Justin Bieber Really Is An Awful Little Shithead

I’m not even going to bother with the Biebonics in this post because nothing I can write will even come close to the shit coming out of Justin Bieber’s mouth in real life. So here he is during a deposition for the lawsuit filed by a photographer who claims Bieber ordered his bodyguards to beat the shit out of him. And if you thought this kid was a God awful spoiled brat before, just wait until you watch him berate a court reporter to the point where his lawyer finally advises the little fuckhead to stop acting like he’s fucking John Gotti. You’re a Canadian pop star who’s one bad album away from being the next Aaron Carter which I’m pretty sure isn’t how Scarface ended. I don’t remember Tony Montana sitting around tweeting how much he misses Michelle Pfeiffer. Maybe in the reboot.

Let’s act like an absolute prick to the polite female court reporter because B-Bare runs hard, y’all.


Usher? Who the fuck is Usher?




Aight, aight, everyone shut the fuck up. It’s time for B-Bare’s nap and Juicy Juice box.

And Justin Bieber’s reward for all of this? Dirty dancing with Selena Gomez because not only is God dead, but he made sure His corpse would piss in all of our faces until the end of time. I’ve read almost every holy book, and that’s literally the only possible explanation here. There’s no way the Pope doesn’t back me up on that.

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