Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Got Engaged

April 16th, 2014 // 33 Comments
I'm Sorry, Come Again?
Jenny McCarthy
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Jenny McCarthy is a reckless fartbag of dumb who’s at least partially responsible for the death of thousands of children, but she has big tits and a working vagina, so that’s good enough for me, says four out of five penises including Donnie Wahlberg‘s who just proposed to her. People reports:

Jenny McCarthy announced on The View Wednesday that Donnie Wahlberg popped the big question (and presented her with a big rock) and she happily said yes.
“I just got engaged!” the star said on the show as she unveiled her hidden hand from behind the desk and then proceeded to jump around the set. “It’s a yellow sapphire,” she explained about the rock.
Crying as she told about the proposal, McCarthy said her son Evan helped with the surprise last weekend, and how Wahlberg – who ended up coming onto the TV set Wednesday and kissing McCarthy – had gotten down on one knee.

What makes a relationship like theirs truly special is the time Jenny McCarthy thought Donnie Wahlberg was gay because he didn’t try to fuck her the second after she gave him her number. Who doesn’t love a mate that consistently jumps to the wrong, extreme conclusions at the drop of a hat? It keeps life interesting.

“Honey, have you seen the throat lozenges? I think I’m coming down with something.”
“IT’S THE EBOLA VIRUS! EVAN, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!” *burns down building*

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  1. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Despite the considerable plastic structural support those tits were hanging lower and lower. She had to be quick. As for Donnie… RUN!!!

  2. Will he or will he not get vaccinated when he marries her?

  3. Jenny McCarthy Cleavage Donnie Wahlberg Dancing With The Stars Charity Event
    Commented on this photo:

    Between her crazy and sagging fake tits and his quickly receding hairline, neither had much time to spare before Hagen-Daaz and the TV were their lifelong companions.

  4. can’t wait for another retard baby to fall out of that vapid whore, then who’s she gonna blame then? also, holy stomach tits!

  5. it had to be said

    What a relief. I was afraid she’d die alone.

  6. Someone please tell me of anything with a higher ROI or profit margin than fake tits? This idiot, and a thousand more dim tit-hosting systems, would be nothing and nowhere without fake tits. If Warren Buffet had any brains he would use his wealth to supply fake tits to any small-chested 7′s and up for 20% of future earnings.

  7. Jenny McCarthy Cleavage Donnie Wahlberg Dancing With The Stars Charity Event
    Hugh G Rection
    Commented on this photo:

    If Donnie fucks her too many times in the same day, will she become autistic?

  8. Orange dye causes autism.

  9. The wedding cake will have to be gluten free. That’ll be punishment enough for anyone who’s dumb enough to be friends with either of them.

  10. MarketingMike

    Every mans dream girl;
    40+ year old fake, sagging tits
    Wrinkled skin from chain smoking
    Bad attitude, a big mouth and low IQ

  11. Don’t fuck her without protection, Don. Please, just don’t.

  12. Jenny McCarthy Cleavage Donnie Wahlberg Dancing With The Stars Charity Event
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    Holy low hanging fruit in nylons Batman!

  13. Freebie

    They’re hanging so low they looks uncomfortable. Put on a bra lady.

  14. Aggie

    Yikes, Snooki has a more natural skin tone than Jenny does these days

  15. Jenny McCarthy Cleavage Donnie Wahlberg Dancing With The Stars Charity Event
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    Low hanging fake-titted murderous whore.

  16. MarketingMike

    Don’t worry, when they cancel his series she’ll be gone in a week.

  17. She dated Brian Urlacher and he got cut. She dated Jim Carrey and his career went in the toilet. Now she’s got her claws in one of the New Kids. Considering he was already C-List she might just kill him.

  18. ace11

    Hope he doesn’t suck on her fake tits

    he might get a disease and not be allowed to be vaccinated

  19. kery

    Oh Donnie you were my idol ;P

  20. bob

    They’re perfect for eachother

  21. Dana

    Geez, will you stop it with the insults? It’s a free country, people are allowed to speak their mind (even if it’s stupid). No one prevents people from vaccinating their kids, if they take medical advice from Jenny McCarthy then they’re not very smart, are they? Also, enough with the “death of thousands of children” already. This website you provided says: 1381 preventable deaths from June 3rd, 2007 to April 5th, 2014. That’s 7 years, man! 1381 deaths in 7 years in nothing, one in a few thousands of infants also has a bad reaction to vaccines and dies, do you take that into consideration as well? Most of these illneses are not deadly, I had Rubella as a kid and it really wasn’t that bad, 3 days of fever, all the kids had it back then, no biggie. Let’s get vaccinated against nasty diseases like hepatitis b, not measles. In fact, get vaccinated against whatever you want but stop bashing other people, they can do whatever they want.

    • Urbanspaceman

      No they can’t do whatever they want.

    • Indianadelae

      You are an idiot, Dana, so I don’t even know why I’m replying, aside from to say “Congratulations! You survived rubella, now, I wonder how many pregnant women you infected:”

      1371 PREVENTABLE deaths are 1371 too many. And around 80,000 kids around the world die a year from measles.

      And no, not “one in a few thousand” kids die from vaccines. The numbers are more like, 1 in a million has a severe adverse reaction, most of which are simple allergic reactions.

      We insult her because she deserves it. And if you are going to come here and wag a finger, perhaps do some research.

    • No_Angel

      Dana, really, you are clueless. Kids must be vaccinated to go to school (at least in my district) and that’s fine with me.

      I realize that you aren’t up on current events, but the civil war in Syria with refugees to Lebanon and Jordan is going to create a world of hurt for unvaccinated kids. Hundreds of kids die there from preventable diseases and hunger every day. You don’t see that reported in the media, but as a public health professional I can tell you that in a few years all these unvaccinated kids in America with brain-dead parents who took advice from a vapid “TV personality” are in deep shit. Measles and rubella are just the tip of the iceberg.

      With respect to kids, this is most certainly not a free country. There are things you must do as a citizen to live here, and keeping other people safe from your stupidity is one of them.

  22. anonym

    get the popcorn
    This will be interesting.

  23. Why the hate for this woman? Who cares if she’s dumb (did we actually expect her to be a genius)? She’s hot – and has been showing off her tits and ass for you fools for many years – you should love her for it.

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