Jeremy Piven banned from Nobu


Jeremy Piven has been banned from Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurants after he left a DVD of the first season of Entourage as a tip. He was in Aspen for the recent US Comedy Arts Festival and a source says:

“He was asked never to return to Matsuhisa in Aspen by a manager. He came in with a large group of 12 or more without reservations and asked for a table. It was a very busy night, but a table, although cramped, was provided. On his way out, he made a nasty comment to the manager: ‘Thanks for nothing.’ He left a DVD of the first year of ‘Entourage’ to one of the waiters. [An employee] ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving.”

I tried that once and left an autographed picture of myself as a tip. Only instead of getting mad and throwing it back at me the waitress started making out with it and rubbing it all over her body. And then her friends joined in and they all got naked. Okay fine I lied. They were naked the whole time.