Doug Stanhope, Johnny Depp’s Bodyguards: Amber Heard Is Lying

On Friday, news broke that Amber Heard filed for a restraining order against Johnny Depp after he allegedly threw an iPhone at her during an argument the day after his mother died. She also alleged a history of abuse fueled by drugs and alcohol. Coupled with the bruises on her face and claims of having video evidence, it sounded like some pretty damning shit except for the fact that every allegation was couched in a cash grab. In fact, Amber Heard’s lawyers started threatening him almost from the jump. The Daily Beast reports:

In [a letter sent to Johnny Depp’s attorney alleging abuse], they also issued a thinly veiled threat to Depp’s team, encouraging them to speedily grant Heard’s requests for spousal support, the condominium, her Range Rover, and $125,000 in her legal fees so that the split wouldn’t turn into a media firestorm—as it would have, the letter suggests, if they’d arranged for Depp to be “personally served” at his Alice 2 premiere.

Of course, the simple explanation is that Amber Heard truly does have Johnny Depp “by the movie star balls” and wants her cut for putting up with his bullshit, which is understandable. But muddying the waters is the LAPD holding firm that they saw no signs of abuse when they were called, and now Johnny Depp’s security guards claim they were there the whole time and Amber Heard is making shit up. Although, the red flag here is “Johnny Depp’s security guards” in case that didn’t jump out at you. TMZ reports:

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ, 2 security guards — Jerry Judge and Sean Bett — were standing in the entryway inside Johnny and Amber’s apartment unit, giving them space during the argument, when out of nowhere they heard Amber scream.
The guards say “within a second” they bolted into the living area and saw Johnny in the kitchen and Amber on the couch in the living room — it’s an open floor plan. Both guards say Johnny was at least 20 feet away from her.
We’re told, according to Johnny, both he and Amber knew the guards were in the entryway and the scream was a badly executed attempted setup.
The guards — both of whom are expected to testify next month during the restraining order trial — also say throughout Johnny and Amber’s 15-month marriage, she was the one who flew into rages … screaming at him, throwing bottles, and charging him. They claim they frequently had to pull her off Johnny.

Conveniently, this information comes on the heels of Doug Stanhope’s guest column in The Wrap where he accuses Amber Heard of blackmail and claims he watched her “manipulate and f— with him for years.” Which might be true, but as Lainey Gossip points out, Doug Stanhope (along with Vanessa Paradis and others) all have a motive in protecting the Johnny Depp brand. So we’re literally right back where we started, which is, yes, Amber Heard is clearly trying to take Johnny Depp to the cleaners, but no, that doesn’t mean he didn’t get loaded and smack her around. It’s what I like to call “The Kesha Conundrum,” which is when both parties are assholes whose egos and greed create an asshole situation that fucks over helpless victims in the real world who now have a lesser chance of being taken seriously thanks to a couple of assholes. So thanks, assholes.

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