Jon Hamm Still Isn’t Sorry For Calling Kim Kardashian An Idiot, Is Handsome

Posted by Photo Boy

When Jon Hamm first made what he thought was an offhand remark to an Elle UK reporter regarding his thoughts on reality television, he wasn’t thinking it would become anything more than that, let alone find himself defending the comment on TODAY:

“It’s a part of our culture that I certainly don’t identify with and I don’t really understand the appeal of it other than that car-crash sensibility,” said Hamm. “It’s not something that I partake in or enjoy, but it is what it is and here we are.

Pete Campbell took a minute out of looking like a community theater one-man-show to chime in:

I agree with everything he said. I mean, I think our society enjoys to turn on the television and seeing someone who is awful; they can say, ‘At least I’m not as terrible as that person.'”

Thanks, Vincent Kartheiser, for your astounding input which ironically could also be applied to any one of the characters on Mad Men. More importantly, kudos to Jon Hamm for not in any way apologizing to the piss-bag of shame, Kim Kardashian, whose pimp mother/manager is secretly pushing to exploit this thing even further. “Hello, Mr. Weiner? This can all be over real soo- Will she do nudity? Ha! Yes. Wait, you’re talking about the 13-year-old right? Definitely, yes.”

Photo: Fame/Flynet