Jessica Hart Got Fired From Victoria’s Secret Because of Taylor Swift

December 3rd, 2013 // 31 Comments
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After making comments about Taylor Swift performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, model Jessica Hart found herself fired because apparently this seemed like a nicer excuse than, “Ew, you’re 27.” Page Six reports:

Asked at the afterparty at Tao if the pop star could “pull it off” as a lingerie model, Hart told WWD: “No… God bless her heart. I think she’s great… But I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit.”
Five days later, Hart — who, unlike Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss, is not one of the company’s elite “supermodels” — tried to make amends, telling Us Weekly, “I adore Taylor Swift and I was so excited to be with her at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show… She is a true rock star and she absolutely killed it the other night.”
But the damage was done. Sources say execs at Victoria’s Secret are furious.

In Jessica Hart’s defense, what the hell was Taylor Swift doing there in the first place? Yes, she has an attractively thin body, but she’s also catty as shit and doesn’t put out. Because here’s what’s not happening when men go out shopping for lingerie: “Excuse me, which ones are endorsed by prudes with tight bodies who’ll sing songs about your penis after you break up with them?” Okay, one time I did that, but you get my point.

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  1. JC

    She wasn’t even that mean about it. What was she supposed to say? “Yeah, that squinty stick bug would be the hawtest model ever! Given the choice between smoking hot, known-cheater Miranda Kerr and an uptight prude who likes antiquing and not putting out, I’m sure every guy on the planet would go for the latter.”

  2. nadsak

    IMO, Taylor Swift looked as good — if not better then the VS models. She might be bat shit crazy, but she looks great.

  3. Jessica Hart Lingerie Victorias Secret Fashion Show
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    Clearly, the Hart-Swift feud is something that can only be settled through girly combat, starting with arguing, then some hair pulling, then vigorous, exhausting, sweaty multi-climactic lesbian sex. Just like in Taylor’s song “15″ – that’s what its about, right?

  4. Jessica Hart Lingerie Victorias Secret Fashion Show
    Commented on this photo:

    What nobody knows about is the painful memory Hart carries of Swift beating her in the Oklahoma trailer park trash competition back in 09′. They have been rivals ever since. Seriously tell, me this lady doesn’t look like she is 1 second away from meth face and swift is not a cleaned up miley cyrus jr, or sr, it is hard to keep track with all the inbreeding. I hear a banjo, gotta go!

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Probably Swift had coffee with all VS execs and now thinks they are her boyfriends. So they are afraid of her wrath. Clearly, they never heard my grandfather who always said: Son, never stick your dick in anything that has lighning coming out of it, especially if it’s the eyes.

  6. mamamia

    She’s not allowed to have an opinion?

    Taylor Swift looks like a praying mantis

    • Convex

      She is certainly allowed to have an opinion, but when she opens her mouth to give that opinion, she has to be aware that there may be consequences to voicing it.

      VS wanted Swift there. Hart was stupid enough to question that decision. When one publicly criticizes one’s employer, one runs the risk of become a former employee.

      And while Hart has the right to have an opinion, her employer has the right to react to that opinion. Instead of focusing so much on people’s “rights,” it’s way past time for the last couple of generations to start thinking about its responsibilities.

      • JC

        I agree with you in general, but it seemed like a throwaway question about Swift that nobody should have really cared about unless Hart really lit into her. After all, wasn’t Swift there for musical “entertainment,” not for a VS model tryout?

    • Well, when her opinion is that the musical guest that Victoria’s Secret picked “didn’t fit”, I can see why there was a problem. Sure, her comment wasn’t as harsh as it could have been, but she was still publicly criticizing her employer’s decisions less than 24 hours after their biggest event of the year. I’m guessing they didn’t want the buzz surrounding their chosen performer to be that she didn’t belong there.

  7. Jessica Hart Lingerie Victorias Secret Fashion Show
    Commented on this photo:

    Good riddance. Now go get some freakin braces on those chompers!

  8. Jessica Hart Lingerie Victorias Secret Fashion Show
    Commented on this photo:

    No ass. You forgot to mention that Miss Swift is pretty, but has no booty. The model lady was right — Miss Swift did not belong there. Like it or not, it should have been Robin Thicke.

  9. Once again, a model with an opinion is not a good model at all.

    • JC

      When the opinion is, “Oh, JC, your fumbling and inept attempts at sex with me are like heaven. Give me more!” then it’s quite O.K.

  10. Of course Miss Swift didn’t fit in. During prep, the models were doing lines and debating which country’s royalty tastes the worst, while Swift kept going on and on about how she still didn’t have a promise ring after dating for six weeks. SIX WEEKS, PEOPLE!

  11. Some pause

    Who the hell knows if Taylor Swift “puts out” or is actually catty…IRL.

    Perhaps she’s just one hell of a shrewd businesswoman and knows precisely what she needs to do to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time – public reputation be damned.

    • Thus spoke Swift’s PR slag.

    • Fritz

      So the house she bought next to the Kennedy’s was only about business?
      Perhaps you’d be interested in some shares of a bridge I’m looking to sell.

      • It was actually a pretty shrewd move and she made a nice profit on it. They basically paid her a nice handsome profit for her to go away, whether it was them directly or through someone else. Think she made something like a million dollars or so. Not too bad.

  12. If Jessica Hart uses mouth wash does her chin get wet from that gap in her teeth?

  13. Fuck Jessica Hart! She has such a vile mouth.
    I heard her say some bs on an Australian talk show about why the hell was Kanye West at a fashion show. Say what you will about that prima donna but he was entitled to be there. Jessica said it with that white entitlement attitude.And she’s Australian so you know their genocidal history. Bitch! Gap toothed whore.
    I’m going to her web sight to cuss her out. Follow me!!!

  14. Jessica Hart Lingerie Victorias Secret Fashion Show
    Commented on this photo:

    Hart is an ass hole in my book but Id tear that ass the hell up in two seconds.

  15. Be Bo Wobbly

    Perhaps Fish should better vet his stories so that they contain at least some semblance of the truth instead of pulling a Hollywood Lies or Perez Hilton and “copy and paste journalism……Lying isn’t satire, Fishman…it’s just lying.
    “There is no truth to the rumors that Jessica Hart has been fired or that she will no longer work with the brand,” Victoria’s Secret’s president says in a statement. “As you will see, she was a great part of our show and we look forward to continuing to work with her.”

  16. I’m not surprised in the least that this happened. I bet Taylor actively pushed to have her fired. She’s a grade A bitch imo.

  17. tlmck

    The kid is slowing down in her old age. Where’s her song ttled “Bitch done me worng”?

  18. jessica hart is the one that doesnt fit in with the beautiful ladies.

  19. anonym

    jessica is pretty ugly as far as models go

    is that gap tooth her trademark?

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