Jesse James and Kat Von D Warned Sandra Bullock

January 21st, 2011 // 70 Comments

Wow. They know not to smile for pictures that young? That’s actually impressive.

Just so nobody thinks Jesse James and Kat Von D are a couple of assholes rushing to get married as soon as possible before they realize they’ve made a horrible mistake – Oh, wait. – the two were decent enough to give Sandra Bullock a heads up before announcing their engagement, according to Popeater:

While Sandra and Jesse aren’t exactly close friends, they do have ways to keep information flowing between the two of them, and our source says that Jesse knew he needed to let Sandra know that things between him and Kat were serious.
“Sandra knew it was coming, and she was ready,” our source says.

You know what else would’ve been a great heads up for Sandra Bullock? “Hey, I stuck my penis in a tattooed Nazi behind your back along with several other women who are all going to the press.” I’m not saying he had to word it exactly like that, but the decent thing to do would’ve been to at least mention tattoos and Nazis. Or softened the blow by taking her shopping while he told her. Then she’d have no reason to get mad.

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  1. Casey

    Wow, look at that “pity me” pout. PR Baby is a pro. Sandra made a great purchase.

    • ZigZagZoey

      It’s weird ~ I have NEVER seen this baby smile, not even close!

      • ZoZo

        How many times have you actually SEEN the babies face you f’n pr*ck.

      • Sioban

        that’s what I’ve been thinking! poor baby is not happy in any pictures… does he smile when it’s just him and Sandra? i hate to say it (cuz, apart from Jesse A-hole James, who doesn’t love Sandra?!) he doesn’t seem to be happy with his present living situation… :(

  2. Richard McBeef

    Kat Von D smells like hepatitis and old cigarette butts. True story.

  3. me

    time for another public outing with the baby…. There’s been two of these now? Those p.r. babies sure come in handy when you need sympathy.

    • ..or when your “star luster” is starting to fail.

      • Richard McBeef

        Or when regular folks that like to spend money at the movie theater aren’t into nazi shit and it’s completely unbelievable that you didn’t have any idea that your husband is big into nazi shit.

      • @ Richard McBeef: no kidding. Apparantly Von D is as much into Nazi regalia as James, and McGee, and Bullock’s grandfather was.

      • mis

        I’m sorry, but why do white women believe Sandra Bullock is so innocent? She was MARRIED to the guy. Of course she knew who and how he is! And adopting the black baby is SO OBVIOUS! Makes me sick to think that child was bought and paid for so somebody could salvage her career. She had Jesse’s nasty penis in her mouth and she’s kissing that baby with the same mouth. Total fail. Can’t believe the people that eat this kind of shit and stick up for her like she’s “America’s Sweetheart”.

  4. Crabby Old Guy

    So, I’m wondering…where do the celebs store these celeb-babies when they’re not in use? Is there some sort of giant airplane hanger-like facility in New Mexico where thousands of them are stored while waiting for the call? Or, is it like a fire extinguisher – secured in a box mounted within a wall and the celeb’s handlers just break the glass when the celeb baby is needed for a timely and, oh-so-cute, photo op?

    Guess I’m just a “nuts and bolts” guy and always wonder how stuff gets done behind the scenes.

  5. I wonder if Jesse also warned her he was going to tell everyone that destroying their marriage was the best year of his life?

    • Nugget

      Indeed, destroying their marriage which came with loads of public humiliation for her, pegging him as a Nazi, exposing the trash this man sleeps with, and a teary-eyed interview in which is pretty much begged for Sandra’s forgiveness, all behind a soft-focus lens. This man is truly, TRULY a fucking moron.

  6. Mortimer Duke

    The only reason these celebs are “adopting” black kids is so that when slavery comes back they got some ready made negroes in-house already.

  7. Titshit McGee

    Africa: We came for the political unrest. We stayed for the PR babies!

  8. Any Guy

    fuck this wacky broad, her token PR baby, and the tattooed idiots that are swapping all kinds of VD’s. GO AWAY. I prefer the Lindsay Lohan posts to this shite (wait, did I just type that out loud?)

  9. what a pathetic tool. who marries ever woman he sticks his dick in? just pathetic…

    on a side note, i’d suck on Sandra’s asshole every morning. before she brushed her teeth. because i care…

  10. Dinglespoon McPoon


    Come for the civil unrest, stay for the PR babies!

  11. Dinglespoon McPoon

    uhm… wierd.

  12. So they thought they were doing her some kinda favor for “warning her”?

    • Well, yeah. I mean, he’s a sensitive guy. That’s why he waited until she was out of town for 5 weeks to cheat on her. Only the rankest cad would bone a skank in the very same city his wife happens to be in. Really, some people just have no idea how to behave.

  13. Facebook me

    To Fish: +1 for the operative word describing them as *assholes*

  14. anonymous

    Meh…I think Kat Von D gets announces a new engagement for every season of her show.

  15. burton

    lets see KAT is 30 right? Sandra is liek almost 50 right? and you wonder the old geezer picked who he did,lol…

  16. Aw, how considerate of them. What decent and honest people.

  17. bimbamboing

    That a dark little face.

  18. GravyLeg

    That opening line is nothing short of magic, Fish. LMAO

    You managed to balance perfectly on the fine line separating racism from stereotyping. *tips hat

  19. Nero

    Give him some more breast milk! Hehehehaha

  20. Thank goodness they forewarned Bullock before they became engaged. Maybe they should have forewarned Bullock before dinglenuts started fucking around on her behind her back.

  21. Nero

    Oh! What an excellent chemistry! You can tell that they’re made for eachother! Hahahehehe

  22. Rhialto

    Talking about a surrealistic motherhood. Hehehehehe

  23. Man, that kid rolls hard.

  24. This reminds me of the time I traded some homemade cookies for a bucket of aids infested needles.

  25. Deve

    “One day I will send this baby back in time to co star with me in The Blindside”

    Sandra Bullock – when not getting cheated on – is one of the worlds greatest scientists

  26. Sandra, slip that kid a half a Prozac would ya? Shit, even Brunos’ little OJ seemed happier’

  27. Seriously

    Am I the only one thinking that baby Louis desperately want to say “watchoo talking about Willis”?

  28. Kat Von D Sandra Bullock
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t understand how any man would want those creepy inked up hands on him.
    She looks like someone working in a traveling road show….step right up; three chances for a dollar.

  29. NINa

    Since when did women start LIKING known adulterers? Didn’t your mommy tell you, “once a cheater, always a cheater”

  30. Hank

    What a pathetic bitch. First she marries a total piece of crap. Why? Precisely because he’s a piece of crap. She liked the whole bad boy BS. She liked his big nasty dick. What a lousy tramp. Then she adopts a surly black kid from effing Africa. She’s too old and lame to have her own kid. Why does she choose a black kid? To show how “progressive” (i.e., anti-white) she is. What a loser. This kid is going to grow up, like they all do, to reject his white “mamma” who gave him a life of leisure and opportunity. He’ll probably end up on drugs, in jail, or both. Sandra Bullock is a picture perfect postcard of everything that’s wrong with white liberal women.

  31. Kat Von D Sandra Bullock
    Commented on this photo:

    She really knows how to rock that “natural” look.

  32. wim

    ………raising blacks isn’t her game.

  33. Salvia

    Ya think Jesse got wind of her black prop asperations before all the cheating ? I would think so, we are just sayin’ !

  34. teresa

    Sandra, like all plain, ugly and vastly overrated idiot play-the-same-whiny-ass-bitch in every movie; whah whah whah boo fucking hoo. Poor ugly Sandy. She married the bad boy and got in way over her head.
    But her fake marriage to JJ was ADULTERY cause divorce and remarriage IS ADULTERY. Haha. THINK before you marry people.
    Poor ugly Sandy, nobody wants her plain ugly boring ass.
    Poor ugly Sandy does a ridic dumb movie about white woman gonna save the black… hahaha. Then adopts a black kid as a PR move for sympathy. Poor ugly Sandy. All that $, and nobody wants you. You got farrrrrr more than you ever deserved ugly Sandy.
    What about the poor public having to look at your ugly ass face and your stupid worthless movies! How much plastic surgery to make you… oops you’re STILL ugly, my bad!
    You were lucky (rich & famous) Jesse ever wanted to fuck you. And if you were keeping it close, the man who wasn’t yours to begin with would’nt have left you, cause you dropped the ball ugly Sandy.
    You thought you were such a goddess, you shoudda kept your man happy, twit.
    Take note all you full-of-yourselves dumb entitled spoiled self-centered ugly women out there. Your MAN IS NOT YOUR FAN CLUB.

  35. teresa

    AND you tried to wrench Jesse’s kid away as your own by calling her “my daughter” as was printed on the cover of a tabloid a few years back. Po’ ugly Sandy didnt know Jesse was sooooo bad, lmao!!!!

    Now where are you? And since we’ve been told how hot great and wonderful you are for years, um where are all your equally great hot wonderful and great suiters??? Ryan Reynolds has greatly diminished his career and dumbed down and away any hotness he may have had by dating you.(you lied and denied) He is so not hot now, not that he ever was. People dont date uglies and kiss bitches’ asses, you’ll pay for it.
    Your plain ugly ass was so lucky to get Jesse, but you like all stupid women thot Jesse shud worship you and always put himself LAST. YOU didnt take care of your dick, and the dick will find a friend eventually, thats’ the rule of the dick.
    You need an ass-kisser, not a mate, clueless Bitch.
    YOU are a poster rep for all feminist out there, there is nothing sweet and likable about you. There never was as you have portrayed yourself to be “all about me me me”. Women eat up your garbage as truth and they all think men shud fall at their feet just like you have taught them. You sell a lie and get rich off it. But karma is a bitch, get a clue. You’re not special, stupid Bitch.

    You tried to take a man that WAS NOT YOURS TO HAVE, and then you try to manipulate that ladie’s child away as well.

    Whelp, you FAILED. And your STILL UGLY.

  36. teresa

    No you are a cunt, Dummy.

    I am a cunt HATER. I am anti-cunt. I am a TRUTH TELLER, dont like it??? Deal with it you whiny cunt.
    You are either A. A cunt yourself or B. An ass-kisser to a cunt.

  37. teresa

    The truth about your sweet lil Sandy
    Read comments 22 and 23.

  38. Kat Von D Sandra Bullock
    Mary Poppins
    Commented on this photo:

    I love the blue! But what about that f*ck up thumb of her’s ?!! Gross.

  39. Kat Von D Sandra Bullock
    Commented on this photo:

    the blue looks like SHIT

  40. Kat Von D Sandra Bullock
    she is so classy
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my god ! baby anf mother look soo depresss

  41. darla

    Teresa don’t worry when you get old . you’ll be more uglier than your comment about Sandra Bullock. That’s if you’ll survived all your drug addiction (which base on your comment your certainly high on something for saying those malicious things you said about a person you don’t know and done nothing to deserve it) or survive all the side effect of the plastic surgery you done to keep that “beauty” you have (since base on your comment that that Sandra is ugly and your superior than her) and please stop worrying about Sandra’s love life. She’s gonna be fine there are still a lot of guys that have class and breeding and no extra baggages around who will caught Sandra eyes. Because contrary to you comment that is heavily lazed with envy Sandra is BEAUTIFUL
    (People’s Magazine confirms it by consistently putting Sandra on their Most Beautiful People list) . She just had an accidental mishap of picking up a FAKE diamond in the rough as a husband among the gutter pile.. I am assuring you she will not make that assumption anytime soon because somebody’s trash is no one’s treasure and trash are put in the garbage pile because they belong there with other trashes )

    • teresa

      Wrong again! Haha. Sorry to disappoint you, i have a beautiful and healthy and TINY athletic body, supersoft glowing skin, very nice natural breasts and very young looking in the face as well. Oh, and soft silky long hair. ALL natural and i work hard at it, unlike you. Dream on Cow.

  42. teresa

    Sandy just happened to steal another ladie’s husband WHEN that lady was PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD. Sandy IS ugly inside and out, just like you, Twit. Did you not read the link above?
    You’re a fat wannabe that lives your life through stupid FAKE celebrity images. You would “be” her if you could trade lives, that’s how ridiculous you are-and most women who think everything should be given to them.
    Grow up, both you and all the other nitwits, if you want something; how about working hard for it or NOT TAKING IT WRONGFULLY FROM ANOTHER PERSON. And Sandy-stop using the press and Jesse’s kids just because you can’t win. Please go away, you’re FAR from sweet and innocent.

  43. kim

    Wow. So much hate.

  44. steph H

    people just need to leave her alone. just let her be sad. Kat you are an amazing person and you don’t need this shit. keep your head up high, your talented and awsome.

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