Jermaine Helped Michael Catch Young Boys in a Net, That’s How I Read This

When attempting to whitewash your younger brother’s image as an insatiable pedophile, Rule #1 is to never ascribe anything to non-Western sensibilities on man-on-boy sleeping arrangements. A crucial step someone forgot to tell Jermaine Jackson before he sat down with Piers Morgan and revealed his family’s plans to smuggle Michael to Bahrain should he be found guilty of child molesting. Oh yeah, that happened, too. Via Mediaite:

“It happens all over the world and people just don’t think of that,” Jermaine Jackson tells Piers Morgan during a one-hour interview set to air tonight at 9PM, defending his younger brother Michael‘s habit of bed-sharing with much younger boys and Morgan’s protests that, “It’s not normal.”
“For a guy of say, 44, to be sharing a bed with a boy of 12?” questions Morgan. “That’s not what most men of 44 do.”
“How do you know that?” Jackson responds. “You can’t just guess.”

Jackson has long been a staunch defender of his brother, and writes in his book, You Are Not Alone, that the family was ready in 2005 to sweep Michael away to Bahrain — a country that does not have an extradition-pact with the U.S. — in the case that he was found guilty of child molestation.

And Jermaine’s right. You can’t just guess that a 44-year-old man sleeping in the same bed with a 12-year-old boy he’s not related to and shoved full of wine and pornography is also molesting him. The trick is to wait until his brother reveals his family’s plan to steal him away to a non-extradition country if he’s ever found guilty, and then start firing away. Like so: Michael Jackson touched their penises.

Photo: WENN