Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend rescues stranded motorists

September 12th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo helped an elderly couple stranded on the highway near Dallas airport. He noticed them trying to fix a flat tire after arriving back in town from Cleveland on Sunday. People reports:

“At that point, I looked at him and thought, ‘Dang, he looks familiar,’” Sharon says. “I go, ‘You know what? You look like Tony Romo.’ He looked down and just gave me that boyish smile he’s got. Then he said, ‘That’s because I am.’”
“I just screamed as loud as I could,” Sharon says. “Then I grabbed him and hugged him.”
Her husband Bill, 61, who had missed the Dallas-Cleveland game while on the road, asked Romo what had happened to his bandaged chin. When Romo started explaining, “I stopped him and said, ‘Don’t tell me! I don’t want to know!” says Bill, who had recorded the game at home.

Great story, but here’s a better one: Jessica Simpson has really large breasts. POW! I win! Is there such a thing as too much journalistic integrity? Because it’s like I bought it in bulk over here.

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  1. Dave

    romos a homo

  2. Phil McKracken

    since when are 61 year old men ‘elderly’?

  3. Gee, i’m SOOOO tired of this fat bitch..

  4. Jerry

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  5. m.munroe

    why is she wearing such an ugly dress? thats besides the fact that its ill fitting, and the wrap dress does nothing for her figure anyway.

  6. morga

    I just got slobber all over the screen :-\

  7. havoc

    Wow, good for Tony, you know I….ooooooo titties.


  8. havoc

    Wow, good for Tony, you know I….ooooooo titties.


  9. who can it be now?

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  10. Rant

    The Tony “Homo” nickname is so fucking original. You think that bothers his dumb ass. He has probably heard that since grade fucking two. Come people you can do better.

  11. Gerald Fitzpatrick

    I like titties.

  12. Patrick Fitzgerald

    I like money.

  13. Ted Mosby


  14. Rant

    Ted you motorboatin’ son of bitch!

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  16. Did she use her tits to block the sun so he didn’t get a sun burn?

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  17. why in the world...

    why in the f-ing world is she dressing like estelle getty?

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  19. Crystal


  20. John McCain

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    Uhhh…hmmm…might want to read the news a bit. That’s MY campaign slogan now. It’s all we said during the Republican convention and all we’ve said ever since.


    Good God, she looks like SHE should be playing for the Cowboys! Maybe a linebacker.

  22. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    God what an ugly dress.

  23. Crystal

    no class. with that dress on.

  24. Crystal

    no class. with that dress on.

  25. Mia

    I’m no fan of Jessica but this style dress works for her because it shows cleavage and hides her protuding stomach.

  26. dragon43078

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  27. Grandpa

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  28. john

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  29. mu

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  31. Yeah id like to know who reported this cock and bull story to the media!!!

  32. beyonce

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  34. #16

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  36. WastingTime


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  37. MILF


    Damn Straight!!!
    What happen to America being a “free country”.. where we make our own decisions, not the government!!
    I bet most people don’t even know Bush is trying to ban birth control too, because it is a form of abortion! As if we don’t have enough people on welfare!!! Give me a fucking break!

  38. EuroNeckPain

    Ugliest dress ever. She must have stolen it from a spanish matron.

  39. hausfrau

    Good God, Jessica- why doesn’t your stylist tell you that FAT GIRLS SHOULD NOT WEAR LARGE PRINTS!!!!!!!

  40. Khirschy Squirts

    Her hips are catching her chest.

  41. Styxchix

    I’m with #2 – I read it and thought ‘wow, an elderly woman jumped up and down and screamed?’ – and she’s 61???!!! Since when did being that age make you elderly! I’m twenty years younger and was feeling pretty good until I realised I’m on the cusp of old age……..sigh……….

  42. Crystal


  43. BP79

    Tony Romo loves anal–receiving of course.

  44. Insaitable Peter

    I know she’s a pariah of the talentless wastes of space, but I’d still fuck the hell out of her.

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  45. spanish proud

    hey 38 I´m spanish and the only person that I´ve seen with that type of dresses was your mum!and by the way Mexico is not Spain and in Spain is not Mexico, Spain is in Europe, and if Colon haven´t discovered your land you wouldn´t have been the power tha America is today so please I beg you, stop dreaming about girls that will never pay attention to you and go and read a book!

  46. NINA2004

    Awwwwww how sweet!! Romo is hot, talented and kind…what more could girl ask for?! Jessica and Romo make such a cute couple. They are just both precious.

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