Jenny McCarthy’s Banging Donnie Wahlberg

Remembah Mahkie’s olda brotha? Donnie? Da one dat was in dat movie where Jason Lee kept fahtin’ because an alien was in his butt, and Donnie was like this super retahd or somethin’ who had to fight the butt alien even though it was Brody from Homeland, his best friend growin’ up? Remembah dat? There was dat paht where Da Punishah’s tahkin’ into his hand like it’s a fahkin’ phone because he’s got like wickid telepathy? Anyway, totally bangin’ Jenny McCahthy. Fahkin’ People reports:

Steamy sparks flew between them in late March when New Kids on the Block and Blue Bloods star Wahlberg, 43, made an innuendo-filled appearance on her self-titled VH1 talk show.
The duo provocatively sucked on red lollipops while McCarthy, 40, asked “Do you talk dirty while you’re having sex?”
“I do,” he replied.
“You do – but some guys do it wrong,” she replied.
“Yeah, I don’t do it wrong,” he said seductively, as McCarthy looked as though she needed some air.

Later, they both agreed lollipops cause autism then made love in front of Jim Carrey’s house, his face contorted in the window. Not so much because of the love-making, but because he can’t control it anymore. He knows that’s the sign of a stroke, right? I feel like someone should point that out.

UPDATE: If anyone cares, Jenny McCarthy is officially a co-host on The View now which I’m not writing another post about because it doesn’t involve things going in and out of her vagina. Or does it, Barbara Walters?

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