Jodie Marsh has great ideas for shirts

May 16th, 2007 // 120 Comments

Jodie Marsh attended the photocall for her MTV reality show “Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up The Aisle” in which she looks for a husband in a nationwide casting call in the UK. And really, who wouldn’t want to marry this? The class. The dignity. The great fashion sense. But most of all the class. It’d be like marrying the Monopoly man, only much much classier.

jodie-marsh-mtv-top-01-thumb.jpg jodie-marsh-mtv-top-02-thumb.jpg jodie-marsh-mtv-top-03-thumb.jpg jodie-marsh-mtv-top-04-thumb.jpg


  1. bob deezy


  2. CLT

    This is her way of trying to prove she’s a girl. One look at her face and you’d think she’s a drag queen.

  3. Nikki

    Her boobs look insanely wonky in this ‘shirt’

    its like they are trying to escape… like any man should do if they get roped into going on the show….

  4. happy_bunny

    Who is this unattractive and skanky person? And why do I have to fill out a W2 form every time I want to post a comment here now?

  5. did she use homer simpson’s makeup shotgun?

  6. honeycomb'sbig_yeahyeahyeah!

    Honestly thought it read “Totally Jodie Marsh: Who Takes it Up the Arse.”

  7. Legwarmers? What a mess!

  8. sunkissed

    are you saying that its a she??? i thought she wasjust a man trying to be a woman.. trying really really hard..

  9. Don’t love me for fun girl, let me be the one girl.
    Love me for a reason, let the reason be love.

  10. sea

    I wonder if it comes in black for those more elegant affairs. Like funerals.

  11. Chauncey Gardner

    That Jodie Marsh dude needs to get Queer-Eyed.

  12. slash


    England, what happened? You used to be the modest, unassuming, stiff upper lip country that had some, well, to use Superfish’s word, dignity. Now you’re a skanky attention whore just like US. I liked the old England better. You need a rage virus for reals.

    K, I’m kidding, but kinda not. At least somebody over there please engineer a virus that causes English women’s bodies to reject fake boobs, fake tans and hair extensions. That should take care of some of the worst offenders.

  13. meee

    who the fuck is this nasty bitch?

  14. Marcos Glez.

    Its amazing how marvellous is the fashion american way of dress, i thought john galiano is the worst person dressed in the world but now i see that in north america everythinh is possible, anyelse i fart in your president face..

  15. Ray

    I like a good skank, but somethin’ ain’t right with this…

  16. captain obvious

    Who is this bimbo? she looks like a used up manly porn queen. Which I guess is why I thought I read the same thing as #6 honeycomb …Honestly thought it read “Totally Jodie Marsh: Who Takes it Up the Arse.”
    Oh, and love the rat’s nest hair. Classy w/ taste! wow

  17. j

    england laughs at her/ignores her – don’t blame this repulsive catastrophe on us.

  18. lambman

    Who is the old woman? She looks like she could be Kim Catrell’s mother. Doesn’t MTV usually do reality shows about teenagers, not aging UK skanks?

  19. NicotineEyePatch

    Hard to believe she’s still single.

  20. sam

    Man…this is gonna make I Love New York look like Charles & Diana’s wedding.

    (Too soon?)


  21. Me

    lol “take her up the aisle” doesn’t sound right

  22. Mal

    Hey, when did Robert Plant get boobs?

  23. datura

    Ouch. My nipples are sore just from looking at that god-awful contraption…

  24. chrysler

    omg. theyre basing a *whole* show on someone *getting* to marry *her*?!?!?!?!?!

    im sorry, but that’s just gross.

  25. justifiable

    I think a tasteful crossed white leather bandolier just screams fashion. I look forward to Posh Spice wearing one soon.

  26. Britain outsluts America yet again!

  27. angryinch

    Dude looks like a lady.

  28. KC

    Hey Fish,

    Why is the fucking Monopoly Man always your epitome of class? You know what else is classy? The iron. That, and the shoe. Pure class.

  29. Alicia

    that had a show much like this in australia like 2 years ago, hah it was so bad and got cancelled after two episodes

  30. LeeLee

    Speaking of Posh Spice—
    This girl looks like she’s ready for Spice World the Porno.

    And don’t be knocking the monopoly man’s class! That guy took me out to dinner– didn’t even try to feel me up. Alll class.

  31. Cynthia

    Lop-sided fake boobs and a Michael Jackson-esque nose DOES NOT make her attractive.

  32. eurogirlie80

    The monopoly man? Class? No wonder this site’s in trouble.

  33. [Xenu]

    I like her, she has a food fashion sense.

  34. Binky

    I used to have a similar outfit. Of course it was a while ago.
    The sixth grade, as a school patrol. ( The chicks used to love the uniform)
    (I still can’t sign in to TypeKey. Who runs it ? The NWO ?)

  35. Rachael

    Yuck – you’d have to be crazy to want to marry that. She just looks like a dude who went and got a boob job, threw on a blonde wig, tons of makeup and some skanky arse clothes.


  36. Cosmo

    I think the bigger story here is that it looks like Ryan Reynolds had a sex change and raided Christina Aguilera’s old wardrobe.

  37. holymoses


  38. Eva

    In response to Superfish, anyone would go for the Monopoly man over her.

  39. SLD

    Isn’t that the most pathetic thing – in a truly sad not scornful way.

  40. AJ

    If you have ever listened to this girl you would know she is a girl with a big heart and is totally happy and confident with herself. fair play. Got your dress ready Jodie ? I would *wink wink*

  41. Cheapshot

    She needs to work out a bit… she looks a bit flabby.

  42. Sierra

    her bellybutton has an eyelid. it feels like it’s going to wink at me :[

  43. sxbby963

    What. the. hell.

    And are we going to have to start giving blood and tissue samples before posting next? WTF???

  44. Marcos Can't Read

    Love Marcos’ semi-incoherent foreign rambling at post #14…read the article, moron, she’s not American. Stupid polack.

  45. H.A.L.9000

    Cmon Jodie save something for the wedding night…

    shouldn’t be dull unless she starts computing algorithms

  46. Suzy

    I don’t know who she is, but she needs some self-respect.

    She looks disgusting. She should feel humilated for looking like that.

  47. H.A.L.9000

    i can’t wait to see who crawls out of the woodwork to compete for the “privilege” of “marrying” this “woman”

  48. H.A.L.9000

    if you look closely at her eyes in the enlarged shots, I don’t think she even knows what the fuck is happening (or is just becoming aware & is horrified)

  49. me

    Um…I think that’s a man. If that’s a woman, where are her hips, and why does she look like a man?

  50. skyhydragonfly

    Is this woman fucking high or something? Look at her eyes in the first picture. I am surprised she can still manage to smile if that’s what you can call that macabre grimace.

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