Supposedly Grown Man John Mayer Shades Taylor Swift’s Birthday

If you’re wondering how John Mayer is recovering from no longer hibernating between Katy Perry’s giant breasts, the answer is not fucking well. Because here he is sending high school-level tweets about Taylor Swift’s birthday and then deleting them. E! News reports:

T.Swift turned 27 Tuesday, and the pop star received social media tributes from her BFFs, including Hadid, Austin Swift and Camila Cabello. But Swift’s ex, Mayer, didn’t feel the excitement. “Tuesday, December 13 may be the lamest day of the year, conceptually,” Mayer reportedly tweeted.

For obvious reasons, John Mayer quickly deleted the tweet then tried to pretend it wasn’t what you think because he’s a 39-year-old man posting and deleting tweets like this next tweet that he posted and deleted:

Regretting his decision, Mayer promptly deleted the tweet. He later clarified it, saying it wasn’t about Swift. “NOPE. No. Nuh-uh. People I am 39. I am deleting those tweets. Come right at me for doing so. Absolutely no shade,” he wrote. He has since deleted that tweet, too.

In John Mayer’s defense, I can’t really judge anyone on handling break-ups because I used to tell my ex in college that her new boyfriend looked like a pedophile. Mostly because he does, and I bet you he even has a van. And if I could just get this lock off their garage, I’ll prove it to you…


No, not again! CHEESE IT!

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