Julianne Hough Wore Blackface

October 28th, 2013 // 94 Comments

Julianne Hough thought it’d be a great idea to dress up as Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black which probably should’ve stopped being a great idea the minute she had to use blackface. In her defense, she was raised by Mormons, so I honestly believe she had no idea black people have feelings and sincerely meant her apology. Also, let’s not pretend Chris Brown wasn’t the worst thing that happened to African-Americans this weekend. It’s important to never lose sight of what a bitchass he is.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News


  1. poop

    nobody cares except for the people who are pretending to care

  2. JC

    This comment section will present a thoughtful and well-reasoned discussion of race relations in present-day America.

    • Fox News told me that they were taking our jobs. If that’s not a reason to arm myself, I don’t know what is.

    • Inner Retard

      Up to this moment I never heard of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ so as long as Julianne looks like a million bucks in a bikini I don’t care. Wait, I completely ignored the color issue. Was that racist?

      • Someone check Twitter for the version of this discussion distilled into 140 characters of stupidity or less.

      • the facebook comment section is for jackasses. Make up a fake name like the rest of us.

      • Dox

        Its like watching monkey’s debate quantum physics. They think they have a point, but really all they are doing is flinging handfuls of shit around.

      • well we do that here too. I think attaching your real name to your flung shit is a symptom of this belief that “my opinion counts” when it doesn’t and it never did. but all your fake ass friends on FB can see how thoughtful you are.

      • Thank you for reminding me why I don’t use Facebook or any of those other things.

      • myjojo

        Holy Crap…. Is Fish Married to a Black girl or something???

        I mean, I can understand the Trayvon Martin because everyone was mad at that. But making such a big deal out of something so stupid?
        How many black people dress as Batman or Spiderman? SHOULD They have to Apologize? Should Kanye West apologize for dressing as Batman? You know Batman is WHITE right?

        I am being sarcastic, but seriously, It’s halloween and she dressed as her favorite character.

        Fish get over yourself and stop with the race wars….. WE GET IT, YOU LOVE BLACK PEOPLE, STOP PREACHING IT!


        Seriously, NOT Everything has to be about one race against the other.
        This girl likes a character and dressed up as them. SO WHAT?

        stop with the race bashing…

      • Fish cares because he’s a decent human being. Your refusal to believe anyone who doesn’t have a personal stake would care shows that you are not.

      • gigi

        WTf this isnt blackface! Shes wearing dark foundation. Black face is a specific thing. When the makeup is really dark and there is also makeup on the lips to make them look big and wide. shes not wearing anything like that.

      • Donut

        I guess the difference is that when Kanye West dresses as Batman, he doesn’t whiteface.

  3. schmidtler

    But she’s cute & has a great ass, so I say she gets a pass on this one.
    Besides, it wasn’t the clownish kind of black face vaudeville guys wore in the 1930′s that was so mocking and demeaning, it was more of a bronze all over coloring.

    • I’m not going to go so far as to agree with you, but in reality, is this significantly different from what Snooki does to herself on a regular basis?

    • Mike Walker

      The “clownish” kind of blackface IS blackface. Blackface is more than minor skin darkening – it’s actual skin blackening to caricature the brown skin of blacks, as well as accentuating the lip region with white. Exaggerated physical and vocal mannerisms are an integral part of the act and the racist intent is undeniable. This is nothing.

  4. Julianne Hough Blackface Crazy Eyes Halloween Costume
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m outraged!

    What’s next, black comedians dressing up like white women ?!

  5. I don’t have any problem with what she did and she should never have apologized. She dressed as a character in a TV show who is black. It was not an insult to black people and it was not meant to be racist.

    • using intent as an indicator of offensiveness makes it hard to not be offended all the time. I like my panties to be in tight knots all the time.

    • Slappy Magoo

      Thanks, I had no idea you were elected King of Black People’s Feelings.

      It’s great that she wasn’t putting on a minstrel show or anything, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to be offended.

      • Here is a thought for black people that are offended by Julianne Hough. Maybe instead of being offended by something as innocuous as this you should be more offended by things like this.

        1. Learn the English language, like every single other person in this country does, including every group of immigrants from countries that don’t have English as their primary language. If the piss poor farmer from a small village in Vietnam can speak proper English, then you can too.

        2. Stop killing each other, especially over the most senseless bullshit.

        3. Pay fucking attention in school, you are the worst, most uncontrollable group of students. Find me a teacher that will say differently.

        4. Stop having kids with multiple partners and actually raise your kids. “Baby daddy” and “baby momma” are not terms that you should be proud of.

        5. Dress like adults and civilized members of society. Stop tattooing yourself up and down and then crying that no one will hire you.

        *Disclaimer, these criticisms obviously do not apply to black people who appreciate education, speak well and behave like civilized people and not assholes. If you are offended, then you might not be part of this group.

      • J-Sin

        Thank you El Jefe, for pointing out all that’s wrong with the black community by pointing out easy targets with broad strokes. Allow me to counter with my own advice to the white community at large:

        1)Please learn the English language. When I turn on my TV to watch Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo I do not want to be inundated with vehicular manslaughter that is their version on the Queen’s English. White People, you can do better!

        2) Stop killing young black men, over the simplest shit such as walking while black, drinking ice tea while black, breathing while black…

        3) Stop closing down schools in inner cities and sending in teachers from the Midwest who have no real investments for students that they teach. Also, it may help if the value of a young black male’s education in America was also the same as a young white male’s. Just saying.

        4) After passing though much of the flyover country that is West Texas recently, I could say the same to you.

        5) Stop trying to make Miley Cyrus happen.

        6) Stop voting republican.

        7) Stop wearing mohawks, tattoos, blowouts, bronzer, skinny jeans, Affliction shirts and dress/act like adults. I mean, seriously white people, the cast of Jersey Shore and Miami Ink should not be role models.

        This game is pretty fun! Lets play again!

      • Let it be known that J-Sin deserves all the thumbs up for this. ALL THE THUMBS UP.

      • Oh bullshit, I generally like you Fish, but it is people like you that enable this bullshit that keeps going on in society. People like you hurt black people more than you help them. Instead of addressing the real issue and real problems that exist in black culture, you instead minimize it by saying oh, it is okay, they are black, they were oppressed, they should get a pass and if you say anything negative or disparaging about them, you are an evil person.

        I mean you look as far back as that Ebonics fiasco, which was probably the greatest disservice ever done to black people.

      • You can write all that stuff, but the white people are not the ones suffering in this country, or pretty much any other race for that matter, so instead of looking for excuses, fix yourselves. The white people you described generally represent a very small portion of the white society, whereas the black people I described generally represent the majority.

        You know what is fucked up, white people will call Arabs and even some East Indians terrorists and so on, but at the end of the day, they would still rather have them live next door to them than black people.

        You can argue that white people are racist and that might be true to a point, but they are not treating people of every race the same. At some point you have to ask yourself why they are not beating up or shooting Asian, Indian or Arab kids in the street, they are not even doing it to Hispanic kids. I mean if you were a truly horrible racist, won’t you treat everyone the same?

      • J-Sin

        AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait…you’re serious? Arabs and Latinos are more loved than black people and aren’t dealing with their own forms of racism? And let me guess Gays have it great too and any white, Christian family would be happy to live next door to a gay couple?

        Here’s an extra shovel. Keeping digging.

      • Here’s what I’m getting from El Jefe: Our shitheads are just a small sampling of white people. Their shitheads are an accurate representation.

        Is your entire view of the world based on television or do you ever actually meet real people?

      • J-Sin

        If the irony of your statement hasn’t dawned on you yet…I’m afraid we are done here.

      • The “your” in my question being El Jefe.

      • J-Sin

        Ahh, gotcha. I refused to believe anyone could be so obtuse. Speaking of obtuse…

        This El Jefe guy is a real sample. He talks about doing black people a disservice but does an even bigger disservice to minorities everywhere by claiming they don’t have their own issues. Muslim’s have their places of worship wiretapped and are held up in line by TSA at airports all across the country, Mexicans and other Latinos are routinely stopped in the Southwest because it’s believed they entered the country illegally and have no papers. Gays still cannot marry in all 50 states. But hey these people aren’t suffering. Only black communities are dysfunctional. I’ll remember that everytime I pass by an Indian Reservation or East LA and Spanish Harlem.

      • Every now and then, I think my 76 year old father has learned how the internet beyond Drudge Report works and is posting here as El Jefe.

      • If you’re going home for Thanksgiving, give him a swift kick in the balls just be on the safe side.

      • Esol Esek

        Exactly, black people act like they are the only oppressed people in the nation. They act like all white people have power that hey don’t, and they willfully disregard observation of reality to keep their notion of particular victimhood alive. Blacks WERE oppressed, but life is oppressive to every human being. THey can’t seem to separate the two.

      • My man, you have OD’D on sweeping generalizations and opinions presented as facts. So to be deemed an adult and a civilized member of society black people have to dress, behave and speak exactly like your idea of what those things are? I’m lily white and that idea scares the shit out of me. The era of people with tattoos being demonized ended about a decade ago. I know far more people with tattoos than without and I have none. As J-Sin pointed out above, most of that list you came up with could be pointed right back in the direction of our more unfortunate Aryan brothers and sisters. Or the poorer members of just about any race or color.

        The cultural problem you describe seems to affect a subset of the total population because they’re poor, not because they’re black. It just so happens that a disproportionately large segment of the black population lives in poverty. And, yes, you can trace that back to their beginning in this country in bondage. While I agree that sooner or later you have to stand on your own two feet and stop looking for an excuse to fail, there is just too great a statistically vetted causal link between the institution of slavery and modern poverty to ignore. The cultural problems associated with poverty (the glorification of criminality, a rebellion against social norms, sexual promiscuity, attention seeking behavior, failure of personal responsibility) are not unique to black people but cross all cultural boundaries. We don’t have a black problem, we have a poor problem. I’m really not a liberal at all, but I do like to think of myself as an open minded, thinking citizen. As a white guy that was raised in poverty I can assure you that the cultural failures you attribute to skin color aren’t simply the domain of African-Americans. But what has been somewhat unique to African-Americans is the institutionalized racism that contributed to the significant percentage of blacks living in poverty. A lot of that has fallen by the wayside in recent years, and there will likely be a change in demographics reflecting that in time, but it won’t and can’t be accomplished overnight. Probably not even in a single generation. But it will likely happen.

      • You can argue that white people are racist and that might be true to a point, but they are not treating people of every race the same. At some point you have to ask yourself why they are not beating up or shooting Asian, Indian or Arab kids in the street, they are not even doing it to Hispanic kids. I mean if you were a truly horrible racist, won’t you treat everyone the same?

        Are you fucking serious? So unless you’re a pan-racist white supremacist who’s an equal opportunity across-the-board hater, you still aren’t a bad person or a “truly horrible racist” – because even if you call Arabs “terrorists”, you’d still choose to live next door to them rather than black people because, by God, how can having some sense of discrimination be a bad thing, amiright?

        Jesus, of all the broke-dick lame-ass mentally deficient categorizations of “racist”, that one takes the cake in the “head-completely-up-my-ass-rationalization” category.

        The “great” thing about racists is that they can be amazingly creative to justify their bigotry while at the same time painting themselves as really wonderful people who aren’t actually racists, because that’s those other guys. See, that’s because their racist beliefs aren’t actually beliefs at all, but actual FACTS.

        When you’ve actually, personally, met “the majority” of blacks in America that you know for a fact truly represent that stereotype, just as you’re certain that Honey Boo-Boo and the Duck Dynasty crowd are an aberration of the entire population of white America, get back to me. Because at that point I’ll personally cram every DVD I can find of Jersey Shore, Jersey Couture, Jerseylicious, Real Housewives of Wherever The Fuck and Teen Mom (Seasons 1, 2 & 3) down your stupid throat until you choke on them.

        The only thing truly sadder than the fact that no one’s ever punched you right in your ignorant pie hole or presented you with a HazMat bill for spewing a fuck-ton of noxious toxic waste before is that 5 other short-bus dicksmacks here actually thought you made sense.

      • You can keep ignoring reality and black people will continue to keep getting treated like shit in America, well American blacks. Society has very few problems with black people from other countries.

      • Society has very few problems with black people from other countries.

        O rlly? If you mean how “black people from other countries” are treated here in America, then you’re only criminally ignorant. If you actually mean “Society” in another country (because “Society” is by its very definition white, amirite?) dealing with its black population, then it’s clear that you’re a moron who’s never been out of this country.

        First, name me one other post-1700′s “Society” that had a slave class made exclusively of another race, and then after that ended continued to deny that group access to the same educational and economic opportunities that the rest of its citizens already had for the next hundred years? Until you can, you and your “reality” can go fuck yourselves because there is no valid comparison to be found elsewhere. There’s been a black population in America for the past 300 years, whereas in France or Germany, for example, blacks have only been a visible minority for a few decades.

        Italian “society” greeted Cecile Kyenge, its first black minister, by throwing bananas at her at a rally, and she’s been compared to an orangutan by a fellow politician. When Kevin Prince Boateng played for A.C. Milan, he left the field rather than play while Pro Patria fans made monkey chants – this was only the latest in an ongoing series of racial incidents targeting black athletes in Europe.

        It’s so bad in Russia that many players are threatening to boycott World Cup in 2018 because UEFA isn’t doing shit about sanctioning the Moscow clubs. A Russian sports editor recently praised “fair skinned” Russians for defeating “black skinned” foreigners, and the country is openly and violently racist toward anyone black. Not so coincidentally, it has the largest population of neo-Nazis outside the Third Reich – is that the “Society” you meant?

        France’s disastrous policy that allowed immigration without knowing either the language or the culture meant the huge wave of African Muslims that came after decolonialization were doomed to cultural isolation. Living in poorly designed, poorly built and poorly managed low-income suburban housing, they found it impossible to either assimilate into the population or raise their children by their own religious or cultural standards, which were at odds with France’s increasingly aggressive secularism/assimilation policies. While the government did fund schools in the now-deteriorating areas where they lived, many French taxpayers resented the “waste” of their money. Authorities claimed it was impossible to enforce any laws in these suburbs, so they further degenerated into even higher-crime, completely lawless areas. Still marginalized and accused of “stealing” French jobs, they’re actually the first to be laid off. The FN, an economically protectionist, socially conservative nationalist party, directly links the breakdown of law and order in French society to immigration, calling it a “mortal threat to civil peace in France” and supports deporting illegal, criminal, and unemployed immigrants to Africa.

        The black population in Britain wasn’t large until thousands of men from Africa and the Caribbean were enlisted to fight WWI – and the ones who stayed after the Armistice faced discrimination and violence. After WWII there was a massive labor shortage, and black immigrants from the Caribbean or other colonies who were already British citizens thought they’d be treated equally and fairly. They weren’t. Even though many had skill and experience, they got the shit jobs the white Britons didn’t want, worked longer hours for less pay, and were housed in slums in the decaying inner cities. Gee, sound familiar?

        The racism they faced was incredible, even to a HOC member stating – in Parliament – that it was a proven fact that they were diseased drunken animals who fondled their children’s genitals in order to get them to go to sleep. A massive race riot in ’58 where whites were to blame actually led to stricter anti-black immigration, so in ’64 when a Conservative candidate ran on the slogan, “If you want a n****r for a neighbour, vote Labour” not a lot of people were gobsmacked. Today, it’s still largely assumed that any black is a “foreigner”, and if you actually sound like a Georgie or a Scouse because you were born there, that doesn’t change a damn thing. The UK Equalities and Human Rights Commission reports a “disproportionate” amount of deaths in custody, stop-and-frisk incidents, differential treatment re mental health services and too many young black males in the criminal justice system. Not too surprisingly, black professionals never manage to reach the top levels in their fields, while black students are not given the same opportunities as whites to excel, and are therefore under-performing in school.

        So while you’re probably not an immigrant to this country, maybe you better check your birth certificate. I’d be willing to bet that it’s actually an apology letter to all of us from the Trojan Corporation.

      • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

        Good God, asshole. You sure do have a lot of time on your hands.

      • What’s going to really chap your sorry ass is that I actually get paid for it.

      • I also forgot to add in, running around and calling yourself “n!gga” all day and then expecting sympathy and outrage for someone dressing in blackface is a little disingenuous.

      • Dox

        So… let’s be realistic here. Every color and persuasion of personage (That’s a word…. we’re using that word now.) has a population that makes it look phenomenally bad. It happens. I think any reasonable individual can agree on that.

        People tend to get offended when others use that group to convey a basic image of their personage. (Again, I like that word, Im using it.)

        So.. easiest solution. We all acknowledge the absolute goofiness of that particular group (no matter the flavor.) and don’t mock each other based on that group.

        Now. Lets all shake hands, hug, or everyone goes in time out.
        And the irony here.
        I’m crazy.
        And have paperwork to prove it.

    • J-Sin

      Except for the part where wearing black face gives her carte blanche (carte black? hmm) to act like a simping, black stereotype. Much like white people who dress up like racist Fu Manchu Asian stereotypes or Geishas or Indian guys with turbans an brown face or Native Americans with Headdresses and saying “How!” every five minutes…oh you get the point. Which is who are you, white man, to say who should be offended and not offended by cultural stereotypes in America?

      • Dox

        Which is why, whenever you are considering a racially sensitive costume, simply add zombie into the mix. Its hard to get offended at a Fu Man Chu Zombie…. or an Indian Zombie…..

        At least that’s my theory. Anyone feel like testing it?

    • I’m outraged that some people are outraged that others are not outraged about the outrageous costume.

  6. rican

    Tom Hanks dresses in blackface and nothing happens. This hot chick does and all hell breaks loose. Racism AND gender bias, what a shame.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    She probably didn’t intend to do anything other than dress up as a popular tv show character, but was she really dumb enough to think there wouldn’t be a shit storm over it?

  8. ↑ The point. You can debate the actual racist intent or lack thereof all day. What is indisputable is that this WOULD cause a shit storm. So is either A.) Too dumb to be trusted to breathe on her own, or B.) Cynical and calculating enough to use even outrage over racial insensitivity to further her Q rating and profile. Either way she fucking sucks.

  9. Why is she so much lighter in all the pictures besides the main one? Either she came to her senses and wiped the bronzer off, or the paparazzi caught her in just the right light and ran with it. Either way, I think calling a jersey shore-esque spray tan with blonde hair “blackface” a stretch, but she should have known better.

  10. If it’s ok for some people to be offended by this, is it still ok for me to give absolutely not one fuck that anyone was offended?

    • I believe in absolute freedom of expression. Everyone has a right to offend and be offended.
      - Taslima Nasrin

      Avoiding offense means that we don’t accept each other as equals.
      - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

      “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”
      ― Salman Rushdie

      It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

      ― Stephen Fry

  11. anonymous

    Where’s the outrage when Snooki does this everyday?

  12. CrashHell

    Calm down guys. Julianne doesn’t even know what “blackface” means, so its okay.

  13. Freebie

    I think its a good look for her.

  14. I’d like to give her white face.

    • bagmotherfucker

      Just to be clear, you mean to spurt your thick hot jism in her asshole then make her squirt it out, and then apply it all over her face? Or is there another way you would like to do it?

  15. jennifer

    I am a bit surprised at Ms. Hough, this is the sort of thing I expect to see herpes Hilton and her sister doing.

  16. s.f.

    Reading your guys’ posts is disgusting – all that you people are doing is fighting with emotions and not trying to change things and understand where others are coming from!
    Try to be empathetic and understand where others are coming from. There have been many african americans that have faced racism and continue to face it unfortunately. However, there are also many caucasians and other races for that matter that face racism as well, and that is rarely discussed.
    Unfortunately, working in an area of public service where I see where crime takes place, who the suspects are, why the crime takes place, as well as see who needs services, the types of services, and how many services, it’s obvious to me that there are many more african americans that are causing problems for our society.
    Granted, people need to be adults and come up with ideas and ways for things to change that make sense and are affordable, but regardless of one’s race, each individual in our society should be a productive member of society; not trying to get free handouts, and place the blame of their decisions and environment on others or the government. If a person is not disabled, delayed, etc., they have the ability to make choices and people need to face the consequences or benefits for their actions.

  17. I really don’t give a shit.

  18. Progress

    Segregating different races and colors by not allowing each to dress up as another seems to be the only real racist offense here. In order to truly break down the race barrier we need to instill in people the truth that, despite our outward appearances, we really aren’t different, we are all equal human beings. By calling a white person racist for dressing up as an idividual of a different color you are the who is holding up that race barrier Fish. If she had dressed up as a race, as in not a specific individual who just happened to be of different color, that would be different.

    • Progress

      To put things more simply..
      You are saying she shouldn’t have dressed up like that because we ARE different.
      I am saying she should be able to dress up like that because we are NOT different.

    • J-Sin

      What a load of bullshit. Why is when people want to do blackface they pick the worst cultural stereotypes? In black people’s case, they pick the Flavor Flaves and the Shaniquas? I would buy it as a more sincere gesture if someone went as a positive, successful black person for Halloween like Oprah, President Obama or the dude from the All State commercial. This is Minstrel-dom 101, plain and simple.

      • CrashHell


      • Progress

        I think you’re missing the point. Its likely that “Flavor Flave” type characters are picked because they are exactly that.. characters. When adults dress up for Halloween they aren’t going to pick role models (how lame is that). They are going to pick funny characters.. and only being allowed to pick characters from your own color or race is just promoting segregation. People of color should be able to dress up as the duck dynasty cast and Julianne Hough should be able to dress up as crazy eyes. And it wont be until everyone quits screaming “racist” that we will truly break down that race wall.

      • Mike Walker

        Please. If anyone in the public eye dressed up as Obama and darkened their skin, they would get as much flak. Fred Armisen drew shade for darkening his skin when he played Obama on SNL. He had to play the “My grandma is [insert pseudo non-white ethnicity here]” card to temper the outrage.

      • I have no real opinion on anything Mike said other than Fred Armisen sucks.

      • Mike Walker

        As far as Fred Armisen goes, I think we should consider… well, in terms of his recent comedic output, he doesn’t have… I think the *proper* way to judge someone as a comedic performer is… what I’m really trying to say is that…

      • so now explain why the rodeo clown guy that dressed up as Obama got fired and all but hung up on the fucking cross – despite the fact he’s dressed up as whoever the current president was at every rodeo for the past 20 years or whatever.

  19. Ragnar

    Thats not blackface. At most its tan face from the bronzer she put on.

  20. Jade

    It looks as though her and a group of friends dressed up as a group of people from a show they liked. What, should the pretty blonde white girl instead have not tried to emulate the character, thus drawing fire for not getting into her costume and character completely, as though she has something against black people?

    I’m tired of the group of people who have made a hobby about getting offended about stuff. They’ll find any situation they can twist to their needs so they can be properly offended and then tell everyone how offended they are. I am quite sure that if she had not tried to be the person she was trying to dress up as, she would have taken heat for it. You can’t please everyone all the time, but the last thing anyone should try doing is pleasing the people who have made a hobby out of taking offense.

    Anyone who either thinks this is racist, or is trying to make this a racist issue seems to maybe have their own issues and demons they need to confront.

  21. PeopleSuck

    I call bullshit. Crazy Eyes is a GREAT character. Let me be more specific: she is a great AFRICAN AMERICAN character. I would have been more offended if she’d dressed up as Crazy Eyes but left herself and her pasty white skin as is. You know why? Because that would have looked like she was trying to make a great Black character White. To me, that would have been offensive.

  22. myjojo

    Holy Crap…. Is Fish Married to a Black girl or something???

    I mean, I can understand the Trayvon Martin because everyone was mad at that. But making such a big deal out of something so stupid?
    How many black people dress as Batman or Spiderman? SHOULD They have to Apologize? Should Kanye West apologize for dressing as Batman? You know Batman is WHITE right?

    I am being sarcastic, but seriously, It’s halloween and she dressed as her favorite character.

    Fish get over yourself and stop with the race wars….. WE GET IT, YOU LOVE BLACK PEOPLE, STOP PREACHING IT!

  23. I would black all over her face – ALL NIGHT LONG.

    I’m not quite sure what that means.

  24. Bunghole

    Just so I’m clear on this, the movie “White Chicks” was perfectly acceptable, but Ms. Hough paying homage to a character she likes on a television show is intolerably racist.

    No wonder this country is f***ed.

  25. #Firstworldproblems

  26. lovecraft

    I am sorry but that is not blackface, that is a white girl with brown colored makeup on. If you want to see what real blackface is do a search on Al Jolson blackface.

  27. JungleRed

    Wait, does this mean I get to be butthurt every time Fish portrays women as sex objects? Oh, good.

  28. Julianne Hough Blackface Crazy Eyes Halloween Costume
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh great, now Pauly D is in on this whole Miley Cyrus thing.

  29. me

    If this is blackface then we need to go back to the days of all these actresses walking around with their fake bakes and holler “blackface racists”! This is not black face, and what is so wrong with somebody painting their skin a different color. Jennifer Lopez is constantly in blackface. Her natural skin color is white.

  30. helen keller on a motorcycle

    Yeah, this was pretty stupid, you ever been to halloween before, Fish? It’s fun, some people even dress up as their favorite tv chararacters!

  31. helen keller on a motorcycle

    & sorry,I didn’t mean to sound so racist just then, i was just trying to toy with that sense of humor that you normally have. Are you planning on bringin’ that back, or is that like an old news sort of thing? Love the site, stay open-minded!

    Antho Humorless.

  32. helen keller on a motorcycle

    & sorry,I didn’t mean to sound so racist just then, i was just trying to toy with that sense of humor that you normally have. Are you planning on bringin’ that back, or is that like an old news sort of thing? Love the site, stay open-minded!

    Antho Humorless.

  33. nubianqueen

    This is horribly offensive and everyone who says snooki and JLo are constantly in black face is right. Anytime you alter your skin color its black face. Every time I see Snooki I get sick to my stomach thinking about the racism she’s outwardly expressing and no one is challenging. After megan fox said michael bay made her wear tanner and queen latifah’s foundation for the first transformers I refuse to see any of that racist director’s movies. Even Mariah Carey has crossed the line sometimes and many of the people on dancing with the stars. All this subliminal racism is fucked up and we can’t stand for it anymore.

  34. Esol Esek

    At this point, black people in America are as racist as white people. If they’re not they’re still as stupid, moronic, and uneducated as anyone else, so their observations mean little.

    Blacks and whites created an American subculture of ignorance and criminality, and now they moan when anyone else joins it, because there are millions of white people stupid enough to imitate it. I just dont get where the line is. So white people can’;t imitate ignorance, but black people can imitate anything in white culrutre? Nonsense. American culture is american, and anyone can imitate anything inside of it. Grow up and stop reaching for special treatment.

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