John Stamos’ Accuser Had Fake ID, Lied About Age

July 14th, 2010 // 24 Comments

John Stamos testified in court today against Allison Coss who tried to extort $680,000 from the actor by claiming she had pictures of him doing coke with strippers and in compromising positions with her when she was only 17. The two met at Spring Break in 2004 shortly after his marriage to Rebecca Romjin fell apart and maintained a “flirty” e-mail correspondence ever since. Via Popeater:

Stamos said he met Coss at a dance club where patrons must be at least 18 and she told him she was a college student on spring break. She actually was a high school student who had used a borrowed ID to get into the club, Henderson told jurors during opening arguments Monday.
They didn’t spend much time together that night, Stamos said, but he got her phone number. The next day, they went to Disney World and later to his hotel room, where up to 10 people had gathered.
“We were just hanging out, socializing,” he said.
He said after the Florida trip, he began communicating with Coss via e-mail and described their conversations as “flirty” but “friendly.”
It was all very sweet. I considered her a friend,” Stamos said.

And then, like any relationship with a woman, it turned into an out-of-control cash grab and no one would’ve blamed John Stamos if he buried her head under some petuni- Dammit, Mel Gibson! How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from the keyboard?

Prosecutors say the extortion attempt occurred last fall. They had Stamos read from e-mail exchanges, beginning with two messages from “J Taylor” who claimed he had gotten her pregnant.
“If this gets out, I am screwed. But most of all you are screwed 10 times more than me,” it said. Henderson acknowledged Monday that Coss had sent the message.
Afterward, Stamos testified, Coss began sending him e-mails saying a man was harassing her about having incriminating photos of her and Stamos.
For the most part, Coss appears more fearful than Stamos in the e-mails. “I’m not worried about pics,” he says. “The worst we were doing was drinking and goofing off.” In another message, he says of the man threatening Coss: “I’ll bust him up. … We didn’t take any bad pics. I’m too smart.”

For the record, questions about their alleged sexual relationship were not permitted in the extortion case, so let’s all acknowledge John Stamos banged this chick but was completely innocent in doing so. I mean, she had a fake ID, was in an 18 or older club and claimed to be a college student, so it’s not like he could cut off her arm and count the rings just to be sure. Not that I’ve ever tried that before.

*hops a plane to Brazil*

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  1. anon


  2. Randal(l)

    Damn it Stamos, You ruing the grading curve for Mel and Lindsay. You stay out of the headlines until you murder a hooker


  3. Deacon Jones

    I have much more respect for him now. He’s quite slick.

  4. Anon

    In the UK a man was done for this. Met a girl in a nightclub, shagged her and was about to go to jail until he succesfully argued in court that as he met her in a place where you had to prove you was over 18 he did nothing wrong.
    They agreed and brought charges to the club.
    So now when women get searched and id’d in clubs more than men these days thats one of the reasons why.
    Of course the one person who actually was guilty in all of this the girl go off scot free.Another typical double standard.

    What are guys to do? Meet a girl in a club and ask her name what job (if she works) and then check 2 types of photographic id?
    In this reporters opinion… Yes.

    I bet if it was an older woman and underage boy this wouldn’t have even got to court.
    Yet another typical double standard.
    Still 17, hope she was hot.
    (yes i realise thats a double standard from me)

    • gobo

      The thing is he age of consent in the UK tis 16 so that means the girl you’re talking about was 15 or under. If a woman slept with a boy of 15 or under then i think it would have gone to court. There is no supposed double standard there. Additionally it’s not difficult to tell when a girl is that young and the club were negligent to have let her in.

      • Anon

        @gobo. It is difficult to tell when drunk and with nightclub lights and when you’re in a place where you have to be over 18.
        If it’s easy wouldn’t the bouncers have known?

        Also women rarelt get punished for having sex with a 15 year old. I remind you of the case where a female teacher had sex with an underage boy, got pregnant ran off and then out of the blue 10 years later slapped him with child support going back 10 years costing £50,000.
        She didn’t go to jail, in fact she used the legal system to extort him. Now if it was a man with a 15 year who gets pregnant he goes to kail, put on the sex offenders register and doesn’t get to see his kid because he’s a rapist and rapist can’t have children. Hence why women are rarely considered rapist in similar cirumstances.

        She should be in jail and he should have his kid with her never being allowed to see it for the fact she ran off and never told him then tried to extort him forget about her being a rapist.

    • m

      I agree. The girl here should be punished since she lied to get into a club that she legally should not have been at in the first place. Since there is no fail-proof method of determining if someone is 17 or 18, picking up chicks at an 18+ club is a good gamble. Her fault she’s a money-grubbing whore who had a fake ID.

  5. I don’t see a problem here..

  6. Akare

    Aw I want him to take me to Disney World and then to his bedroom.

  7. Bunny

    I love Uncle Jesse. I’d sit on his lap and snuggle under a blankie with him.

    Oh and Hey Fish Dude…. OMG there’s some story about Spencer Pratt dressed up as an old man covered in crystals and he was kicked out of the Hills after party! PUL-EEEEEZE cover that! I know you’d make it funny as hell!
    (Although…. it’s kinda perfection already)

  8. Jack

    If you were a chick, who’s the one guy you would sleep with?

    • Jen

      I am a chick and if you are referring to celebrities, I would sleep with Paul Walker and Bradley Cooper. Even though, Bradley kinda has a down syndrome look to him (NOT that there is anything wrong with down syndrome) Id still let him pork the shit out of me.

  9. La Toya J.
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s totally had a nose job.

  10. sobrietyisacrutch

    Whoa! I guess I’m being stupid here but WTF?!! She’s claiming she got pregnant in ’05? So is there a baby around? And is SHE trying to get money or is the mystery photog trying to get it? So the extorter is getting extorted?
    (That’s a funny word, isn’t it? It doesn’t make sense after you say it a few times.)
    Mel is much less confusing. He’s pretty direct.

  11. Cardinal Fang

    The legal age should be lowered to 16 anyway. You’re old enough to drive a car, you can ride a celebrity.

  12. JoeC

    I agree it shouldn’t be a problem for Stamos if she lied about her age and was in an over 18 club. My problem is the Lawrence Taylor thing. Yeah, bust him for solicitation or whatever, but the girl lied about her age, the pimp lied about her age…and the girl’s sister backs up LT’s story. That should clear him of the stat rape charges.

  13. I would so rape his face.

  14. Marcus

    YES!!!! Case Closed… she should have to pay for all court costs……..

  15. captain america

    most americans are raised with lying, folks!!

  16. Steelerchick

    Hey John I just turned 18 give me a call !!!

  17. jackie

    Isn’t he in his 40′s, why is he hitting on a girl that young, go after someone who is atleast in their 30′s. You deserve what you get!!!

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