Jermaine Helped Michael Catch Young Boys in a Net, That’s How I Read This

September 16th, 2011 // 38 Comments

When attempting to whitewash your younger brother’s image as an insatiable pedophile, Rule #1 is to never ascribe anything to non-Western sensibilities on man-on-boy sleeping arrangements. A crucial step someone forgot to tell Jermaine Jackson before he sat down with Piers Morgan and revealed his family’s plans to smuggle Michael to Bahrain should he be found guilty of child molesting. Oh yeah, that happened, too. Via Mediaite:

“It happens all over the world and people just don’t think of that,” Jermaine Jackson tells Piers Morgan during a one-hour interview set to air tonight at 9PM, defending his younger brother Michael‘s habit of bed-sharing with much younger boys and Morgan’s protests that, “It’s not normal.”
“For a guy of say, 44, to be sharing a bed with a boy of 12?” questions Morgan. “That’s not what most men of 44 do.”
“How do you know that?” Jackson responds. “You can’t just guess.”

Jackson has long been a staunch defender of his brother, and writes in his book, You Are Not Alone, that the family was ready in 2005 to sweep Michael away to Bahrain — a country that does not have an extradition-pact with the U.S. — in the case that he was found guilty of child molestation.

And Jermaine’s right. You can’t just guess that a 44-year-old man sleeping in the same bed with a 12-year-old boy he’s not related to and shoved full of wine and pornography is also molesting him. The trick is to wait until his brother reveals his family’s plan to steal him away to a non-extradition country if he’s ever found guilty, and then start firing away. Like so: Michael Jackson touched their penises.

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  1. Cock Dr

    Jermaine has moobs.
    Also – what a twisted family.

  2. Looks like someone took an ice pick to his face.

  3. pixi

    if he still has that plane ticket to bahrain he should use it.

  4. b.mclane

    Hate to break it to you but Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and MJ “was a pedophile” are myths. That means it is not true. Made up. The 333 page FBI File on MJ that was released 2 years ago prove MJ was never a pedophile. They made an exhaustive 18 month world wide search gleaming for any sort of evidence to bring back to the trial and found ZERO. When they returned the FBI even restructured the trial in an attempt to cover the Santa Monica DA Tom Sneddon’s derriere. May I remind you MJ was acquitted of ALL 14 charges, including any sort of alcohol given to a minor. For you to write such a false article above shows your ignorance. You should get your news from someone more reliable than Nancy Grace and Tabloid TV. MJ extended hospital wards all over the world. Single handedly gave over 300 Million of his own money away to charity and raised Millions more for good causes. He sought advance medical help for kids who had been given up on. He gave new beds and equipment to orphanages all over the world. His home, Neverland, gave sick kids a day of refuge. MJ quietly did all this while sexually perverse people tried to tie him to vile acts because this over sexed world could not fanthom such a famous entertainer would prefer to help kids in need rather than be a man whore. NO MATTER HOW MUCH PROOF IS GIVEN TO CLEAR MJ’s NAME , SINGLE CELLS LIKE YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE LIES. YOU ARE HOPELESS. Now go throw a virgin into a volcanoe to bring good weather.

    • TomFrank

      You don’t believe O.J. was the real killer either, do you?

    • Man, I was going to make a comment on how Burt Fields or Michael Jackson’s publicist shouldn’t be commenting on this site, but McBeef nailed it. I tip my hat to you, sir.

    • b.mclane

      Sleeping with young boys and flicking their bare little testicles is normal, you uptight Puritans. So he used an amusement park to attract them. You would too!

      • Sean McGuire

        It’s not your fault.
        -yeah I know
        It’s not your fault.
        It’s not your fault.
        -don’t fuck with me man
        It’s not your fault.
        *embraces in hug*

    • Kitty

      The kid couldn’t even remember what porn Mike had shown him. Couldn’t remember what Mike looked like naked. Couldn’t remember when Mike was molested – you do realize that initially the family claimed Mike molested him before the Bashir doc but when they realized Michael was out of the country and not even in Neverland when he was supposedly molesting kids, they changed it so that Mike molested him when he was being investigated by the FBI, DCFS, the DA and of course the media. They said Mike went through a lot of trouble to kidnap their furniture and steal their things to make sure they couldn’t get away, even though he hadn’t even touched him yet. Strange why Mike didn’t just molest the kid in 2000 in the only time the kid actually stayed in his room, where he testified on the stand that Mike slept on the floor with an assistant (so much for all those alarms he supposedly had, seems like Mike would’ve loved a witness!) So I guess Mike figured, hey, everyone thinks I’m a pedophile and I’ve molested the kid, might as well do it!

      What a load of ass.

  5. b mclane, you obviously enjoyed being ass raped as a child if you’re defending that worm eaten piece of shit. Conrad murray deserves a trophy the size of the Stanley cup for offing that mutant. I’d pay his legal fees if he did it to the whole monchichi looking family. Now go sit on a seatless bicycle.

    • b.mclane

      Professor Doug Kolak, PHD. …. Just read some of your previous , sexually based comments on other celebrities ……….uh……….. I was taught not to say bad things about people but let me try to educate you. I am not particularly a fan of MJ. I just wanted to know what was true and if you look its easy to find out how mistreated MJ was. There is nothing but rumor to say MJ was a pedophile. All those years and nothing proven.
      The last extortion trial from 2005; the kid NEVER spoke to his father again,
      ( DADDY was mad MJ would not get his screen play to the right people) and later the kid stated he was “MADE” to say those things. BTW: after 6/25/09……Daddy Dearest committed suicide. If you read the FBI files ( which are online) you see MJ was constantly threatened with extortion, shake downs and death threats to his family including Janet & his Mom. A mass killing at one of his concerts was even uncovered. So to him the kid cases were just more extortion. ( Another rumor: its not true MJ paid $20M in first case. The Insurance company paid and not nearly 20M. MJ was engaged to Lisa Marie Pressley and she wanted it to go away, He wanted to fight it.)

      The kid cases were more about Sony Records ( Tommy Mottola ) trying to destroy MJ’s brand. ( same shrinks, same lawyers, same DA involved). MJ already won one lawsuit against Motolla over his recording contract in 2002 and MJ said he was going to open his own recording label to go with his existing Music publishing company. That would have destroyed SONY Records. ( Sony is made up of many businesses) . After the trial acquittal, Mottolla was fired by SONY and Sony made amends to MJ by merging their Music Publishing companies. MJJ Music Pulbishing merged with Sony to become the mammoth SONY/ATV Publishing Co,
      In all high profile cases it pays to “follow the money”. If Tabloids are involved be assured you are not hearing facts.

      • Richard McBeef

        For not being being a MJ superfan you sure do seem prepared to write books defending him.

      • b.mclane

        NOPE STILL NOT A SUPER FAN . After the death I just got curious. THE FACTS are really easy to find and curiously it was MJ himself that started many of the rumors. Mischievious or just wanting to know if tabloids were dumb enough to print them? Who knows. But the lesson learned is you CAN NOT TRUST WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MEDIA. Gossip is not factual.

  6. Do Freebird

    His head looks like a half inflated football.

  7. Joy Behar

    You don’t know, you weren’t there, so what, who cares?

  8. ness

    why would you pay someone $20,000,000 if you didn’t touch them?

    I love Michael as a performer but you don’t pay people off if your not guilty.

    • b.mclane

      He did not pay the first case off. Yet another rumor that has legs. FACT: MJ was on concert tour. (Recall he flew back from Japan and was arrested at airport). The Insuance company “settled” the case. MJ did NOT pay any money to the kid and he only agreed to settle because LISA MARIE asked him to. They were about to be married and the case would have gone on for 5 years and she did not want to have it hanging over them.

  9. b.mclane

    Crude and low based as usual.

    • Richard McBeef

      today is your first day here, yes? your orientation started about 2 hours ago. Welcome to the Superficial.

  10. Venom

    If it was anyone but Michael I would believe they were a molester, but that dude is as asexual as you can ever be.
    I really believe he was just a large child and fucked up from never having a childhood and just liked being around kids.

    As rich as he was, if he was really a child molester, there would have been dozens of lawsuits against him and tons of tell all books and interviews done by these kids if it happened.

    At the end of the day, he was just…weird.

  11. Schmidtler

    what do Michael Jackson & K-Mart have in common? They both have kids’ underpants half off! Hi Yo!
    yeah, I know he’s dead, but it’s still funny.

  12. b.mclane

    Ok, I admit it. I was wrong. MJ was a vile and disgusting pervert.

  13. Roughliness is next to Godliness. Its true

    MJ’s quote from the grave would be? “They’re just another part of me” he he….

  14. Roughliness is next to Godliness. Its true

    Id cast him as the antagonist in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What has he done lately?

  15. Lydia

    READ THIS: It was proven that in BOTH molestation cases the parents put the kid up to saying that Michael did stuff to them, and the reason was for MONEY! The first kid his dad had asked Michael for $20 million to start up a business while Michael wouldn’t agree to do and right after the charges happened, so Michael gave the amount the dad asked for and no more to shut HIM up. The second case the mother of the boy got the idea to charge Michael from the first case, but later admitted it was all a lie!

    I’m not saying I’m a MJ fan, I respect a lot of his music, but there clearly was something wrong with him, but I think it was self hate, not a lust for children.

    As for his DUMBASS brother Jermaine, he’s been pulling this shit since he “left” the Jackson5! He craves attention and goes about it in ways like this. EVERYTHING that comes out of this man’s mouth is a LIE! Someone needs to shut his greasy raisin face up for good!

  16. Diana

    Ah, yes the media at their finest, manipulating words and exaggerating information. Watch the brain dead jump for the spoon. I’d like for the idiot who wrote the article and those same brain dead idiots who believe in great myths to prove that he committed those crimes. I want to see YOUR evidence. I dont care to hear the same BS that ever other dumb ass parrots about this. Those of us who actually dig deeper and look at the evidence and not hearsay, spoon feed gossip from the Diane Sawyer’s, Diane Dimond and the Harvey Levins and the rest of the unprofessional, opinionated , biased “journalist.” We look at court transcripts that was presented and the real facts that was presented. The lie was the same lie from the first case, all about deception, greed and hate. This hate mantra needs to be flushed down the toilet where it belongs. HE WAS INNOCENT, the jury had all the REAL information and a decision was made. NEWS flash for many, The FBI investigated both cases for 16 years, searched high and low went of the country and back looking for evidence, witnesses, anything they could pinch together. What did they find? DRUM ROLL NOTHING! in 2009 they closed the case because they had absolutly no EVIDENCE. Why? Becuase the man was simply innocent . It was a well hatched modern day witch hunt and it was orchestred by Tom Sneddon, and the same cast of players from the first case, the same tabloid reporters being their mouth piece. You dont believe it ? Dont continue to sound ignorant go read the evidence for yourself.

  17. Diana

    B.McLAME your corny jabs and jokes are as lame as your verbage. Sad how your just so bitter, jelous and hateful. You wont erase MJ from the pages of History, you wont turn those who respect and admire him away. It’s wasted energy , you could be jumping off a cliff instead and saving society from one less loser. Do seek help for it and please dont forget to take the other hateful losers who support your bafoonery with you as well. Get a life and a job and stop running to ever MJ artticle that is posted on the internet. Closet fanatic.

  18. Rick

    I used to get annoyed at MJ superfans, like Diana here, but then it became clear that they’re childhood sexual abuse victims and identifying with the aggressor is part of their deep rooted psychiatric illness. Now I only feel pity.

  19. Cassie

    @Rick and the other haters. It must feel bad to be completely ignorant.

  20. Izzy

    Wow, he’s dead and gone so he and his family should just be left alone. I do not think micheal Jackson ever molested any children…. There is no proof so everyone should just move forward with their life’s instead of posting ridiculous stories like this.

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