Justin Bieber Was at The CMT Awards?

Apparently you can just rent this kid for the night. If only Michael were alive to see this…

Justin Bieber recently recorded a song with Youth Pastors in Eyeliner Rascall Flatts which necessitated his attendance at last night’s CMT Awards, so of course, he showed up looking like a white kid trying to fit in at the BET Awards which should go over awesome with the target audience. Listen, I know country music listeners, I’m goddamn surrounded by them, and if one of their daughters’ brought this kid home, they’d send her to a convent for bringing a “homasexual” into their house. Not to mention he’s Canadian and took a (justified) dump on our health care system, so I can only wonder was Obama busy last night? It’s like the producers sat around trying to think of ways to piss off everyone watching at home. I mean, Christ, Ludacris was there! And not ironically. Did LeVar Burton walk onstage and promote literacy? Because I feel like that’s going to be the next photo.

Photo: Getty