Jersey Shore’s Angelina is Pregnant

April 27th, 2011 // 43 Comments

Remember all those times I said Jersey Shore wasn’t the worst reality show on MTV because at least none of them were shitting out babies? I take it back. TMZ reports:

TMZ spoke with Angelina who confirmed the pregnancy … but wouldn’t comment further.
Sources close to the reality star tell us the baby daddy is Angelina’s fiance Dave Kovacs. The couple has been engaged since February.

Gee, I wonder why Angelina wouldn’t confirm anything more than she’s pregnant. Maybe it has something to do with her banging another dude behind her fiance’s back on the day they got “engaged,” but, nah, that couldn’t be it. Having sex doesn’t make babies, right, cast of Teen Mom? Right. Now, who wants sex without a condom in my truck, I mean, ice cream. Who wants ice cream?

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  1. The Critical Crassness

    More trash from the geniuses at MTV…..I bet they make her pregnancy into another reality show, ” The Real Life: Pregnant at Jersey Shore”.

    • Sizzle

      I swear to god if I see that show in their summer line up, I will find you and STAB YOU IN THE EYE WITH A FORK.

    • Bob

      LOL Amazing, perfect comment!! AHAHAHA!!!

    • White Boy

      She was by far the most ENTERTAINING person on that show. She brought drama & fights. And she was more of a player than all the other dudes! LMFAO

      I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up back on MTV or maybe Bravo.

  2. Vivian

    aw that is so sweet, I wonder if Sookie will feel a bit upstaged.

  3. who cares

    Gross. She is a moron.

    • eatme

      yep, this cunt was the nastiest, bitchiest, most pathetic of them all. fucking disgusting whore.

    • Anthony

      WOAHHHH there eatme. You sound like some kind of womanhater with mommy issues. This chick was a jerk just like every other teen mom & teen dad on that tv show. But no need to go on a biserk rant. LOL

      Was your mommy a teen mom who divorced your daddy when you were just a lil boy?! Hahahaha

  4. hooray


  5. The part the TMZ article left out is, “The couple has been engaged since February after the positive result from her pregnancy test and subsequent threats by her dad to beat the greasy haired douche to a pulp and/or kill him and/or make the amount of child support Jon Gosselin pays look like lunch at McDonalds.”

  6. Jersey Shore Angelina Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    People didn’t like the way the REAL Bjork dressed, they certainly won’t like the impersonator.

  7. Jersey Shore Angelina Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Are we taking bets on how long until MTV throws together a hybrid Jersey Shore-Teen Mom-esque disaster?

  8. How many men are the father?

  9. I smell an MTV crossover. Or maybe that’s just her filthy, diseased vag. Could go either way.

    • Tommy

      Angelina got less dick than the guidos got puss. So if she’s got diseases than I can’t even imagine what Pauly D, the old looking one, and the fat ass have swimming around in their urethras and balls. Sick!!

      I think Vinny D and J Wow were the most decent ones. They weren’t as promiscuous as all the others.

  10. Jersey Shore Angelina Pregnant
    Richard McBeef
    Commented on this photo:

    white pasty bow legs with a man’s head dyed orange and painted to look like a woman. mtv must just be bolting these sluts together with old pieces of the real world cast and leftovers from the producer’s lunch. That would explain the grapefruit halves mounted on jwow and the old roast beef and cheddar sandwich used to make Snookie’s smoosh hole.

  11. dR

    someone willingly fucked this pig?

    • dpbefun

      Yes but, in my defense, I was partying with Charlie Sheen that night…winning!

    • Latino Dude

      Pig? Angelina is skinnier than Snooks and J Woww. And definitely more FEMININE than J Woww who looks like she could beat the crap out of most men!

  12. slampon

    this chick looks like a photo mash-up of tina fey and rachel dratch. i’m confused.

  13. VandaL

    This post is a lie. Men can’t get pregnant.

  14. JC

    She should have turned all the way around to face the wall. Then I could imagine that this is just a picture of an ugly couch.

  15. Jersey Shore Angelina Pregnant
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    I actually really like this outfit, but man, this bitch is hard to look at.

  16. rican

    She’ll never again be the weight she is today. And this statement will hold true everyday from today.

  17. Jersey Shore Angelina Pregnant
    152-Scott Champion
    Commented on this photo:

    MTV sucks.

  18. Oh God! They’re breeding!

  19. devilsrain

    “The couple has been engaged since February.”
    Thats really nice, when did they meet? February?

  20. the captain

    well, she is part of the home & jobless now due to this action.

  21. Mike

    The douches on that show were so jealous of this girl cuz she had more game than them! It was hilarious. The old guido was always threatening her like the little bitch that he is telling her ‘ooooh I’m gonna tell Jose you’re cheating on him’.

    Then he goes and faks like all these nasty ugly chicks from the clubs and tries to pretend he’s gonna call them the next day.

    Meanwhile Angelina is dating better looking guys than the grenades the old douche ends up with. And these dudes are actually shelling out money for her on dates and gifts.

    The guido was practically green with envy. He tries to pretend that he’s a smooth player but he’s a little puss and he’s the worse hater of them all! LOL

  22. Racer X

    I would have came inside her too.

    /she’s fuchkin’ HOT!!!

  23. kendrachanae

    Congrads to her and her unborn child and i wish them the best of luck for her and her family

  24. Rex Zeitgeist

    Hopefully the kid doesn’t inherit her beak

  25. angelina

    i dont think she is pregant i think she trin to get fame r something until i see her in a paper r somthing with her and the daddy in the baby that is wen i will believe it for real tho okkk

  26. angelina

    anelina off a jersey shore that is wat iam talking about

  27. Jersey Shore Angelina Pregnant
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