Jeremy London’s Alleged Kidnapper: ‘We Partied Our Asses Off’

June 24th, 2010 // 29 Comments

Brandon Adams, the man accused of kidnapping Jeremy London and forcing him to do drugs at gunpoint, has finally told his side of the story to RadarOnline and what follows is your usual tale of shady drug addicts doing shady drug addicty things that they’ll lie about later:

“Me and my uncle were sitting outside the 7-Eleven trying to get someone to buy us a couple beers,” Adams said. “I didn’t know Jeremy was an actor. He and his wife were hanging outside the 7-Eleven acting really strange. He was pacing and sweating and he looked tweaked out. His wife was acting paranoid too.”
Adams told that he asked London’s wife Melissa for a cigarette and when she gave him one, Adams caught Jeremy’s eye. At that moment, Adams says a police car drove up to the 7-Eleven causing London and Melissa to get skittish.
“When they saw the cops, they ran into the store,” Adam told “After the cops left, they came back out and got into their car. I noticed they had a flat and I thought it was strange that they would drive away like that.”
Eventually, Adams says he and his uncle left the 7-Eleven and started heading towards the bus stop. That’s when Adams says he saw Jeremy and Melissa parked near an alley way in their rented black Ford Focus.
“My uncle and I and another guy went up and asked them if they needed help with the flat,” Adams said. “We helped them change it and asked if they could give us a ride home. And Jeremy said yes.”
Adams continues, “As soon as we got in the car, Jeremy asked us if we could get him five xanax and five oxycontin. Melissa was asking for xanax too. I told him I could hook him up but that I wanted a couple of beers. He agreed.”
“Jeremy wanted to drink, so we bought beer and some hard alcohol and we got f****d up,” Adams said. “Jeremy was just drinking beer but we were wasted. We went driving around my neighborhood, handing out beer to my friends and random people on the street. We were having a good time.”
After a while, Adams says London’s mood suddenly changed and the actor became erratic and irritated. Adams says London started telling him to get him pills.
“I hadn’t been able to get any xanax or oxycontins up to that point, but I was finally able to get him three ecstasy and three xanax pills. He took all six pills at once. He was out of his mind high.

Wait. I thought black people weren’t allowed to talk to the police. You lied to me, The Wire!

But, seriously, this sounds way more plausible than Jeremy’s version. I’m sure this Brandon guy was concerned with more than just having a few beers, but at least his story wasn’t the exact plot of an HBO drama. “I told Jeremy not to do those drugs. But he insisted we meet Miranda and Samantha at Barney’s and buy shoes. I mean, after everything Big did to him, what was he thinking?”

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  1. Paris Hilton

    Yay! A hot guy!

    • Tom Cruise

      I know Brandon. He has a nice big cock, the color of a ripe eggplant, and he did a really nice job detailing some of our cars last month.
      Good luck Brandon!

  2. StepLaw

    I’ve partied with that dude!

  3. Deacon Jones


    ahh, I knew his wife was a junkie too…

    They were probably looking for xanax cause they were coming down from a 2 day coke binge….nothing’s fucking worse than that. Just ask Orleans Tranny, memba that one girl?

  4. Jackholeasshat

    He reminds me of this cute guy I used to date a while back. I wish he would kidnap me!!! :0

    • The Real Jackholeasshat

      Ok dude, I surrender. I am changing my name and you will never know who I am until I bite your hijacking ass.

  5. Kim Kardashian

    Hands off this one Paris…he’s all mine.
    Chocolate luv! MMMMMmmmmmmm
    Brandon darling…..have you heard of “golden showers”?

  6. Tor

    Boring. Why are there so many uglies on the homepage today?

  7. jimbo

    A negro in a mugshot *YAWN* Next…

  8. JesseJimmy

    His eyes look very clear, and unbloodshot.

  9. Lee

    Love your last few sentences, Fish. Hilar as always!

  10. jimbo

    ….wait, that’s MY mugshot!!!

  11. Barf

    This guy looks like the shit in 2 girls, 1 cup (I am not racist. I’m chocolate brown too. So that pretty much makes me diarrhea)

  12. Damn homie, you look like you have been hanging out with a drunkin’ crack head white dude and Gollum ,in a blonde wig.

  13. unicorn

    LMFAO at the last lines!!! ahhahahaaa

  14. stinky mcpoop

    Is that Tone Loc?

  15. bar room hero

    Pill popping twats…


  16. Sardonic

    You know you’re at rock bottom when this dude’s story is WAY more believable than yours.

  17. Jen

    sounds like fun!

  18. Valerie

    Dude, no one should ever take that much Molly at once, let alone with some fuckin’ Xanax…

    • Cody

      It was ecstasy pills, not molly. And I don’t think three is an insane amount — it will get you real messed up but I think it’s pretty normal to do that much (not with the other stuff of course).

  19. Ksurfiws

    Best Story Ever Told

  20. dodie

    in a Ford Focus, with a flat, at the 7-11, that’s funny as hell, & Brandon looks like Darius Rucker.

  21. captain america

    americans won’t believe these men.

    (nail jeremy london, he fooled everyone)

  22. herbiefrog

    what a wonderful defence

    they kidnapped us and we had to party : )))

    l o l L (((

  23. sobrietyisacrutch

    If this story gets any better I have GOT to buy a more comfy computer chair. And wine in a box.

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