Joel Madden impresses Nicole Richie with his Karate Kid impression

January 10th, 2007 // 110 Comments







  1. Haroof

    I hate this bastard.

  2. BigJim

    How come they left out the part where he drop kicks her in the face?

  3. Pointandlaugh

    why is this ugly broad famous again? why do people care?

    and yes, it IS sad that she is entertained by that dork’s very original karate kid move.


  4. kelohyea

    They are the strangest couple….

  5. Third bitch!

    P.S. This guy is a pussy. He’s also a gaywad.

  6. BigJim

    Oh, and Haroof: thanks for not typing, “First!” like so many other fucksticks do.

  7. crackhead

    huh. i’ll be damned. where’d the anorexia go? must have been a drug habit after all.

  8. veggi

    WAX OFF.

  9. Danklin

    First Hilary, then this sack of bones. So he likes anorexic talentless bitches, we get it now.

  10. Jenster

    i think it’s lovley when two mildly retarded people get together… warms my cold little black heart.


  12. mrsacrom

    I think they are perfect for each other, keeps them away from normal people. But what is with the underboobage?

  13. By the way, only fat guys keep their shirts on at the beach. Careful Nichole, you’ll catch fat from him…..oh too late. Better throw up some more.

  14. Superevil

    Where’s a Tsumani when you need it? Also, am I the only one that thinks Nicole Richie looks like a pug? I find that insulting because I actually like pugs.

  15. mztry

    SO nice to see her looking healthy and HAPPY!

  16. polypam

    re: Pic #2 & #3

    Underboob? Again? Every bikini girl on this site lately is flashing the underboob. Get swimsuits that fit already!

  17. AngryDrunkDwarf

    It makes me a little sad inside when i think back to buying this kid and his brother beer when they were still underage and hadnt come close to hitting it big…ahhh…old school memories of good old Waldork MD…

  18. BritishBitch

    Nice to see a picture of Nicole thats doesn’t repulse me on a deep and profound level.But who is the overly inked guy she is with? Never heard of him. Is he more or less of a sycophantic publicity whore than previous loser boyfriend DJam?

  19. dreamhypnotique

    Good Charlotte sucks; Joel Madden is nothing but a poseur and he and his bandmates represent so much of what’s wrong with music in general, and punk music in particular. He wants to act like he’s hardcore but this douche is such a flaming gayass who prostitutes the memory of revolutionary punk bands from the 70s and 80s and turns their sound into a cliche. He and his bandmates also make the gigantic mistake of wearing makeup to look pretty and make themselves hearthrobs to teens and tweens rather than to be unique and interestingly freakish.

    It’s no wonder than kids these days wear cliche punk gear like a costume, and wear band Tshirts from groups they know nothing about. Good Charlotte (along with the sellout industry that promotes them) have helped a counterculture movement become just another mainstream genre.

    What a fucking fag.

    Oh and he’s getting fat, too.

  20. combustion8

    his dad left him on xmas eve hahahaha.. loser.

  21. Oh, c’mon who among us has not done a Karate Kid impersonation. I mean even as I clean my kitchen counters, I can’t help it, wax on… wax off. ;-)

  22. Lowlands

    I was a bit confused.I thought i was looking at my 0,5 m strongforce-kitesail.Which was sadly shattered all in peaces by hurricane Wilma when i was kitsurfing then.

  23. Lowlands


  24. RichPort

    I like her better when she looked like a rack of lamb. I mean, fuck, she’s gotta be at least 97 lbs in these shots… it’s called Slim Fast, bitch. Give it a fucking try.

  25. lola dee

    did she gain weight?

  26. combustion8

    whats fucked is this guy could get so much hotter yet he chooses this squirly little ugly runt and before her it was horse face duff… he must be gay.

  27. lola dee

    at least this couple is not freaky as marilyn manson and that barely legal chick from… oc was it? or one tree hill… rachel evan wood i think her name is, now thats just plain disturbing to see.

  28. Mick

    She said she was trying to gain weight and it looks like she did.
    Good for her , finally.
    I don’t know enough about him to like or dislike him but I do know that his band sucks.

  29. fergernauster

    Look at the very last pic.

    She is a lovely shade of amber and he looks like Frosty the Blowman.

    I detest pale, white skin, esp. exposed when at the beach, and esp. when inked to within an inch of its ugly life.

  30. Lowlands

    But anyway nice try Nicole.

  31. lalalemon

    She has a lot of leisure time to flounce around in ill fitting bikinis and bug glasses (thankfully not shown.) How does she sustain herself financially? Does she get a kickback from the tabloids for these photos? Syndication checks from Simple Life? Her Dad? Sponsorship from She doesn’t work; I don’t get it.

  32. fergernauster

    She is growing larger. Will she soon be back to her pre-anorexic weight?

    I dislike Nelly Furtado.

  33. Underboob is having the best week ever.

  34. Lowlands

    Guess who’s the Local Hero at da beach…

  35. Lowlands

    Thanks mum and dad.For making me interested in Sports.Even when i didn’t want to go in my very early years.

  36. wedgeone

    At least Nicole doesn’t look like she’s living in Somalia or Ethiopia anymore. Could she possibly have overcome the anorexia?

    So what have either of these douches done lately to deserve to be photographed? At least Jessica Simpson filmed a Pizza Hut commercial, for Christ’s sake.

    And what’s up with all of these celebs on the beaches recently? This is like the 6th post for this type of stuff in the last week. Do celebs only go onto the beaches in the winter? Where the hell is this beach where you get big friggin’ lounge chairs with your rockpiles?

  37. karifarrell

    Thanks to #19, as I was about to ask who in the FUCK is Joel Madden?!? So…Good Charlotte, ok, never heard them, but have heard OF them….and um…why does everyone else in the world get to wear bikinis and shit. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and I’m freezing my ASS off!!!
    Yeah ok, I’m just jealous.

  38. magickal

    Joel Madden is a pansy-assed child molester. He was going out with Hillary Duff when she was like, 16, and he was 24 or something. OH, wait, I forgot, she was a “viiiirgin”. So he just stuck it in her ass, I’m sure. (Anal doesn’t count, right?)

    On a side note, although clearly Nicole must be smoking something to date a flamer like him, but she looks fantastic! Seriously, I don’t even see any ribs. She actually….looks….healthy!

  39. combustion8

    I blame this putz, and this putz alone, for the demise of KROQ.

  40. PrettyBaby

    @33 Jenna- ha!

    Finally, funny comments and not a tr___ in sight. Paradise!

  41. PrettyBaby

    Oh and on a side note- To convince yourself that TCLTC, watch the Last Samarai.

    You may resume…

  42. lilypetals

    Looks like Hilary Duff is PISSED
    that Joel Madden is dating Nicole Richie. RARRR! Bitch-fight! Woop woop!

  43. lilypetals

    Looks like Hilary Duff is PISSED
    that Joel Madden is dating Nicole Richie. RARRR! Bitch-fight! Woop woop!

  44. shanonorato

    jeez…leave the poor girl alone…she looks healthy and happy.

  45. shanonorato

    P.S. Her boyfriend is a FUG.

  46. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Wow. That’s fucking charming. I feel like I’m watching an episode of Laguna Beach, only with uglier castmembers.

  47. NipsyHustle


    her body looks better despite the double chin. but i can’t imagine why she’s dating this fag. i’ve got bunions that are harder than his “punk”.

  48. HughJorganthethird

    Fucking Tsunami’s, never around when you neeed one…

  49. polypam


    You said there is no troll but you must’ve passed over #15 mztry. Reading her perky shiny happy postings every day is like nails scraping on Nicole’s ribcage. I mean, I’m all for human compassion, but not on The Superficial.

  50. spineofsnake

    Punk music has always been, and always will be, supremely gay. So he hasn’t really hurt it at all.

    P.S. Nicole is on methadone, that’s why she’s getting fat again.

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