Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez With A Chick Named ‘Macarena’

October 20th, 2011 // 148 Comments

Mommar Gadhafi was apparently killed this morning, but he didn’t cheat on Selena Gomez, so who gives a shit? This is Macarena Lemos, an Argentian model – I’m guessing for Arby’s. (That’ll hit you in a second.) – who claims she recently “met” with Justin Bieber in Buenos Aires, and I know what you’re thinking, Selena is way hotter, which is absolutely true. But think back to when you were a young, horny 17-year-old boy trying to stick your penis in just about anything (Actually that never goes away.) and then imagine that boy with a private jet and millions upon millions of dollars. It’s a miracle he doesn’t have a robot hooker butler because I’d have built 10 by now. “LotionTron 8000, your jumbo jugs/waffle makers are malfunctioning. Wrap your itself in a shower curtain and sit out by the curb.”

God, I need to get rich.

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  1. Lord Invader

    Horsey or R-B-Q?

  2. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    Good Morning, labia!

  3. butters

    I think the Arby’s reference could have something to do with this model wearing a girdle. Arby’s costumers tend to need them.

  4. Gary B

    If Justin Cheated on Selena, he needs his dick cut off.

    I hope this might send Selena into Demi’s arms and MAGIC will happen.

  5. dj

    she way hotter!!!!!! Wth is she doing with 12 year old bieber, gross

  6. John

    Any chick that is comfortable showing camel toe in front of a lot of people wins every time!

  7. skanky

    Hotter or not. you know you would still fuck. so you know that blond bastard fucked her.

  8. WhateverYouSay

    This girl looks 12?

  9. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    He doesn’t have enough dick to hit that

  10. The Critical Crassness

    The Canadian Fairy cheated on his “beard” with a famewhore from Argentina? Not Bloody likely…..but if he did, she is probably a dude in drag or a “tranny”…either way Selena is better off because, now she can legitimately cut off his dick and send it to Usher as a Christmas present without ruining her good- girl , Disney Darling status… Hell hath no fury like a Latino chica, scorned!

  11. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    nice toe!!

  12. Yeah, I’d take Maple Jesus’s sloppy seconds.


  13. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    looks a little like Jessica Biel??!!

  14. Herp

    Uh, Selena Gomez is a monkey compared to this chick.

  15. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    Nice body (not particularly special for a tall, naturally slender 19-year old, though), but the face really doesn’t do anything for me.

  16. whippwhapp

    Love the cameltoe!

  17. Nate

    Morons. Justin paid her to sleep with Selena! He needs to keep his lesbo girlfriend/beard happy you know.

  18. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    597-M. Kallios
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    Usually, no, so I bet this rumor has gotten too far in common.

  19. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    Sweet cooter cleavage

  20. Guy, guys, calm down.
    This is Argentina we’re talking about… Land of the bull, home of the shit.
    I should know – I live here.

    Aaand this is how it goes:
    1- Random male* celeb comes here to do whatever he does.
    2- No sooner than his plane takes off, random local whore claims to have “been” with him.
    3- Local press lose their shit and -as it seems now- global press follows suit because, whatever, it’s numbfuck season anyway.
    4- Bullshit cowcrap dogturd chickenpoop.

    (*I know, I know, “male” heh).

  21. garc

    Selena is so much hotter than this chick who looks like a man.

  22. Pippy Longcockings

    So he’s doing the Macarena?

  23. InternetRocketScientist

    True story: I watched the video and was about to turn it off because she looked way too young and it started to creep me out. But then… she started taking off her clothes…

  24. Justin Bieber wouldn’t know what to do with this chick unless she came with an instructional video.

  25. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    C’mon! this girl is a liar!! She wanna be famous, she also said she slept with Messi, and that Messi was better than Justin in bed! hahaha lol Justin is so virgin

    • Renata

      with all the money and fame that messi and justin have, do you really think that a fugly cat like this could have any chance whith them? pleeeeeeease, so ridiculous!

  26. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    GRANOSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a lt. of Neutrogena pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  27. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaa con Messi tambien ?!?!! estas se quieren colgar de cualquiera, todo les viene bien. porque no se buscan un laburo en serio ?

  28. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    doble ve doble be doble ve punto SOY DE BOLIVIA punto com

  29. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    scary 69
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    please tell me this is a joke,he looks like he could hardly satisfy himself let alone these two beauties,i suppose money talks rite enough

  30. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    scary 69
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    would he know wot to do with such a lovely pussy mmmmmmm

  31. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    scary 69
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    does anyone else think she would kill him in bed

  32. Victor

    Justin’s balls haven’t dropped yet. How is he going to get with any girl?

  33. Lisa

    hahaah microcephaly if I ever saw it

  34. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
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    I hope so. Fabulous camel toe.

  35. Bieber hit that? NO F.. Way!!!

    In which universe.

  36. Bernard G

    Well one thing that we know from Justine B, she loves latina chicas…..
    oh wait, something is wrong with my comment….

  37. Selena Lover

    This model chick is UggLy Selena IS tHe Coolist and sweetist and most buetifull in the world. I hav all her Cd’s She is awesum

  38. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    amanda hold
    Commented on this photo:

    just a rumor for publicty :0 anyone who belives in this is stupid idiots that r obseed with jb liFes GET A FUCKING LIVE PEOPLE

  39. hiiii

    i dont like justin bieber but its fake
    why would he cheat on selena gomez?????

  40. hiiii

    like seriously they’re dating and they’re happy together………………..
    you guys are a piece of FUCK

  41. kelly

    im selena gomez’s cousin but my cousin selena is hot to me as her realitive not dat kind of hot but u know!!1

  42. marry me jb im hotter

    ewww that chick is ugly selena gomez is way better than her !

  43. Jade Powell

    I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER but i cant belive that he cheeted on her but i still LOVE HIM i know almost all of his songs he is HOTT……… HOT!

    OMG, i just realized our names match Jade,Justin. Well you get the picture. Watch out i might become a star one day. Luv u by.
    February 19,2012

  44. lynn

    justin is cheating on selana with taylor

  45. fdghjkl;'lkjhgf

    wht t f

  46. fdghjkl;'lkjhgf

    what the fuck

  47. tina

    seriously she’s not even pretty…sele is more prettier than her…if you ask if i was sele’s fan…no..i’m not even one..i’m just saying fact..her face is weird..and old….beside sele is classic and bring innocent aura…you guys who said this girl is hotter than sele is stupid and perv…just see, why even bother wearing that…why not just naked…such a wh**re

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