Justin Bieber Actually Told The Cops He Was High On Weed, Pills, And Booze

Let me break you off a little something you probably don’t know about B-Bare: Motherfucker’s so balla, he’ll snitch on his self. TMZ reports:

Officials held a news conference and said, “[Justin] made statements he had consumed some alcohol, been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication.”

But don’t be frontin’ like B-Bare didn’t try and fight them po-po. Mothafucka got popped for resisting arrest without violence, son. He’s straight out Ontario! First Canadian who ain’t even polite. All ‘riginal, bitch.

According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — cops approached Bieber’s car and they instantly realized he reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. He had a “stupor” look on his face.
The police report says … Bieber was defiant from the get-go, yelling at the cops, “Why the f**k are you doing this?” He also yelled, “What the f**k did I do. Why did you stop me?”
When the officer tried to perform a routine pat down, Bieber said, “I ain’t got no f**king weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f**k is this about?” Bieber claimed he wasn’t drunk and coming back from recording music. That’s not true, because we knew he was at a club.
Now the basis for the resisting arrest charge — Before the pat down, as Bieber got out of the car, he “kept going into his pants pocket.” The cop ordered him to put his hands on the vehicle, and Bieber initially complied but soon took his hands off the car, turned and then cussed out the cop. The cop then grabbed Justin by the right arm, Justin pulled his arm away, and said, “What the f**k are you doing?”

My boy’s hardcore. So hardcore, his daddy was there facilitatin’ and regulatin’. You heard me, y’all. Jeremy Bieber himself all up in that hizzy getting girls ready to spread the B-Bare name and dem streets ready for the B-Bare racin’. One love, P-Walk. *pours out 40*

Sources familiar with the situation tell us … 38-year-old Jeremy Bieber was not only present when Justin was arrested early Thursday morning … he was one of the people who helped block off the residential street so his son could drag race.
It’s even worse … Jeremy was in SET nightclub just before the arrest with Justin and was around him all day, when the self-confessed little pothead was smoking weed.

Aw, shit, now you gonna tell me a father can’t spend time with his son? These are churchfolk, y’all, with Jesus tattoos and everythang. Last I checked this here’s a Godly nation where through him all blessings flow, yo. Why y’all hatin’ on spirituality? Glory be to the most highest and all that. That’s how B-Bare rolls till he dies. OG Maple Christ findin’ them fishes and spreadin’ them with his loaf. Run tell that.

Photos: WSVN-TV / TMZ.com