Jenny McCarthy’s Filling In For Joy Behar On ‘The View,’ Oh, Good

“Boy, I sure hope these raviolis don’t have any autism in them. Amirite?”

Presumably in an effort to kill more kids this time around, The View producers are hoping to replace Joy Behar with Jenny McCarthy who’ll be filling in while they switch out everyone on the show just to see if Barbara Walters will notice. (Spoiler Alert: She calls everyone Hugh Downs.) Extra reports:

McCarthy, star of the VH1 show “The Jenny McCarthy Show,” stated, “I can’t ’cause I have my own show… maybe someday in the future.”
She said would be guest-hosting on “The View” once Joy leaves. “I will be helping them while they’re looking.”

As for what sort of insight Jenny will bring to the show, the other day she farted at Starbucks and an old lady dropped her espresso. Ohmygod, you should have been there.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN