That’s Justin Bieber Biting A Stripper’s Nipple

February 3rd, 2014 // 51 Comments
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‘Cause my jigga’s unstoppable like Denzel, B-Bare‘s party weekend had them women being b-bared, naw mean? Here he is straight suckin’ on them stripper titties ’cause da rules of da common man need not apply when you rollin’ syrup deep. A feat of such unparabled defiance that it’s blowin’ up them Twitters (NSFW) like yo’ mama’s panties at a Twilight convention. Never before in all my days of hustlin’ the streets of Q-bec have I seen a gangsta swagger them swags like the B-Bare be breakin’ it off. And ‘fore y’all say this how my boy eats lunch everyday ’cause his tummy’s still growing, y’all best step off cause he’s been on formula for months now, mothafucka. MONTHS.

Photo: CertifiedHotties (NSFW)


  1. Every time I try that the water balloon pops.

  2. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    I don’t see nipples where the nipples are supposed to be…’TF?

  3. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    I guess we can hope for silicone poisoning.

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    This either means he’s actually straight or has serious mommy issues. I’ll go with the mommy issues.

  5. He forced himself to close his eyes tightly, his teeth gripping the woman’s nipples between his teeth. He could feel Lil Za’s hot breath not inches from his face, forcing him to bite down hard. The stripper laughed, mistakenly thinking he was excited for her. Under his breath, he whispered to his friend “I wish..I wish this was you.” Za opened his eyes just enough to look Justin in his eyes; he stared while licking the strippers nipples. “I wish this was you.”….

  6. I had to listen to my wife and her friends last night during the super bowl go “Ewwww, did you see that Justin Bieber pic? That was SO disgusting.”

    Really? He’s sucking on fake tits, big fucking deal.

  7. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
    Cock Dr
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    That ain’t Ms Gomez. I hope her shots are better.

  8. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    That’s one hard core gangster, now he will need is a bib and burping afterwards.

  9. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    You would think that one of the richest kids in the world would have some taste! He can literally have any girl he wants. The best, most beautiful, natural 18 yr old titties that money can buy. And he goes for the trashiest, most sillicone-imploded bags of trailer trash he can get his nastyass teeth on? LOVE IT :D :D :D :D :D . I could get better at my local strip club btw. no lie. Can’t wait till this ghoulish lady gets her 15-30 minutes of fame :D

    • cc

      I’ll explain that for you. He’s a complete fucking idiot.

    • Mama Pinkus

      stop with the “he can literally have every girl he wants” schtick. He can have any money-grubbing whore or sick fan girl with serious self-esteem issues but plently of females would want nothing to do with that pathetic creature

  10. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    I have done that to balloons at a kid’s birthday and it stings when they bust. The kids thought it was a riot.

  11. sc4play

    How about the nails on this skank-a-potamus?? NAS – T!!!!

  12. Lord Helmet

    Finally, for the first time anyone asks him what breasts feel like he’ll know the answer: They feel like bags of silicone.

  13. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    That’s terrible technique on both sides.

  14. Rico Jones

    I have never seen a bigger pussy try to act so tough and manly.

  15. Slappy Magoo

    “Aiiight dawg, just close y’eyes and pretend it’s Usher’s earlobe…his tangy, salty earlobe…mmmmm, yeah, that takes me back…”

  16. Fancy Face

    That looks unhygienic. The stripper should know better than to let Bieber’s mouth anywhere near her nipples. Gross.

  17. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    all the little girls are wishing they had their nipple bit by bieber

  18. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
    Little Tongue
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    Not shown: the next picture, the one in which she beats the shit out of JB for bitting her boob almost to the point of a silicon leak.

  19. that black dude is so lucky. A threesome with two white chicks.

  20. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    Ok, let’s say he succeeds in shedding his bubblegum heartthrob image, and proves he is in a fact a real boy, etc. (They seem to be sending up trial balloons leading to a sex tape, but that’s another story.)

    What audience do they envision taking the place of the fanatical little girls? What gender and age will be interested in a naughty grown-up Justin? It seems like an entirely imaginary demographic.

  21. Watch the media try to turn the stripper whose nipple he bit into a celebrity like the did with Tati Neves. Hopefully she’s a pornstar too.

  22. Why are we seeing a picture of the Biebs sucking on Usher’s tits?

  23. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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  24. Have to read every fucking word of these B-bare posts, even better than the Bertney ones.

  25. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    That’s not where the nipples go. ANATOMIED!

  26. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
    Pat C
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    I’m not convinced that’s really Bieber in the photo. I say it’s Miley.

  27. MarketingMike

    Does shithead have any idea what he is doing
    The 13/14/15/16 year old girls who buy his shit
    (and their parents, the people who pay for it)
    are probably not going to embrace him sucking
    a set of 40 year old stripper/escort tits on Twitter.

    I guess at this point it really doesn’t matter.
    His fan base is already gone, mark my words.
    Wait till the record company dumps his ass.

  28. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    Afterwards he laughed it up singing one of his songs with the resultant helium voice.

  29. I bet this is the last time Beiber’s mom allows her son to bring a friend home for dinner.

  30. MarketingMike

    I heard he bought Mom a “larger” set,
    maybe she joined him in Florida?

    Hi Mommy!!! (nibble nibble nibble)

  31. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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  32. Opinionated me

    I like the way Justin looks so awkward in that pic…his eyes clamped shut, he´s frowning, and biting down as if someone´s holding a gun to his head.Nothing say´s gay like a man looking like he´s being forced into getting near a womans boob lol.
    Neither know what they´re doing either (hense the stripper is laughing in the background).

    Looks like they´re being abused.

  33. FakeBoobs

    I knew Justin Bieber was a bitter. All white boys are.

  34. After viewing the NSFW version I think it’s probably obvious to even the most casual observer that Bieber was a bottle baby and has no idea what to do with a tit.

  35. Justin Bieber Biting Stripper Nipple
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    There’s a yang to every ying, a nipple biter to every nipple licker, a bla…nevermind.

  36. Malia

    Nasty ass uh fucking nasty

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