Dr. Jenny McCarthy Will Make Fast Food Salads Look Like An Orgasm Now

June 20th, 2013 // 38 Comments
Jenny McCarthy Carl's Jr. Salad
WATCH: Jenny McCarthy Behind The Scenes For Carl's Jr.

Here’s Jenny McCarthy pretending she’s waited her whole life to promote Carl’s Jr. cranberry apple walnut grilled chicken salad which I actually believe because giving out deadly medical advice really isn’t all that time-consuming. On that note, I like how she’s hawking salads from a fast food restaurant because I’m sure those are full of all-natural ingredients right down to the dressing that doubles as formaldehyde in Guam. “You can barely taste the autism!” she’s God-willingly contracted to say.


  1. I have a rule when it comes to Jenny McCarthy. If she ain’t naked, I ain’t interested.

  2. Juch

    Thanks Jen! Now just leave out the cranberries, apples, and walnuts, and just give me a chicken salad sandwich with a beer and some fries. Oh, and take your top off.

  3. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Is she crazy, or just badly educated?

  4. grobpilot

    “You can barely taste the autism!”. Great line.

  5. dark matter

    toss my salad Jen

    • Professor Chaos

      Hell, she doesn’t even need to toss my salad. I’d toss her for her all day long. Hell, I’d eat that Carl’s Jr. salad right out of her MILF ass.

  6. I think antibacterial soap causes autism. or at least plays a role.


    When my luck runs out and I end up with some bastard kids, imma make them eat third world dirt.

    • We’re so fucking smart here in the 1st world and we have all the answers, and we’re going to end up killing ourselves because of it.

      Pro tip: Have them chew the handlebar on a Walmart shopping cart. It seems to have worked for my kids, and the visits from the Health Canada and CDC agents aren’t so bad.

  7. eww she’s such a creepy lizardlady sellout. It’s hilarious that she thinks she is so unique & sexy when she shovels food into her mouth with both hands in lieu of silverware.

  8. Jc

    Getting a salad from a fast food joint is like asking a naked Jenny McCarthy for a high-five.

  9. uhm

    I’d toss her salad.

    She’s very dumb, and that’s how I like my bitches.

  10. Jenny McCarthy’s entire existence is built around looking sexy and providing masturbation material. Now she’s 40 years old and nobody wants her to take her granny panties off. It’s over Jenny, go sit in the dark and think about all the children who died because you liked the attention that spewing bullshit brought you. Maybe kill yourself. yeah, that one.

  11. JC

    Wake up, Sheeple! The cranberries make that salad WAY too acidic. Eat that, and you’ll get autistic cancer for sure!

  12. FuttBucker

    It’s a making-of video with marketing narration from the dumb blonde star of the video… It’s so far past meta that it’s back to just plain fucking stupid.

  13. FuttBucker

    Also, I’d like to take a shit in her dumb fucking whore mouth.

  14. cc

    I am hoping she eats a hot dog the next commercial.

  15. I generally try not to take medical advice from 6-time Playboy models. I prefer to take my child-rearing advice to those more knowledgeable in the many double entendres of the word, “rearing,” such as Farrah Abraham.

  16. JOHNNY P!

    Big Tits. Big Blonde Hair. Eyeliner to give the impression of Big Eyes. Big Awareness of porn-style poses (even for eating a salad).
    Big Photoshopping of pics, Big Use of Lighting/Make-up for videos.
    Big, big, big. No probs, we know who you are thanks to your Big Presence.
    Just don’t try to give Big Informed Opinions.
    ’cause your sound like a Big Idiot.
    Perhaps she suffers from a mild case of Big Autism herself…
    (did she get a Big Vaccine as a child?)

  17. Rico Jones

    She doesn’t look like Jenny McCarthy anymore. She officially has that nipped and tucked kind of face.

  18. rubbydubby

    No talent, not funny, fake looking. Move on.

  19. Face

    OMG!!!!! NOW……….I understand what my mom kept telling me…..”Son!….You must eat your salad!”…..she never mentioned anything about a hot blonde chick!!!! Thanks Mom!

  20. Mandy

    The lighting in some of these shots makes her look like Carmen Electra.

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