Jesse James Cheated On Kat Von D

In a shocking and not-at-all predictable turn of events, RadarOnline reports Jesse James was cheating on Kat Von D, so let’s just assume his dad beat him again:

According to an eyewitness, Jesse and Kat had a verbal argument outside of her Los Angeles, Calif. home Monday afternoon about another woman before Kat finally told him to leave.
“They were outside and I could hear them fighting. Kat kept throwing some woman’s name out and arguing about how she didn’t like him living so far away,” the source exclusively told
“Jesse finally said, ‘Fine, f**k you!’ and sped away on his motorcycle. Kat sat in her Bentley with her head on the steering wheel for about three minutes before finally driving away.”

And it was during those three minutes, that Kat Von D bravely dusted herself off, pulled out her phone and exploited the entire thing for publicity because her show conveniently premieres tonight. Legend has it she even made up this story and timed it to leak yesterday because “if a woman does not lie and manipulate, then I believe the Kaiser has truly won.” – Margaret Sanger, 1926.

Photo: Flynet