Jeremy Piven banned from Nobu

March 26th, 2007 // 84 Comments

Jeremy Piven has been banned from Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurants after he left a DVD of the first season of Entourage as a tip. He was in Aspen for the recent US Comedy Arts Festival and a source says:

“He was asked never to return to Matsuhisa in Aspen by a manager. He came in with a large group of 12 or more without reservations and asked for a table. It was a very busy night, but a table, although cramped, was provided. On his way out, he made a nasty comment to the manager: ‘Thanks for nothing.’ He left a DVD of the first year of ‘Entourage’ to one of the waiters. [An employee] ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving.”

I tried that once and left an autographed picture of myself as a tip. Only instead of getting mad and throwing it back at me the waitress started making out with it and rubbing it all over her body. And then her friends joined in and they all got naked. Okay fine I lied. They were naked the whole time.



  1. thehoch

    This story has more holes than Anna Nicoles decomposing body. I love it when people get half a story and then declare someone an asshole. It’s as though no one here has ever been a victim of rumors or half-truths.

    Sounds more like the service and waiter sucked ass and Piven and company let them know it sucked. Most celebs, not all, go out of their way to tip well because they know people will talk about it.

    Come on folks, I am new at this site, but are people on here really that pathetic and sad in their lives where they have to take it out on someone anonymously on a blog?

  2. k

    I agree with # 19 – A tip is not an entitlement. Sure it sucks that waiters get paid such a low base wage, but hey you get what you work for. I worked as a waitress during college and I never had to pay 20% taxes on food sales like #26 suggests. Boohoo, I don’t feel bad for waiters, let’s feel bad for the people who invest 50k plus on their education, work 80 hours a week, and still live paycheck to paycheck paying off their student loans. BTW- I sure as hell wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant where waiters and/or employees are hurling anything at patrons.

  3. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Way to live up to the Jewish stereotype ya cheap bastard. Fuckin’ rogaine needin’ motherfucker.

  4. chelsea_423

    We can debate the pros and cons of tipping ’til the cows come home. All I’m saying is maybe the service was so bad that anyone would have been angry, whether they’re Jeremy Piven or whoever. I don’t care how much restaurant owners fuck over the wait staff, I’m not tipping if I’m treated poorly.

  5. k

    Hey Chelsea, I’m not saying tipping is bad or waiters don’t deserve their tips (or in any other way debating the pros and cons of tipping), I am simply saying that a tip is not an entitlement, which means that if you provide good service you will (or you should) be given a good tip

  6. eastboundanddown

    This story is such bullshit. And most waiters at Nobu pull down $100 grand a year easily. And who’s saying that waiters get automatically taxed on 20% of their sales? That’s bullshit too. Restaurants don’t have to report individual waiters’ sales to the IRS. Most waiters report about 10% of their tips to the IRS.

  7. TG

    you are wrong #45… I ate there just last month with a group of 10 “average” professionals and the grat was not included in the end….. I gladly forked over my share of a $500 tip that the server well deserved. The dinner was F’n kick butt too! $50 video as an acceptable tip LOL

  8. DIANA

    #55 & 19 I agree.

    Gratuity: something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service.

    (definition in miriam webster)

  9. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #51 Yes. But it also cuts down on domestic violence complaints and ammo costs, so don’t fucking knock it.

  10. thehoch

    How about the other 11 people he ate with, are they banned too, or they not newsworthy enough to get banned or mentioned?

    Give me a break….Fuck Nobu! What kind of name for a restaurant is that anyway, sounds like some homless neutered dog’s name in some Walt Disney movie.

    And #59, I’ve got the ammo, I’ll I need is a target, are you available?

  11. k naz

    #58-and in a classy restaurant, and I said CLASSY…the proper form of gratuity is cash money ya dummmy

  12. Ramblebrook

    I’m sure most of you worked in restaurants. Whats the worst tip you ever got? (Besides being stiffed)

    Mine was a $2 winning scratch off ticket at a Red Lobster from some Boom-schweega.

  13. Ramblebrook

    #51- You couldn’t be further off. Celebrities tip like shit. They act like they’re doing the club/restaurant owner a favor by gracing them with their presence and getting them publicity. Most get comped, and still dont tip.

    My friend is a waiter at Mansion in Miami and said they regularly treat the wait staff like slaves and don’t tip. The worst, by far, he says is P. Diddy and other current rappers. The best tipper, Ice T and his bitch Coco.

  14. alaskanchicsickle

    @57 Jesus TG! A $500 tip? Can you send me a few hundred, because I love you…and I truly deserve it.

  15. DrPhowstus

    I went to Next Door Nobu in Tribeca years ago, the supposedly cheap version of Nobu, and the fucking meal was still $150. I felt like throwng my delightful seared tuna with tangy ginger sesame sauce at the waiter, as well as my glass of chianti. Trust me, if I had a DVD, I would have shoved it right up their asses.

  16. Kevin_FederSwine

    #51…”I love it when people get half a story and then declare someone an asshole.”

    HMMM…Howzabout my saying that I declared Piven to be an asshole long before Nobu-gate, and that even if the story is completely false, he’s STILL an asshole? Cuz he IS, and I DID. So THERE.

    Loved your other comment, too:

    “Come on folks, I am new at this site, but are people on here really that pathetic and sad in their lives where they have to take it out on someone anonymously on a blog?”

    As opposed to someone who HAS a life and anonymously rags on people who rag on douchebags like Jeremy Piven on a blog? Yeah, that’s a LOT better.

  17. whitegold

    Are you people friggin kidding me (okay, I only read a few posts so I’m basing “you people” on those posts)?!?!
    a) Piven is a friggin amazing actor in Entourage;
    b) Entourage is an excellent show;
    c) Leaving the DVD as a tip is hillarious (and seriously, considering the rude comments we all make on this site, how can you not appreciate the humour of that, what, you’ve suddenly grow this big conscience?!);
    d) Piven has always had an attitude, but that’s what makes him so funny;
    e) Nobu is an excellent restaurant, try the black cod, it’s incredible (at least in NYC, can’t comment on the Aspen version);
    f) Restaurants like that are full of rude and snotty bastards, so I wouldn’t take the word of the restaurant at face value, I mean, for them to admit the space was “cramped” means it was really really tight, and I seriously doubt the waiter through the dvd at them, but the fact that they’d even insinuate that he may have goes to show you the type of individual that was serving them all night.
    g) I dunno, I just wanted to put another point;
    h) Okay, I’m done…
    i) Now.

  18. HughJorganthethird

    Yeah thanks for the tips #47. In my world you actually have to have some juice to rock the kind of attitude Piven has. And I know if push came to shove this little rotund pussy would go running to his bodygaurds or whatever. It was probably a waitress not waiter and she most likely kicked his pasty ass.

  19. This is nuts, a guy with a style seen in such a state is real real akward !

  20. I believe the Nobu thing. I went on a date with him once and he was a TOTAL ASSHOLE… read about it on my blog:

  21. Susieq

    Sure that’s an asshole move, but you can’t ban someone for not tipping. No restaurant would do that. As long as they get the money for the meal, they usually don’t care what the servers make. I used to waitress and I’ve been left nothing, weed, a fake flower, and a Jesus pamphlet (not all by the same person.)

  22. lyrical kelbo

    Susieq #71 is a jerk! Take it down the street, lame-ass. JP is a movie star not an old tramp like you, take it down to Nobu’s.

  23. That is certainly in poor taste. Funny thing is my friend’s friend was allegedly there. Perhaps by there he meant he read about it in an entertainment news (shame) column. This is unbelievable. Who knows how the service was but an Entourage DVD?! He keeps those things on him? Wow. Come on Jeremy.

  24. Annemarie from Philly

    I keep hearing that Jeremy Piven treats people badly. Maybe the role is leaking over into his real life. He’s excellent on Entourage; in fact I always thought he was good even in bit parts (the superrmarket clerk in Singles), but he apparently has some real issues. Someone here said he used to be best friends with John Cusak, another person I’ve admired who’s said to treat waitstaff like crap on occasion. What is it with these people? Admired, rich and pampered but unable to treat people who have none of these advantages with a minimum of courtesy. Most of them develop that condescending, self-important aura polticians and rich people seem to acquire – not attractive nor deserved fellas.

  25. seth

    yeah im sure he just happened to have a dvd of his own show on his person so he could pass it as a tip. ok, so JP has upset a few people but what worse that or holding a grudge and bad mouthing the guy at every opportunity. get over it.

  26. Eric

    Hey Jeremy. You and Scott Stapp are currently neck-and-neck in the race to see who is the biggest cock-head in the world. Best of luck. I know you can win!

  27. K C

    Jeremy Piven has done the same thing in several Chicago restaurants…He is a complete shitbag of a human being.

  28. Shannon

    Actually #71 you can ban someone for not tipping (as long as it’s the owner/manager doing it). You know those “we reserve the right to refuse service” signs? People who’ve made a stink about not tipping at restaurants where I’ve worked (when they’ve had no complaint about the service, they just don’t want to tip), even when they’ve been told that (at the time) the servers only made $2.13/hr, have been told not to come back.

  29. Jeff Walton

    The guy is bad ass in entourage because he is a hardass dick, if he does it off camera, even fucking better. dont be offended be flattered.. later bitches>

  30. sarah

    whatever hes sexy. I’d fuck him.

  31. Max

    wow this just goes to show that you may take someone from the gutter and slums but even with fame and fortune heor she will still have no class whatsoever. Waiters at other restaurants should get him the next time. i would have without him knowing it. lol

  32. E

    Nobu denies this ever happened and Piven is welcome there anytime. Call ‘em up.

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