Good, Floyd Mayweather, Keep Saying Justin Bieber Fought With Heart

“You can beat all of them, my love. All of them…”

In case you missed it, yesterday TMZ released a video of Justin Bieber absolutely getting his ass beat, so before we get to the people blowing his maple-dick by trying to spin it that he didn’t anything but almost died, here’s what went down according to the dude in the video who just wanted an autograph for his friend:

Lamont Richmond is the guy with whom Biebs picked the fight. We’re told this is how Lamont’s story goes … he’d just left a bar when he saw Justin outside the Westin in Cleveland. Lamont says he and his 2 chick friends chilled with Bieber for a short time.
Check out the photo below. Lamont says he dared to ask Bieber if the women could take a pic and get a John Hancock. Lamont says Bieber snapped back, “No autographs tonight, motherfucker.”
Lamont says Justin reeked of alcohol and got all Quien Es Mas Macho on him, “puffing his chest up,” and then took a swing. That was enough for Lamont.
You see Lamont restrain Bieber in the video … and says he’s sure, if he went full force, he would have killed him.

And he should’ve because no jury would’ve convicted. In the meantime, here’s Floyd Mayweather actually trying to say Justin Bieber demonstrated any sort of skill or prowess outside of being instantly slammed to the ground like an Eminem rag doll.

Floyd Mayweather LOVES the way Justin Bieber fought Wednesday night — telling TMZ Sports, “He showed he ain’t no bitch.”
Bieber’s been training with the boxing legend for years — but Mayweather says the most impressive part of the fight video isn’t JB’s form … “He showed he got heart.”

Good, perfect, love this. Keep telling Justin Bieber that he not only did he win that fight, but he could totally take on TWO guys next time. Shit, probably even three. Just look at that form! He’s a natural.

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