Jenny McCarthy Hawaii bikini pictures

August 24th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Wonder what Jenny McCarthy’s been up to? Of course not. But here she is anyway, vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend Jim Carrey. She looks pretty good for a 34-year-old, but that isn’t saying much since she’s, well, only 34. Plus she was Playboy’s 1994 Playmate of the Year. If you told me this was Rosie O’Donnell then yeah, wow, amazing. But this is like showing me a picture of myself and saying, “Dreamy.” I know. Duh.


  1. Hannah

    Im tired of seeing old white women on the beach. Lets spice this up some Superficial.

  2. p0nk

    I am miserable and don’t know what to do. Please help.

  3. chris

    haha does this bitch ever smile?

  4. Auggy

    Man face….and the waistless body of a dude too. The hideous implants and dye job are the ONLY thing keeping her from looking like a young Jay Leno.

  5. starscanfrighten

    @105 p0nk:

    It’ll get better p0nk. I promise.

  6. ipa

    Hey Fish, no updates, huh?

    Owen Wilson nearly offs himself, Britney is pulled over by police officers for fast driving, Lindsay has sex in the restroom of the rehab center. Fyi, just sayin’ …

  7. Morning Wood


  8. Frick!

    Boring Monday and waiting for fun updates from fishy…I still can’t believe fishy never posted the fricken NASTY pic of Britney Spears without her extensions(not that her extensions are great either, tacky)…its the most horrid pic I’ve ever seen of her. She literally looks like a chunky, 50 year old corny ass housewife. I swear to god this girl has clones, she always looks so different. Have you people seen it? It not, check out x17online (total Britney ass kisser site; blech, but oh well) its on a side pic and says Britney au naturel; as if she looks good or something. BLECH!!! Morning Flem! Well, the pic is probably else where as well, but it just goes to show you what magic they can do with this girl with the right makeup, etc, etc. and how fabricated so many of our favorite stars are. All the photoshopping, etc. Goes to show you that most of them are not much better looking than the rest of us common folk!

  9. AmeriCanadian

    I think she looks great. There are 18 year old girls that weigh 200 lbs with raging pizza face that couldn’t come close to looking like this chick in her 30s does. I’m getting tired of the “any woman over 25 is “old”" bullshit on this website. I think guys who think a 30 year old woman is old are guys who can’t handle women and only want to date 18 year old chicks who will take all kinds of shit unlike us “old bitches.”

    I have a guy friend who is 31 but won’t date chicks anywhere near his own age for that exact reason, he can’t handle a real woman.

  10. Kaleidescope Eyes

    she looks ok.

    one can see that she’s posturing for the camera and that she knows she can only pull it off in a reclined position so that the rolls aren’t evident.

    she does have quite an unpleasant natural expression and a very sharp jaw-line — of course, if you whored yourself out to get into PLAYBOY at that age, then allowed any number of scumbag hollywood execs and “actors” to pound you for all of those years, you’d probably have the same bitter trip going on — possibly the one connection she has to jim carrey, another wholly bitter “funnyman” “celebrity”.

    i.o., let’s go!

  11. Whatever

    34 isn’t old you asshole

  12. Claire

    Jillia, how do you know she is only 15lb more than Nicole Ritchie??? And it doesn’t matter if she looks bigger than Nicole Ritchie, I bet her body fat is lower. She is well lean in these pics.

  13. ssdd

    She looks alot like Jim Carrey in the face.. Totally disgusting.

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