That’s Justin Bieber Biting A Stripper’s Nipple

‘Cause my jigga’s unstoppable like Denzel, B-Bare’s party weekend had them women being b-bared, naw mean? Here he is straight suckin’ on them stripper titties ’cause da rules of da common man need not apply when you rollin’ syrup deep. A feat of such unparabled defiance that it’s blowin’ up them Twitters (NSFW) like yo’ mama’s panties at a Twilight convention. Never before in all my days of hustlin’ the streets of Q-bec have I seen a gangsta swagger them swags like the B-Bare be breakin’ it off. And ‘fore y’all say this how my boy eats lunch everyday ’cause his tummy’s still growing, y’all best step off cause he’s been on formula for months now, mothafucka. MONTHS.

Photo: CertifiedHotties (NSFW)