Jennifer Garner is irresponsible


Jennifer Garner says she lost a diamond ring Ben Affleck gave her on Monday after dropping it under their ice maker.

“He gave me this beautiful diamond ring and I was playing with it and … it fell off,” she said. “And it fell under this ice maker in the house – he hasn’t even heard of this yet – and … it fell into the drain under this ice maker. The plumber had to come and dismantle the thing from under the house. And he found it,” she said, holding up her hand to show the ring sparkling again on her finger. “And Ben hasn’t even heard that,” said co-host Regis Philbin. “I should have warned him,” Garner said.

What the hell? How do you lose your ring in an ice maker? Did she crawl into her freezer for some quality time with herself? Usually you just grab a Fudgecicle and get out. You don’t get distracted by the sparkles on your finger and go nuts like a three year old.