Jesse James and Kat Von D Warned Sandra Bullock

Wow. They know not to smile for pictures that young? That’s actually impressive.

Just so nobody thinks Jesse James and Kat Von D are a couple of assholes rushing to get married as soon as possible before they realize they’ve made a horrible mistake – Oh, wait. – the two were decent enough to give Sandra Bullock a heads up before announcing their engagement, according to Popeater:

While Sandra and Jesse aren’t exactly close friends, they do have ways to keep information flowing between the two of them, and our source says that Jesse knew he needed to let Sandra know that things between him and Kat were serious.
“Sandra knew it was coming, and she was ready,” our source says.

You know what else would’ve been a great heads up for Sandra Bullock? “Hey, I stuck my penis in a tattooed Nazi behind your back along with several other women who are all going to the press.” I’m not saying he had to word it exactly like that, but the decent thing to do would’ve been to at least mention tattoos and Nazis. Or softened the blow by taking her shopping while he told her. Then she’d have no reason to get mad.

Photos: INFdaily