John Stamos Met With An Olsen Twin

After publicly calling bullshit on the Olsen twins claim that they knew nothing about the Full House reunion until John Stamos announced it on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he agreed to meet with one of them yesterday, and only one of them, because as I’ve tried to warn you repeatedly, their forces are weaker when separated.

Interestingly (to an 80s-obsessed Internet gone made), Lori Loughlin and the rest of the cast have been saying that if one of the twins agreed to do Fuller House – And you only need one. Have you heard? – it would almost definitely be Ashley. So for John to meet with Mary-Kate is not only surprising, it proves that one of them can murder the other and absorb her power without disappearing in the process. “Smite one and into smoke shall perish the other,” the witch had told them, but she lied.

Photo: Instagram