Jesse James Has More Nazi Pics

I was going to ignore these because, honestly, they prove nothing – especially compared to the first pic from last year – but Nazi-related photos featuring Jesse James and his West Coast Choppers bike shop have appeared online after disgruntled employees started Ex-Coast Choppers, a Facebook page to air their grievances. Which include Jesse James being a shitty owner who would often be behind on paychecks and also one who apparently can’t weld a bike without the assistance of pink tassels and a training bra. Regardless, an “insider” claims there’s a perfectly good explanation for Jesse loving Nazi stuff so much he sometimes sticks his penis in it. Via Us Weekly:

“He’s into history,” an insider explains of the undated pics, which were posted in October.
Adds the source, who insists James isn’t a skinhead, “The swastika deal is to scare people. It’s part of biker culture.”

And by “people” he obviously means the kind with big noses who control the media in their never-ending quest for money and infant blood. That’s all. Just innocent biker stuff. Now who wants to build a gas shower? We’ll ride our hogs afterward, it’ll be awesome.

Photos: Ex-Coast Choppers, Splash News

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