One of Josh Duggar’s Molestation Victims Is Still A Minor

When Josh Duggar’s police record was destroyed, I honestly didn’t think much of it because, political connections aside, I could understand the Duggars’ need to protect the identity of sexual assault victims who were minors at the time. Even with In Touch redacting their copy, it didn’t take long for the Internet to discover the victims were Josh’s sisters, so it would only be a matter of time until the exact sisters were identified. As gross as this whole situation and the Duggars themselves are, at the end of the day, I could respect protecting the victims’ privacy. Except in the Duggars’ haste to have the records destroyed before more details leaked out, they revealed a significant piece of information which makes Josh’s molestations way worse than just a teen boy overwhelmed by the Satanic bosom swell of another teen according to the “12 years ago” talking point across their statements. Via Above The Law:

When media outlets attempted to obtain additional copies of the police report, they were informed the record was expunged as a result of a request from one of the alleged victims, which include at least some of his sisters, the majority of which still live under patriarch Jim Bob’s rule.

Read: One of Josh Duggar’s victims is still a minor. Today! So going by the current age of his younger sisters, unless he was molesting babies – Please tell me he wasn’t molesting babies. – this means Josh Duggar molested a young girl between the ages of eight and five-years-old (Dammit, it’s babies.) which is some fucking pedophile shit, and not just the two teens, “boys will be boys” experimenting your Pentacostal cousin on Facebook really needs to believe it is. Which brings me to:

Josh Duggar Sued The Department of Human Services

The Duggars have been cagey about confirming or denying an investigation by the Arkansas Department of Human Services, but the 2007 Internet comments dug up in the wake of the scandal say DHS was involved and made the family put the girls in counseling. (Whether that’s legitimate counseling is anyone’s guess.) Like everything else so far, these comments turned out to be crazy accurate because In Touch reports Josh sued DHS on the heels of its investigation:

Nine months after those agencies entered the Duggar molestation case, Josh Duggar sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services. A trial was held on August 6, 2007.
The results of the investigation into the Duggars and Josh’s trial are sealed. But a source familiar with the Duggar investigation told In Touch it was likely that Josh “appealed the DHS decision or finding from their investigation.” The source notes that DHS had the authority to apply “restrictions or stipulations about him being at home with the victims.
“Josh would be considered an in-home offender, giving DHS the authority to do an investigation. As part of your appeal rights you can request a DHS hearing to challenge what they found and their ruling.”
The Duggars are refusing to comment on the intervention by either department and Josh’s trial against DHS. They also are refusing to say if their family was monitored by a state agency after the 2007 actions and forced to undergo counseling by a licensed mental health professional.

Truth. Honesty. Jesus-ness: The Duggars.

State Trooper Convicted For Child Porn Says Jim Bob Didn’t Tell The Whole Story

Keep in mind, this is coming from the state trooper Jim Bob first brought Josh to who’s now serving a 56-year sentence for child porn, but according to Joseph Hutchens, he was only told about one incident when Josh came to see him, and that’s why he never filed a report. In Touch reports:

In the new interview from prison, Hutchens said he was told by Jim Bob and Josh that “Josh had inappropriately touched [redacted] during the time she was asleep. He said he touched her through her clothing and he said it only happened one time.”
He said the fact that it was a one-time incident influenced his decision not to report it. “I did what I thought was right and obviously it wasn’t,” he says. “If I had to do it over again, I would have told him immediately I am going to call the hotline and contacted the trooper that worked those cases and have a full report made. I thought I could handle it myself.

Again, this is from a guy who could be trying to save face – and makes it clear he’s a Christian which doesn’t help in this situation – but then again, the Duggars have been operating with a malleable sense of truth since the whole thing began, so who the fuck knows? I do, however, think it’s odd that everyone involved in this story is trying to have sex with kids, and if one of them refers to it as “making flowers,” I’m pretty sure my mind is going to split in two.

Send In The Choppers

Just this week, a mom was arrested for keeping her kid home sick from school, and we’ve seen one arrested for letting her daughter play at the park, not to mention all the black people the police keep executing for petty, victimless crime, and yet we can’t drop a chopper into this gingham compound because mom and dad say the right magic words (Someone plant a joy book under the Tupperware.) and donate to Republican campaigns in the south. Christ, fans nicknamed one of the girls “Joyless” – and hopefully feel every flavor of shitty about that now – because she always looks sad and depressed. I wonder why that is. Goddammit, America.

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