Jon Hamm Needs to Go Back to Work

With Mad Men Season 5 officially delayed until 2012 – Filming typically begins in April or May. – Jon Hamm has suddenly found himself with a shitload of free time and is apparently going to use it to let himself go and lounge around looking like this. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to see my handsomely dapper TV characters looking handsomely dapper. If I want to look at a dude walking around in plaid shorts, I’ll go over to my dad’s house. That said, at least he stayed somewhat in character and flirted with an another woman before his girlfriend showed up. I’ll cut anyone who said he didn’t do that just for me. (I heart you.)

NOTE: For those following the Mad Men debacle, Matthew Weiner is returning and has locked a deal with AMC for at least two more seasons, and a possible seventh. Everyone’s allowed to smack one secretary’s ass to celebrate, but only if she brought coffee the way you like it.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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