Josh Duggar Is Missing, But That’s Not Important Right Now

According to reports, Josh Duggar is missing from the bullshit rehab facility he was sent to after being exposed by the Ashley Madison hack and admitting to cheating on his wife Anna because porn made him do it. (Then again, he did bang a porn star, so kind of.) And while the odds are pretty high he’s simply at a different equally-as-bullshit rehab where six months of prayer will magically crush his mind and spirit into only wanting his wife’s vagina, there’s an important detail that everyone seems to be glossing over. Let’s see if you can spot it. Radar reports:

“Josh definitely wasn’t there,” the onlooker says. “It was very strange.”
In another surprising twist, the family’s private plane took a mystery trip on August 27 across the Duggars’ home state of Arkansas.
The plane arrived in Paragould, a quiet, eastern town, around 9 am, and took off for home in Springdale around 6 pm.
The Christian clan does not have property in the area, and no friends or extended family members are from the town.

THE DUGGARS HAVE A PRIVATE PLANE. The same Duggars who’ve been panhandling fans for more money so they can make YouTube videos where they say racism is a trick of the Devil, so don’t pay no mind to it. Those Duggars. Now, I’m no fancy baby farmer, but I’m pretty sure the cost of a private plane could feed an army of gingham-spawns for quite some time. I’m talking at least a week. Possibly even two.

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