Jessica Simpson Enjoys Smut

January 27th, 2005 // 1 Comment

After Jessica Simpson started reading Jenna Jameson’s book over the holidays, she told hubby Nick Lachey she identifies with Jenna’s “character” and thinks the book would make a great movie. Jessica told a galpal: “I don’t approve of doing adult films as a profession, but they sure are fun to watch once in a while.” And I’m sure most of America would agree that Jessica needs to rethink her position on doing adult films. She’s blonde, she’s stupid, and she has ginormous breasts. Isn’t that the definition of an adult film star?


  1. JUST a bad choice in so many ways …. Okay, I get the whole Jessica Simpson a bit '. Sad as it seems to me that she Slidin 'down that slippery slope … anything. But the baby? Pedo no? Michael Jackson busy? It 'been ill. It does. Hut is a family restaurant. We are not talking here Lamp. What was funny was Miss Piggy angle Jessica c. … have had this and let your child away.

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