Justin Bieber Really Is An Awful Little Shithead

March 11th, 2014 // 106 Comments
Justin Bieber Deposition
WATCH: Justin Bieber Acts Like A Dick In Deposition
You Gotta Be Kidding Me
Justin Bieber Selena Gomez
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I’m not even going to bother with the Biebonics in this post because nothing I can write will even come close to the shit coming out of Justin Bieber‘s mouth in real life. So here he is during a deposition for the lawsuit filed by a photographer who claims Bieber ordered his bodyguards to beat the shit out of him. And if you thought this kid was a God awful spoiled brat before, just wait until you watch him berate a court reporter to the point where his lawyer finally advises the little fuckhead to stop acting like he’s fucking John Gotti. You’re a Canadian pop star who’s one bad album away from being the next Aaron Carter which I’m pretty sure isn’t how Scarface ended. I don’t remember Tony Montana sitting around tweeting how much he misses Michelle Pfeiffer. Maybe in the reboot.

Let’s act like an absolute prick to the polite female court reporter because B-Bare runs hard, y’all.


Usher? Who the fuck is Usher?




Aight, aight, everyone shut the fuck up. It’s time for B-Bare’s nap and Juicy Juice box.

And Justin Bieber’s reward for all of this? Dirty dancing with Selena Gomez because not only is God dead, but he made sure His corpse would piss in all of our faces until of the time. I’ve read almost every holy book, and that’s literally the only possible explanation here. There’s no way the Pope doesn’t back me up on that.

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  1. P.T.S. Potential Trouble Source

    Canada? Take him back…….

    • LookGee

      Fuck you. You Americans gave him his fame, you get to keep the mess you made. We don’t want him back.

      • I’ve never heard him speak before and what a turn off… he’s worse than I could have even imagined, pompous to the max. Jail would be great but I have a feeling he would suffer doing an actual 9-5 job, now I cant picture him being normal and working for his money like the rest of society, that would be great punishment for a start.

      • actually, he is big all over the world. to blame americans on this is incredibly selective. but he is from canada- he is your problem and he will be deported soon enough.

      • LookGee

        He may be big all over the world, but his fame was created by an American (Usher) who put him through the American music behemoth and fully absorbed American culture. So I stand by my statement that it was Americans who gave him his fame. His entourage is 100% american. As I said, you made him into who is is, you created this mess, you get to keep him.

      • plur

        I think we’re equally to blame here. Canada and America are like his divorced parents. And neither of us wants him.
        Wouldn’t another country like to take over custody? UK, WANNA ADOPT??

      • Give the little fucker a weapon and send him to the Ukraine. Maybe Putin can beat some humanity into that rotten little cocksucker.

      • Zack

        too bad, you guys let him be born over there

      • ObviouslyPonies

        no one country is responsible for making a person the way he is. how about blaming his parents, or the tv show that was his favorite and sue the director. how about putting the blame on the individual. people are responsible for their own actions

    • My American friends, I wouldn’t have put it quite like LookGee said it but I agree with him. And while you have him, could someone please punch his lights out, slowly? I can’t believe someone has not got to him in a public place yet.

    • glumcunt

      If he was still living in Canada he’d be working at KFC and banging a meth addict’s daughter because Stratford, so don’t pin this on us.

    • Yup

      Sorry, no sale. You canucks created this piece of shit; he’s yours. Take him back or we’ll deport him. Either way, you have to deal with this Canadian dickhead…

  2. Deposeurition.

  3. Balls Mcgee

    “i think I was detrimental to my own career.” Truer words have never been spoken, you fucking douchetard.

  4. Why is he dressed like Vanilla Ice circa 1990?

  5. AteIsEnough

    I hope this little fuckin’ douchebag goes to prison and and gets shown what being a little bitch really means! I’m going with my prediction that he is gone…dead from an OD or accident…within 3 years. I said it before, and I’m sticking to it. What a huge arrogant prick he’s become. PLEASE nail his ass criminal justice system.

  6. renotastic

    Yeah, he’s a fucktard dickthorn, but I like how he ain’t playin’ with the grownups.

  7. How long till he’s 27???.

  8. Finally, something we can all agree on.

  9. And to think I felt just a little pinch of pity for the little fuck over the leaked jail pee cam video. Hope next time it’s doing #2, on Usher’s face, or vice versa.

  10. Goose

    What is he being deposed for? What was he in jail for? Is this still about egging a house?

    Why are they asking if he was in Australia?

  11. Randy

    Yes, he’s acting like a little shitbag here, but all these questions that an ATTORNEY (not a TMZ crony approaching him at the airport) is asking about Selena Gomez and Usher (which can’t possible hold any real relevance to this particular case) is only feeding his assumptions that the world is out to get him and make him look bad, thereby allowing him to continue living in the illusion that he’s doing everything right and the press and the law (who now appear to him as interchangeable) are just out to harsh his buzz. Bottom line, the only way he’s going to come to the realization that he is not above the law is if lawyers, cops, judges and the like stop treating him like a celebrity in any sense.

    • Rubick's Doob

      With all due respect to your “legal acumen”, Randy, the questions about Usher and Selena Gomez are quite relevant. If he told these people, his admitted confidant and former/current girlfriend, that his dislike for paparazzi was so intense that he was going to use his bodyguards to assault them, then BAM! They are now material witnesses.

      • Randy

        Alright, well then here’s hoping those were just two names on a long-ass list that included everyone from his grandmother to Nameless Rapper Pal #12. Because everyone on that list is equally relevant.

  12. Of course he’s a bratty little shit, this has been previously entered into evidence.

    But then again, he’s being asked pointless questions, repeatedly, by some shit lawyer representing some shit photographer that is trying to turn his beating at the hands of Beib’s bodyguard into a 1.4 million dollar payday by claiming that Biebs special ordered the beatdown.

    Yeah, I’d tell them to get fucked too.

    • Rubick's Doob

      The questions are not pointless. Not at all. And Bieber’s lawyer knows that so that’s why he’s being an asshole and is trying to derail a very relevant line of questioning.

      • You must be an ambulance chaser.

        It’s pointless regarding the actual beatdown. From an ambulance chaser perspective, they are questions designed to bring up subpeonas to bieber’s friends so that they may harassed and speed up the out of court settlement.

        I’m about 10X the Belieber than I am a fan of assholes and their lawyers trying to turn a 1 star beatdown into 5 star payday.

      • Sorry, McBeef. I usually agree with what you have to say, but this time, you’re way out of line. What Rubick’s Doob is saying is exactly correct. Foundations need to be built in order to ask certain questions, like “What did you tell Selena Gomez (or Usher) you planned to do to the paparazzi?” Or perhaps “How much longer until you take the pipe, you rotten little cocksucker?” See? Foundations.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      I must agree with this. Just because it’s this snotty nosed kid we’re going to suddenly act like these greedy bloodsuckers aren’t just looking for a payday?

      • They may, indeed, be trying to pry some gold out of him. But why can’t he defend himself with a bit of grace and without showing disrespect for everyone else? After seeing this, Selena Gomez has also taken a nose-dive in my book. Hopefully someone close to her can persuade her to drop this cunt like a virulent used tampon,

    • This is not the first time Bieber’s bodyguards have assaulted people taking his photo. Some have been paps, some have not. They are his employess, and he is the one directing them as to what he expects from them.

      Bieber stonewalls. See the deposition. So attorney’s must seek answers from others. They can’t ask his housemates, for clearly they will lie and take the fall for him…he is their source of income and housing. Instead, they will ask Braun, Gomez, and Usher, people who may be less tempted to lie under oath. People whose careers would be effected by doing so.

      At least, that is my take on the situation.

      If Bieber would get himself under control and stop being a disposable douche, then he would not be getting sued. He is not an innocent here, he is getting what he deserves. He talks tough, then hides his leather-diapered-butt behind his bodyguards.

      If he isn’t man enough to take the hit in the face, then he needs to take the hit in the wallet.

  13. What a fucking asshole. I’m gonna have to write off Selena Gomez forever for letting that guy get anywhere near her. She can’t be much better than he is.

    Quick sidenote: Show me when a black celebrity has ever gotten away with shit like that in court? They would’ve buried his ass in the prison system.

  14. Cock Dr

    Used to be a cute little boychild. Apply fame, money and a club full of thuggish dopes hanging on his every move and this is what you get.
    Parents think twice about feeding your kids to the entertainment industry….wait what’s that? Money is the only thing that’s real in this 3rd millenium? OK, then make sure your future offerings are better looking than this.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …you forgot the most crucial aspect: utter lack of a strong, responsible parental presence. (or is that what you meant by “feeding them to the industry”?)

  15. JC

    What an asshat.

  16. Keep in mind, folks, this is all *after* he would have been advised how to act in a deposition, which means we’re entitled to infer his true dickitry level is actually *higher.*

  17. I fear him dying young because that would only make him into an icon, not to mention society would be robbed of his future “Celebrity Boxing” debut.

  18. “I don’t know if I’ve been to Australia” While that sounds dickish, he may actually lack the geographic awareness to respond to that correctly.

  19. Hugh G. Rection

    For all the times I’ve called Justin Bieber a douche bag, I need to apologize…to all the douche bags who may have been offended by the comparison.

  20. Stop hating

    Don’t hate, you all wish you could be like b bare

  21. Y’know…. I generally could give less of a fuck about what celebrities say and do. Sure it’s funny to read about, but after I do, I move away from the computer, go out and live without even thinking about them. I don’t generally get angry about this shit is what I’m saying. But this smarmy little sack of dicks really needs someone to slap that arrogant smart little grin off his face. This little mouth breathing peasant needs to be beaten until fucking candy comes out of him. He’s gonna get someone killed eventually, and then he’ll have equally fucking vapid idiots rush to defend him. We’ve seen it before with that personification of walking AIDS, Chris Brown. It’ll happen with this little shit stain too. Seriously, fuck this spoiled little prick. *rant done*

  22. dreamcrusher

    In five years this little Uberdouche will be smoking crack and hustling blowjobs to lumberjacks in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan for twenty-five dollars a pop. When his money is gone no one will even remember this little turd.

  23. KIngrAMSES

    Very funny little tidbit about the last video. When the court reporter asks, ” was Usher instrumental to your career?”. Beiber responds, ” I think I was DETRIMENTAL to my own career…”. I couldn’t agree with him more. :) Everyone in the room goes on to pretend he said the word instrumental, but the film, ahem, sorry I mean video does not lie. Clearly this little dumb-dumb does not know the definitional difference between detrimental vs. instrumental.

  24. VampyresAreUgly

    I have been deposed in a case. It’s a serious fucking thing. And very stressful. This kid is the most disrespectful ass ever.

    • When I was 16 years-old I was deposed and I HAD to lie through my teeth through the deposition as parties involved in the case had threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t tell “the story” THEY WANTED. Well yeah now I know I should’ve reported the coercion to the justice authorities but I was 16 and didn’t understand the power of the courts and only understood “getting my ass kicked”.

  25. Inner Retard

    Classic. Years from now this will be thought in film school under the course title “Shithead Character 101″.

  26. How can someone THAT dumb be upset at everyone else?? He speaks with such vitrol and disgust… maybe he needs a mirror.

  27. jasmine

    Wowwwww HE is just the biggest BRAT in the world and the fact that he is getting money for virtually going nothing is just the pinnacle of absurdity.

  28. Slash

    It’s almost like youth plus extreme wealth plus fame plus constant ass-kissing is detrimental to someone’s emotional and mental development.


  29. Will someone” Blackfish” his ass, I said it, the little knob gobbler needs his ass kicked.

  30. nobody

    Ok, he is a brat, whatever ha, ha. I don’t like him at all,
    but i actually think he is being smart here. He is answering questions with questions. He is being interrogated and being smart about his answers. Thats all.

    • VampyresAreUgly

      You can be smart in a deposition without being a disrespectful fuck.

    • This is a deposition. He is required by law to answer the questions truthfully and to the best of his knowledge. He did everything wrong that he could have done wrong in this deposition. He was argumentative, he offered information instead of simply saying yes or no, and he refused to answer questions, which he cannot do on his own.

      Simple yes or no questions, followed by, “I do not recall at this time”, would have saved him a world of grief. Instead, this will all be used against him in a court of law, and in the court of public opinion.

  31. hubbub

    I agree with this whole post, except it was an attorney he was saying all of that to, not a court reporter. Not sure if that makes it better or worse. Can his career be over yet? He’s the worst.

  32. You gave your kids money for iTunes downloads knowing full well they had shit taste…this is what you get.

  33. Jacksonatlaw

    Yeah, he’s being a little bastard, but the deposing attorney is clearly a moron and has no clue how to handle a deposition, which is just fueling that kid’s douchery.

  34. That little bitch needs to be removed from society..I´m sure there are plenty of people out there who´d take care of that for nothing.

  35. Alan

    He doesn’t owe an answer to some papparazi blood sucker. This makes him look good in my book. Why is he supposed to smile and take shit from someone trying to rip him off? You all are just band wagon bitches on the I hate Justin parade. I’m not a Bieber fan, but th idea that he should show any respect to this ambulance chaser garbage is BS.

    • He is in a deposition with attorneys. He employed bodyguards who beat up someone. So yes, he needs to sit his tiny @ss down and behave like an adult during the deposition…the problem is, he is a spolied little brat who acts tough, then pays bigger guys to fight his battles.

      Bieber needs to show respect for US law. If he doesn’t like it, then he needs to go back to Canada.

      • poop

        Did you watch the video? The clusterfuck of a lawyer is drilling him with most asinine questions that have little to no relevance. “Do you think this is funny?” “Can you please move on” “DID YOU THINK MY QUESTION WAS FUNNY?”

      • hubbub

        It’s common to ask background questions, and it looks like that’s what the deposing lawyer is trying to do. Regardless of how stupid the questions are, that’s his lawyers job to object to what’s being asked, not his. That’s why he’s paying him. There’s no excuse for him to act like a spoiled brat with no manners and treat people that way. Screw him.

  36. poop

    I would probably act the same way if some dickfaced rotting cunttruck lawyer was grilling me with the dumbest fucking questions in order to get a reaction. All they want is $$$ for what? Because a bodyguard did his job? Say what you want about Bieber and fame, you know the paps are assholes.

  37. Sheri

    What this little boy needs is all his money gone, his bodyguards, his fancy cars and life gone, then let the real world tell him how real life, real job, real bank account, real bills that he writes the checks for! a job that gets his nails dirty! If he actually could experience the real world, I’m betting he would appreciate what he has now! Not be a snot nose, still wet behind the ear’s BOY!! This is what happens to little boys that aren’t a part of REAL world. What a douchbag snot nose pussy


      Yeah but that would require the ruiners of modern society, teenage girls, to collectively ignore this fucking little prick. Quite the contrary, the stupid, vapid teenaged flock still support him, and even show up to the courthouse in Toronto to “support” him even when he is a no-show.

      He needs to be made irrelevant. And for that to happen there needs to be an honest-to-god 1991-style sea change in the music industry. We need another “Nirvana” to appear and put an end to Bieber and Cyrus and the whole shit-hop nation, the same way Nirvana pretty much single-handedly (and justifiably) put an end to Hair Metal, and to a lesser extent pretenders like Vanilla Ice (and his douche clone Snow), and “M. C.” Hammer.

      But as Roger Daltry once sung, “Rock is Dead.” And the industry is controlled from top to bottom by shit-hoppers. All “music” is autotuned shit being lipsynched by pop-tarts trying to be “outrageous” on stage (with a full entourage of dancers, of course). And if it isn’t that, it’s pussy “rock” like James Blunt or “marching band” music disguised as rock like Arcade Fire and their many clones. More xylophone please! Sheesh.

  38. Kryspy

    I kinda like the little Fucktard now. Good for you B-Bare for standing up to the man !!!

    • Gawd a’mighty. There are way too many of you on this earth. You are obviously young, have very little life experience, and don’t know shit from a good grade of butter.

  39. Wow, what a fucking cocksucker.

  40. I hate the little cock-gobbling thundercunt. I also hate lawyers and the court system because of reasons. That being said, it would have been smarter for him to sit down, and answer succinctly. Instead he’s trying to puff himself up to look like a badass for his friends (which I’m sure they’re all high fiving each other about this depo) which won’t work out well for him in the end.

  41. Yeah God died a few years back. We’ve just been coasting since then. That’s why everyone under 30 is a goddamn shameless asshole.

  42. Alice

    What a douchecanoe!

  43. surprised fish didn’t go on some white privilege rant again.

  44. What an ass. Isn’t it funny how he seems like he’s talking back and being a bad ass, and then the guy will question him like a child and he gets stupid and his voice goes quiet and up a couple of notches. He’s like that guy at the corner store that screams at you to start a fight, and when you turn around runs down the street. lol.

  45. mark

    that’s my boy…lol…

  46. Katie

    Anyone wanna go halfsies on a hitman?

  47. MoreMariaNow!!

    im starting up a kickstarter to pay for a hitman to kill this asshole!!

  48. shanna williams

    yet look at all of the comments..if we ignore the douchenozzle he might go away eh

  49. cc

    What an abominable young woman.

  50. He’s right about one thing: he has been detrimental to his career.

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