Jenny McCarthy Is Literally Trying To Say She’s Never Been Anti-Vaccines Now

April 14th, 2014 // 25 Comments
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Before this day gets consumed by Coachella and The MTV Movie Awards, I just want to make everyone aware that in a new op-ed for the Chicago Sun-Times, Jenny McCarthy tries to say she’s never been anti-vaccines. The Jenny McCarthy. What she does try to say is she’s just concerned with the amount of vaccines given at once, the “additives” in them, and oh I dunno, that they gave her son autism. All things that have been thoroughly debunked and place her firmly in the anti-vaxxer camp, yet kids are dying with her name being brought up every time, so it behooves Jenny McCarthy to at least try and distance herself from, well, Jenny McCarthy. Anyway, Chez Pazieneza does yeoman’s work calling out her bullshit and not letting her weasel out of bringing back diseases from The Oregon Trail.

Jenny McCarthy Can’t Get Away with Denying She’s “Anti-Vaccine” – The Daily Banter

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  1. Wait – so this whole time, she hasn’t been a doctor? Well slap me silly and call me Sally.

  2. cc

    I sometimes think I wish she’d go away, then I think back to her Norman Rockwellian Playboy shoot….then I still wish she’d go away.

  3. wait wait wait….you mean I shouldn’t trust my kids health to advice from THIS woman??

  4. Nut bra

    So is it them evil needles what made Jenny stoopid too?

  5. “I’ve never told anyone to not vaccinate.”
    TRANSLATION: Once Barbara Walters leaves The View I’ll be fighting to keep my job, so let the revisionism begin!

  6. Let us all hope that Jenny will become involved with the American legal system in the very near future.

  7. I wish there was a thimerosal laden STFU injection.

  8. Hmm… the rest of that quote is pretty damning to her position.

    “People have the misconception that we want to eliminate vaccines. Please understand that we are not an antivaccine group. We are demanding safe vaccines. We want to reduce the schedule and reduce the toxins. If you ask a parent of an autistic child if they want the measles or the autism, we will stand in line for the fuckking measles.”

    • This is the police

      The rest of her sentence “Because being dead is better than being autistic!”

      Isn’t that right Jenny?

    • Bob

      …”because our kids aren’t organ recipients, so it doesn’t matter if they get the measles. Screw herd immunity.”

  9. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    She also claims that either her son is “cured” of autism, or never had it in the first place.

    What a pretty package, but so full of fucking stupid.

    • …why does’nt anyone ever bring up the fact that this bitch smokes? (or used to?) and there have been actual scientific studies done that show babies of smoking mothers have a very high risk for developmental disorders, like autism? (yeah, i know, she tries to say she did’nt smoke while pregnant…uh huh…and i believe this nutjob…just like she stopped dying her hair while pregnant…oh, wait…)

  10. I have a friend with Asperger’s, and she swears that vaccines made it happen. Here was the conversation we had in high school when she “discovered” what caused her mental illness:

    Her: “Did you hear they found out what causes autism?”
    Me: “…okay, what are they saying causes it?”
    Her: “Vaccines.
    Me: “Oh, that bullshit? No, that’s some weird Hollywood thing that some chick is trying to push. Otherwise, either a lot more people or all of us would have autism, right?”
    Her: “No, they have bad batches, that’s what they’re saying. Bad batches of vaccines gave me Asperger’s.”
    Me: “………..ah. Gotcha. Okay.”

    Needless to say we didn’t talk much after that. I know we’re all pretty fucking stupid in high school, but that was too much for me (and besides, she is still adamant that her Asperger’s was caused by her vaccines).

    • As someone else with Asperger’s: She’s an idiot. I’m 100% sure she was showing signs before her first vaccination like I was (I had extreme noise sensitivity. Common on the autism spectrum.) Her parents probably just ignored it or had no idea what it was.

      • Probably didn’t know – she was diagnosed when we were in middle school together, and she didn’t take it well. She’s a nice enough person, I just think she was looking for something to make sense of her diagnosis.

  11. Nice tits on her but damn is she just crazy to the bone. Just a Pump dump and leave quick.

    • I wouldn’t even risk putting my dick in this woman. She may get pregnant again and I want my kids vaccinated. I also don’t want half their DNA to come from a dangerously stupid woman like her.

  12. There is no taking back what you’ve done, Jenny. I personally can never forgive you for it and will not support anything associated you in the future.

    Fuck off.

  13. anonym

    Fuck you Jenny.

    Just keep being a dumb bitch. It’s better that way.

  14. Women like Jenny are why men commit mass murder and have such bad attitudes. Smoking hot, kind of fun, but totally self centered and narcisistic. We see her and really want to meet her and walk around like a king if she will give us the time of day and heaven forbid have sex with us, but as time passes, she shows her stupidity and that all that matters is money and status and fame and we are just specks of crap on her shoes.

    We want women like this but that they fact they are what they are.

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