Jessica Simpson is Still a Lady

Remember that time Jessica Simpson farted in a business meeting? Apparently so does she. Via Twitter:

This link just made my morning! RT @OMGFacts: The average person farts about 14 TIMES each day! How to fart less? –>

Because humans are a curious and superstitious lot, I clicked on the link and here’s the earth-shattering advice – in its entirety – that someone was forced to read to Jessica Simpson this morning:

Fourteen farts add up to about a pint of gas daily! You can cut down on your farts (or at least the bad smelling ones) by reducing your intake of dairy products and fatty foods. Another way to fight your gastrointestinal odors is by eating artichokes!

And I’m going to walk away from this one. I have a pretty strict policy on making fart jokes on the site even though some of you might be thinking, “What about all the ones involving your penis?” Try to think of it like the fine line between a really inventive drink-maker and a rapist. One of them inebriates you with well-masked quantities of liquor so you make horrible decisions while the other just tries to pretend it’s a Smartie they dropped in your bottle of water. I really can’t explain it any clearer than that.

Photos: Splash News