria. Probably happens to him all the time.

  47. What went through his mind.

    Can’t a fucking Canadian shit all over your country without every 10 year old getting in his face while he’s riding the tea cup in Disney Land? You Americans keep this up and you’re going to lose all those Canadian tourists that keep your economy going. Learn to respect the Candians when they ride the tea cups at Disney Land or you’ll all be homeless and starve.

  48. cookie

    deport this little mofo back to canada

  49. kara

    uh, i didn’t see shit in that video…awesome

  50. Alexis

    yall just mad because hes better than msot people out there .every one that calls him names and say these things about him that might not be even true how would know? Were u doing these things with him? So stop hatten dont be mad be glad cuz if it was one of you that had nice hair and was cute like him and he was hatten on yall u would not be happy .Thats bullying and its not cool so STOP!

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