Jeremy London’s Family Doesn’t Believe Him

Considering the entire Internet went “Wait. Wasn’t that a Six Feet Under episode?”, the house of cards that is Jeremy London’s fucked-up story about being forced to smoke crack by kidnappers is already falling apart. In an interview with E! News, Jeremy’s mother and twin brother Jason say he needs to get help:

“There have been times we’ve had hope [he has remained clean],” says Jason. “We are very concerned for him. This is his family’s cry for help.”
“I don’t want him to be another statistic,” added Nielsen, whose daughter (and the twins’ sister) Dedra died in a car accident when she was 16. “I don’t want to bury another child.”
Jeremy’s family are hoping their once fallen son uses this opportunity—whatever really happened—to “get the help he needs.”
“We love Jeremy very, very much,” Jason says. “He’s lost. You’re 40, grow up. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made.”

As for the man in custody, Brandon Adams, he’s already plead not guilty and friends and neighbors of Jeremy say Brandon used to frequently do drugs with the actor. Via RadarOnline:

But we spoke exclusively to a couple who know Adams and live in the same apartment building, and they said they believe Adams would do drugs with the actor, but absolutely reject the notion he would FORCE London to do drugs.
“I don’t believe it,” a neighbor – who wished to remain anonymous – told about the charges Adams forced London to smoke drugs. …. The neighbor, who also told that Adams goes by the name “Smiley,” said his friends knew he was in jail and were trying to get him out.
When asked if Adams regularly did drugs, the neighbor declined to comment but did tell, “I know he does drink… a lot.”

Could you imagine if this story actually panned out though? You’d have everyone from jaywalkers to Tiger Woods using this excuse. “So remember when I admitted to all that infidelity stuff? I meant a kidnapper made me bang all those whores. He said ‘If you don’t have a bunch of extramarital anal sex with porn stars over the next 18 months, I’ll shoot you in the fucking face.’ I barely escaped with my life, let’s stop talking about it. The memories are just too.. *tears up* I still feel his gun at night!”

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