John Mayer Is A Handwashing Expert Or Something, I Don’t Know

Last spring, John Mayer’s Snapchat about hand washing his t-shirts went viral, which is a sentence so full of nauseating things I can’t believe I didn’t barf or pass out while writing it. So, of course that led to a collaboration between he and The Laundress, a company that makes detergent so expensive, you’d be a complete asshole to buy it. So, it was a marriage made in heaven, and now they’ve produced another tutorial about hand washing t-shirts, which you can watch above, or not. I really don’t give a shit. At this point, if we can’t all come together and tell John Mayer and his $35 bottle of detergent to fuck right off, then we might really be done as a country. And in case you think my anger over this is unfounded, I’m going to place some galleries below of the breasts this assclown has touched that none of us ever will.

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Photo: The Laundress Corporate Office

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