Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer might be doing it again

October 13th, 2008 // 39 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were reportedly spotted sharing a “long, lingering kiss” at LAX yesterday after conveniently arriving from New York together, according to The National Enquirer:

Once in L.A. they went their separate ways but judging by the kissing, insiders say there’s more to this than just a friendly plane ride together.
“Jennifer was in New York doing some shopping before she starts promotional work for her new movies, He’s Just Not That Into You and Marley And Me,” said an insider. “John was relaxing after finishing his international tour, and they hooked up.”

The couple originally broke up because they wanted different things out of the relationship: Jennifer Aniston wanted kids while John Mayer wanted to bang groupies in a hot tub. I can only assume they compromised and got a goldfish together. Then John Mayer had sex with it.

Photos: WENN

  1. morga

    wait, I’m first?

    I’ll take care of her if she has “needs”

  2. bayma

    Nice flowery nipple covers. Fucking modesty.

  3. tacky

    Her nippy-stickies look retarded

  4. haha

    Next time go for the black bra rather than the nicotine patch areola camo , Jen.

  5. Such a non-story. The best part about breaking up is the ex-sex until you start going out with someone else.

  6. JimmyBachaFungool

    Mayer is famous for his big cock. She is probably addicted to it. He can have her whenever he wants because she probably craves it.

  7. Nia

    Totally faked it. I for one will not feel sorry for Miss Desperate for a man. Brad Pitt was right to dump that clown. John must have gotten tired of not getting any media attention.

  8. Deb

    I have no doubt the sex with John is great, so perhaps they can have an arrangement where they can share passionate sex while also having the opportunity for Jen to search for a husband that wants to start a family and John can continue banging his groupies.

  9. Megan

    Jen has got to be the dumbest chick in Hollywood.

  10. Nia

    #6Jimmy that makes her a big Ho. Either way she is pathetic dumb clown-not to be respected.

  11. me

    @#9…and now is when some guy is going to comment…”yeah, but don’t she have a perrrrty mouth?” Brains mean nothing.

  12. Somebody had to give in…looks like her poor dildo lost!!!!!!!!

  13. Jess

    She was sending desperate messages through the media. Always having pictures snap and dumped in the media for every-and any man to see. She reeks desperate. She should find some pride in her self. She has to attach her self to a man sell her crap movies + plus Brad and Angie’s name has been drifting around. She couldn’t make it on her own to save her life.

  14. Moa

    Now when he dump her again she will expect everyone to feel sorry for her and bash John. Jen should be bashed this time. Their are other guys she could have dated than this douche bag.

  15. Lori

    She’s desperate for attention. She doesn’t even get laid for Christ’s sake. She’s an old frigid bitch.

  16. friendlyfires

    Jennifer Aniston is an affront to all things Greek, Hellene, Cypriotic and Cyrillic. But she can do things with her inside that should be illegal or at least rated NC-17. Lets say, humma-da-humma-da-humma, shall we? I knew you all could. ‘cuse me while I reach for my rubber grape leaf condoms, extra orthodox the metropolitan way.

  17. tanya

    Jennifer’s muff stinks like fish, or so I’ve heard

  18. Parker

    She likes getting buttfucked with big dicks so she can’t be all bad.

  19. mamadough

    if a penis could yawn from boredom, john mayer’s penis is probably near comatose.

  20. She kind of reminds me of Simba from the Lion King, only not as cute. She has such a weird looking nose.

  21. evadel

    HELLO? Doesn’t anyone else see the flower shaped flesh covered pasties on her nipples?

  22. kix

    Jen seems like one of the few normal people in Hollywood. John is a wank and Brad is a fool.

  23. sean

    how can no man stay with this woman because i would never leave her side. she is hot as hell and loves to have sex, what guy wouldn’t want that?

  24. jiggawhat?

    This seahag needs to just dry up and die. Her only fans are fat girls and dudes trying to fool themselves they’re not queer (and maybe some old dudes who think she’s “young”).

  25. linda

    She is still cute…
    Hey,I am a tall girl,because of tall,seems difficult to find a boy friend for me,I am anxiety sometime.Since I joined the club[__""__],I find many good tall admirers,tall guys,tall girls,even models,if you wanna make friends with us, please join us. Don’t let love pass you by.

  26. I would do them both

  27. and their goldfish

  28. Comp

    She needs more age spots
    on that leather she calls skin.

    She’s only in her 30′s, she’ll have
    skin cancer in her 40′s for sure.

  29. AnusMan

    She is old. Any woman 40 is an over the hill hag. God I hate how women age. I used to hate it when my mom would want to give me a kiss. How do you tell your mom or granny that they are old and disgusting and no I don’t want your elder spit on my face you nasty old fucking cunt whore hag bitch slut. You fucked my dad and he is a tasteless drunken loser and together you were dispicable enough to produce a worthless pile of shit like me and you want your wrinkled dirty lips on my ugly face.
    Something like that.
    Ask Frist, I am sure you has heard this before.

  30. Dark Chocolate for the white gals

    Man I would take that skinny bitch right our of John Mayers scrawny arms and fuck her on his floor right in front of his pussy white ass. Aint a white woman here that don’t crave the big black dick.

  31. John


    You sound like an old bitter ugly man that is lonely and jerks off to barely legal teens. I am a well educated professional attractive fit male and I love women between 35-50 because many are incredibly fit, successful, mature and confidant about themselves and their sexuality. The bottom line is many are incredible in bed!

  32. Oh, I hope not Jen. You’re so much better than him.

  33. Fernando Valenzuela

    Jennifer’s muff stinks like fish, or so I’ve heard

    smells like fish but tastes like chicken.

  34. spike

    If I were her, I’d get plastic surgery on that “chiseled man chin” of hers.

  35. I hear her mother was very strict, almost mean, and would make her lose weight (she even went to fat camp) when she was little. Of course someone with that little self esteem would be desperate. I don’t know all the details, but I’m not making this up.

  36. Fish, are you running out of news/gossips about other MUCH MORE interesting celebrities?



  38. arroyo

    basically, no sex tape, no story.

  39. Jenninfer is a beauitful girl and GOD THE GREAT I AM made her that way. She has a great personality and she deserves someone who will pay attention to her, that is what relationships are supposed to be about. The BIBLE tells us that. Are ask yourself this question why would there be couples. The answer to share your life here on earth with Thanks for your time Shawn Jennings You go Jenninfer!!!!!!

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