Jersey Shore’s Angelina is Pregnant

Remember all those times I said Jersey Shore wasn’t the worst reality show on MTV because at least none of them were shitting out babies? I take it back. TMZ reports:

TMZ spoke with Angelina who confirmed the pregnancy … but wouldn’t comment further.
Sources close to the reality star tell us the baby daddy is Angelina’s fiance Dave Kovacs. The couple has been engaged since February.

Gee, I wonder why Angelina wouldn’t confirm anything more than she’s pregnant. Maybe it has something to do with her banging another dude behind her fiance’s back on the day they got “engaged,” but, nah, that couldn’t be it. Having sex doesn’t make babies, right, cast of Teen Mom? Right. Now, who wants sex without a condom in my truck, I mean, ice cream. Who wants ice cream?

Photos: Getty