So I Think Jim Carrey Wants Jenny McCarthy Back

“I told them about the mercury. Can I touch a boob now?”
“That’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me…”

Thanks to a massive measles outbreak at Disneyland, California has finally pulled its head out of its granola ass and surprisingly passed one of the most strict mandatory vaccination policies in the US that no longer provides bullshit loopholes for religious or philosophical reasons. Either your child has a legitimate medical reason for not being vaccinated – which is the main purpose of vaccines: to protect those who can’t because of age, disease, or the small few with adverse reactions as determined by a doctor not some idiot on Facebook – or you homeschool your little fucker. Naturally, this has brought out the idiots in force who still can’t accept that the drops in vaccination rates caused outbreaks of diseases that should have been eradicated right in front of their faces. And I’ll be the first to tell you these people are predominantly all-natural, crunchy liberals living in fear of GMOS around every corner along with a sizable contingent of tin foil hat conservatives who’d rather watch their kids die of diseases from The Oregon Trail than let the federal gubmint tell them what to do. But none of these idiots are as a big threat as celebrities like Jim Carrey who just spewed a shitload of anti-science rhetoric at his 14.7 million Twitter followers, and in the past 15 minutes has now resorted to tweeting photos of children in pain. So my condolences to Donnie Wahlberg because your wife probably already left you. It was a good run.

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