John Stamos Wins Extortion Case

July 16th, 2010 // 24 Comments

Seen here posing with fans outside the courthouse yesterday, John Stamos was vindicated in court when jurors found a Michigan couple guilty of attempting to extort $680,000 from him by claiming they had incriminating photos of him doing blow with strippers – which they didn’t. E! News reports:

“I am shocked and perplexed how individuals could fabricate so many false stories in an effort to defend a crime,” said Stamos. “I agreed to be a witness for a federal criminal prosecution and endured countless false accusations about my behavior and appropriateness.”
Specifically, Stamos dismissed insinuations by the defense attorney that he had attempted to seduce Coss when they first met at an Orlando nightclub in 2004. Among the accusations: that the ER hunk went on a cocaine binge with a pair of strippers and that he purportedly tried to have sex with Coss, then only 17, in a hot tub.
“The allegations made regarding an inappropriate relationship are completely untrue,” Stamos added. “These slanderous allegations to smear my reputation were part of their defense to redirect attention away from the federal crime of extortion. There was no hot tub, no drugs, no nudity and nothing sexual in nature involved in my friendship with this woman. They lied about everything from a pregnancy to compromising photos.”

Anyone else feel that last part was a little overkill? I mean, c’mon, John Stamos, you banged her and it’s totally cool. Rebecca Romjin just left you, you were drunk at Spring Break and the chick was proven in court to be in an over-18 club with a fake ID claiming she was in college. Nobody’s going to fault you on that one. You couldn’t have been more in the clear if two police officers and a judge were in the room giving you the thumbs up. Which, coincidentally, is how I like to set the mood. Ladies?

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  1. yeeah


  2. Cock Dr

    Past his prime but still cleans up nicely.
    Throw those scumbag extortionists in the jail.
    The dark side of being famous, successful & good looking: everyone wants to fuck you any way they can.
    Guys, you probably are thinking – that sounds great! But then you wind up in court, or with a STD, or with a litter of illegitimate offspring off of assorted starfuckers.

  3. ROUGH--taking back the "internets" from the absurd.

    Dumb cunts. How does doing blows with strippers hurts him? It only enhances him as a little edgy and a non-fag.

  4. John Holmes
    Commented on this photo:

    I never liked this guy – but after testifying and winning in court, big up to Stamos. He pwned them!

  5. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    Love how he’s already rounding up the next batch of 17 year olds to bang in the hot tub and snort coke with!

  6. Stamos Fan

    Why can’t there be more feel good stories like this instead of Lindsay Lohan nonsense.

  7. courtyardpigeon
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously John, bang the girl to the far right in this photo…she is HOT!

  8. Bob

    way to go uncle jesse!! mel gibson should learn a few things from stamos!

  9. Curt

    Why is doing blow with a couple of strippers a bad thing? I call it a fun weekend!

  10. Snaggletooth

    Ok, I’ve got! Pedophilia is ok if you’re in the clergy or part of Disney.

  11. Rufus The Cat
    Commented on this photo:

    What the fugly is on her face and shirt! I don’t like!

  12. Mark M
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow…He really IS a great actor! He’s standing next to THAT without even wretching!

  13. namé

    he is hot

  14. Naked Chicks Rule

    This hurts. Really, really hurts.

    I mean, I have _plenty_ of pics of me & strippers doing blow, but does anyone ever try & extort any money out of me? No way. It’s true: the beautiful people get all the breaks.

    Of course, when I say “blow” I really mean donuts. And when I say “strippers,” I really mean my stoner friends.

    OK, imaginary friends.

  15. captain america

    psssst: HE SURE NEEDS A JOB, folks!!

  16. andipoo magoo
    Commented on this photo:

    He is so amazingly, perfectly fucking gorgeous.

  17. John Cusack

    I was hoping he did it,.. would have turned his image from Uncle Jesse to a bad as mo’ fo’… Oh well

  18. hollywood_hillbilly

    “non-fag”. So, basically the opposite of you then douchey? All rough douchebaggery aside, you don’t fuck with the Stamos bitches!

    • dare to be ROUGH

      Ahhhhhh look who cant quit me…

      NO! all rough douchebaggery cant be aside till you explain who fuck are the “Stamos Bitches” or did you call me a bitch but put it in plural like a 14 year old girl, would do? or you could’ve pop one too many before you log on the nets, which most likely can be the culprit.

      Anyways, keeping my fingers cross that you’re back trolling me permanently Backwood Bitch…

  19. Marcus

    YAY John!!!

  20. Marcus
    Commented on this photo:

    Careful John, those young girls will turn on you after you bang them..

  21. Rae
    Commented on this photo:

    God Bless.

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