Jeremy Renner Wasn’t Thrilled With Hawkeye’s Role In ‘The Avengers’

August 9th, 2012 // 42 Comments
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Jeremy Renner stars in one of the most lucrative movie franchises of the moment, but apparently he’s going to hang his hat on milking the Bourne movies to death because here he is shitting on Hawkeye’s role in The Avengers knowing full well killing off characters keeps Joss Whedon‘s head shiny. And if you haven’t seen the movie, you’re probably going to want to skip this part if you don’t want to read very obvious spoilers that don’t distract from the movie at all. Via io9:

I prefer the good, because if we go to the evil part, or hypnotized or whatever the heck you want to call it, it’s kind of a vacancy. Not even a bad guy, because there’s not really a consciousness to him. The interesting part was being guilty about the bad things I did do when I was hypnotized. I think he’s already an interesting enough character. To really kind of take away who that character is and just have him be this sort of robot, essentially, and have him be this minion for evil that Loki uses. Again, I could just focus on the task. I was limited, you know what I mean? I was a terminator in a way. So yeah, fun stunts. But is there any sort of emotional content or thought process? No. That doesn’t exist in that time [that he's hypnotized]. It happens to be for most of the movie.

Yes, because if there’s one thing missing in the role of bow and arrow guy who’s inexplicably needed in a movie with a robot man, deity and invincible rage monster reenacting the end of Transformers 3, it’s emotional complexity. Does shooting the bow remind him of his dad? Or is it the only way he knows how to say “I love you?” These things and more in The Shit Nobody Cares About.

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  1. Renner added, “And where all the jokes? I thought Hawkeye was supposed to make wisecracks every other line. And then get all maudlin about ‘this damn war.’ “

  2. Schmidtler

    I’m not a comic nerd, so idk wtf they even bothered having that bow & arrow guy in the movie at all. If they were going to just toss in unneeded characters, why not throw in some hot bitches with giant tits?

  3. Colin

    I know in the public eye these actors are supposed to shut up and cash their checks, but what he said really wasn’t all that deprecating or untrue. He didn’t trash the film, just made an observation about his role.

    But spot on about Whedon killing people.

  4. Cock Dr


  5. Quasi

    He knows it’s ok to come of out of the closet, right? Bill Parsons did and nobody blinked an eye…

    Just sayin’.

  6. Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    From this picture alone, I would like to offer him the leading role in my off-Broadway musical “Mr. Fesmister’s Folly,” following the life of a gay English butler as he deals with many improprieties during the course of a weekend jaunt to the countryside. Dame Judy Dench to co-star as his employer, the staunch Misses Worthington.

  7. El Jefe

    You are not that good of an actor Renner, you should just keep quiet.

  8. Samie

    I like him but hes looking too skinny and hes too short :(

  9. JC

    If it makes you feel any better, Jeremy, we’re not thrilled about you playing Jason Bourne at all.

  10. Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Judging by this picture, he should not be pleased with acromegaly of the head.

  11. He’s definitely not wrong with his character. And anyone familiar with comic books and/or Hawkeye was probably pretty disappointed with the lack of attention Hawkeye got in the film. Sure, he got some cool shots that were crowd-pleasing, but we didn’t get to see any worthwhile dialogue out of him outside of his very small discussion with The Black Widow when he finally gets out of his mind-controlled self.

    Having said that, I’d love to see more of him (Hawkeye). And I’m a fan of Renner. Hopefully Whedon wont pull his ever itchy trigger finger.

    • He has a bow and arrow. Hard for that to compete with a demi-god, a giant green monster, a man in a robotic suit and a supersoldier.

    • Brooke

      I am not terribly familiar with Hawkeye, but I am like you and wanted to see more of him. I thought it was kind of badass and hilarious that an archer was standing toe to toe with Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, etc. I also like that he was the one most likely to bed Black Widow, and though I wouldn’t normally find the actor hot I thought Hawkeye was kind of inexplicably sexy…

      But I did think the mind-control was lame, so I agree with his comments. It was annoying BECAUSE I wasn’t familiar with him yet, but I liked him when he was normal again.

  12. your mom

    Some actors should only be able to speak lines written for them.

  13. Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    My god! He looking right through me! Make it stop!

  14. Rico Jones

    The Avengers sucked.

  15. He has a point, he’s not happy with having what could have been a cool character being reduced to a robot for most of the movie. He’s not shitting on the character, and would probably love to play him again, just not be a brainwashed version of that character in the sequel…

  16. Matey Perry

    lol he’s such a gay looking midget. Can we please stop him sucking and swallowing all over Hollyweird and getting all the action hero roles? He is totally unbelievable in them.

  17. Joaquin ingles

    What a Goddamn weirdo this guy is.

  18. What

    He looks like a lizard.

  19. I just want to believe the action hero in question can kick my ass in a fight. I’m not sold on him at all. When I size him up I just think I could stomp him. I cant suspend that disbelief. In most cases its clear. I look at the person and I think “man, that person clearly works out way more than me and probably eats well and does cardio and shit.” For instance, when I watch Alien or Aliens, I know in my soul that Weaver (playing Ripley) could wreck me. Renner makes me feel like he could seriously change the toner in my printer for a reasonable fee. Hollywood really fails to drown me in awesome lately.

  20. HollowAssassin13

    Doesn’t really sound like he’s whining about it at all to me. He’s right, Hawkeye is kind of a hollow character at first, because he’s hypnotized. But when he returns to himself, he has some character growth because of the guilt and he wants revenge. I don’t think he was complaining. I think Renner’s just talking about his character, and being honest.

  21. Jeremy Renner The Bourne Legacy Premiere
    StEire Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    The cock, is it that way?

    • Steve

      He’s not a midget; he’s 5’9″. But judging by that picture, doesn’t he appear gayish? The closed legs and pointing finger?

  22. Tornado

    I honestly do not care about Hollywood anymore. Tired of their obvious lies, their pretense, their whole inbred little world.

  23. Burt

    In other words, took a role in a stupid blockbuster that made him mountains of cash but left him feeling empty inside.

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