Nobody Interrupts Justin Bieber’s Ice Cream, NOBODY!

If it wasn’t for his fans, Justin Bieber would still be Hannah Montana instead of a rapidly fading pop sensation. But because Justin Bieber is a shitbird ingrate who thinks he rose to fame on the wings of his artistry while Jesus worked the tail, he constantly spits in the face of the people who made him rich enough to have sex with Kourtney Kardashian. So here he is shitting all over a female fan in Australia for just trying to get a photo of herself somewhat near him without even bothering him.

If you can’t see the video, it’s Justin Bieber slowly walking up to his car while eating ice cream and going, “Look at you. Look at your respect level. You make me sick,” before getting into the backseat. And he’s right. What is your respect level if you’re trying to get a picture of yourself near a snot-nosed piece of shit who hates you for powering his entire career? Plus everyone knows the true key to Justin Bieber’s heart is systematically observing the flaws in his security so you can find a way to stab him in the kidney. He’ll probably marry you!

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Photo: Instagram