Jessica Biel is breasty

October 28th, 2008 // 105 Comments

These are shots of Jessica Biel looking chesty at the 3rd Annual Rome International Film Festival, and it’s been so long since she’s been on this site, it’s practically a crime. In fact, the last time I posted about Jessica, a pterodactyl ate my brother. I honored him by clubbing his wife over the head then eating a rock.

R.I.P., Krog.

(P.S. In the afterlife, you might find out our mom was a woolly mammoth. I probably should’ve said something.)

Photos: Flynet

  1. Kennedy


    You seem to think that all 20 percent of Americans living in poverty are lazy. How about the mother that has 4 kids under the age of 5 and the father decides he does not want to be a father anymore and bails. How does the mother find a job that can pay child care for 4 kids? One of her options is to get support from the government where she attends school and gets training for a specific skill while her kids attend the school day care. You only make 37,000 a year. Wouldn’t you like a tax break so that you can have an extra 1500-2000 per year. I think you need the money more than the rich elite 5 percent of Americans. Let’s make all Americans stronger and not just the rich 5 percent of Americans—VOTE OBAMA.

  2. hannah

    If you are making $37000 grand a year and are voting republican you are a sucker. Rich elite republicans with old money count on dumb people like you to preserve their wealth & power. Dumb people like you elect republicans who go & give their billionaire buddies (who paid for their campaign) tax breaks. They are LAUGHING at you. And thanking you for being a modern-day slave.

  3. Jethro

    If it’s in blue jeans, a flight suit or all glammed up only one word comes to mind………………….WOW!

  4. Vote McCain

    #101 – Not my fault or problem!

    #102 – You are a moron thinking that all Republicans are “rich elite” I’m a member of my city’s republican city committee (in a democratic state) Majority of the members are just like me, middle class regular people.

    So I’m now laughing at you.

  5. No sloppy flapjack ass on Jessica. Think she got carried away with the weights for a while, though.

    @67 – Well, you want a VP who was IN a domestic terrorist organization? Palin was part of an Anti-U.S. movement, and is schmoozing with a doomsday cult and a WITCH HUNTER to boot.

    A good portion of what these shady characters are complaining about are matters like carpet bombing illiterate peasants who have nothing to do with us, while other peasants who praise us and beg for for a tiny crumb of assistance are completely ignored. Our actions have some reprocussions…not sure what’s so impossible to understand about that.

    >>”How long did the pilots responssible for 9/11 live in the US and train to be pilots, and live among us like regular people?!?”<<
    Ask W., he’s the one that let it happen, and apperantly bent the laws of physics with his superior intellect, causing those buildings to free fall like that as if the inside magically disappeared.
    Then, when the whole civilized world lines up beside us with their dukes up, he bungled the shit out of that once in a millenium miracle beyond all belief. Here we are, 8 years later, fucked to hell. He has helped make lots of new jobs in China and South America, though.

    They’re all just spineless puppets anyway. Both sides are lying, won’t keep promises. Republican party really screwed McCain over throwing this con artist fake-Christian Palin psycho in with him though.

    @102 – They can’t all be rich elite. They need those illiterate caveman dittoheads at the campaigns, enslaved by fear and ignorance, praying for someone to protect them from the bogey-man under their bed.

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