Jennifer Aniston in a bikini will cure the Mondays

April 21st, 2008 // 112 Comments

After a one-two punch of Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag, I need a little something to rejuvenate the soul. Namely Jennifer Aniston’s sweet ass in a bikini. The world would be a better place if they could extract whatever makes that thing so sexy and put it in IV’s at the hospital. Brain tumor? Have some butt juice. Broken leg? No problem.

NOTE: Totally noticed the chick’s boob above Jennifer Aniston’s head. Let’s just say there was some deliberate cropping on my end. Feel free to call me the Da Vinci of mammaries. No, seriously, do it. I’ll be your best friend.


  1. Mhmm

    Angelina Jolie is way hotter

  2. someguy

    Fifty second.

  3. Thanks! This did make my monday!

  4. Ted from LA

    I’ll bet that Friends show was really funny if you had an IQ below 72.

  5. Me_You_Asshat

    Her ankles and my shoulders would be the perfect gift.

  6. Ted from LA

    me likee.

    Thanks! This did make my monday!

    P.S. Clearly you are a smoker or you wouldn’t have gotten so pissy about what I wrote.


  7. ajfklsk

    Oh so hot! Does she still play on hot dating site ” s e e k i n g r i c h . co m?” It is rumored she is dating a hot young billionaire on that site now. I wonder if she is looking for love or just to play on that site.

  8. kitty_kat

    @51- Angelina may have a prettier face, but Jennifer Aniston definitely has a nicer body. Always has.

  9. gotmilk?

    10, non-altered? have you seen her face?

  10. Ted from LA

    Not funny. Not me.

  11. I thought the one with the boobs was Aniston. LOL:)

  12. Alan Stevens

    Superficial dude, i think you are hilarious, i love your right ups yadda yadda yadda, but mmy one and only problem with you has been your tendancy to diss Jennifer Anniston and call her ugly and shit….now your on this irritating trend of showing us that loser Heidi Montag, and all of a sudden you want to be on the Jennifer Anniston has a hot ass band wagon….well get the fawk off, there is no room for you here, she is mine and i aint sharing….she can do no wrong, is perfect in every way, and is way hotter than that skank who makes out with her brother

  13. Ted from LA

    yawn* i’m bored with all this sunshine and shit…oh wait i know, i’ll bend over right here in front of this paparazzi and show the world my girl parts in white panties…yah, that made my day.

    what makes her so sexy? it’s the twat man, anyone can see that. typical celebretard getting atention. so predictable.

  14. Ted from LA

    Use your own name you stupid unfunny toothless homeless fuck.

  15. Concerned

    Ted man. You ok?

  16. Ted from LA

    Holy Cow… who’s the chick with the rack behind Jennifer Aniston? WTFNKOTB?!?! Something is totally wrong with the Superficial writer if he missed those massive mammories!

  17. tanya

    Nice ass, but dog face

  18. Ted from LA

    Thanks for being concerned #65. Someone is trolling me full-time. I can’t imagine having such a lack of imagination. I’m guessing he licks his own nuts too.

  19. temp

    she’s so pretty.

    bangin’ bod too, HAHA.
    i should start on her pilates/yoga regimen..

  20. Ted – I’m concerned as well – I figure just link up some 9/11 Truth and the shills will go.
    (works on YouTube) (Etc)

  21. So Sucka. Mr Binkwad point out New York Times says, on front page, April 20, 2008,MANY military analysts say like – Jebb Babbin, pentagon type talking heads on CNN, Fox, Jon Stewart show, Charles Adler radio show in Canada, etc, actually were briefed by Don Rumsfeld as to what to say -and MANY were working for military contractors profiting from wars. And they were rated as to what they said in media. ‘Score low – you go.’
    Cliff Notes : Certainly if this were true Knee other MSM media would jump on it right away …let alone Stewart or Colbert… Like it’s hard to see Stewart being duped by some planted right wing interview … …

    Well ok, they did do the Pope’s funny hats.

  22. look again

    Did anyone notice that the guy behind Jen is playing with himself?

  23. Serial Rapist

    I’d stuff my balls up her asshole and rub feta cheese all over my nipples.

  24. So Jen – U good girl.
    Me, and Mr Zen, say toe tall fulfillment may not be found in ‘Vince Vaughan Movie’.
    I talk to Frank from 16th floor who watch a lot of movie and he say all Vince Vaughan movie suck. Too much like Will Farrell.
    And he say something else all the time from analyzing movies…I don’t know…I sometimes forget what that was…
    Frank from 16th floor : 9/11 was an inside job.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Oh thanks Frank. And how are wife and kids ?

  25. PrettyPinkPonies

    Paige and Bunny:

    Both of you are wrong, sorry. Those could easily be real, especially if that’s an underwire top from VS’s “Very Sexy” swimsuit line.
    Chicks are always accusing women with big boobs of having fakes. Then when someone disagrees with them, they say that person is just ignorant or lacks their boob expertise. Just because you have boobs doesn’t mean you automatically know anything about anyone else’s rack.
    The hate women have towards other women who are 1) blonde and/or 2) well-endowed is seriously amazing.

  26. So . Great point. #75.
    I would have never thought of that at this time etc. …

    Inside job ?

  27. shimmy

    She’s turning 40 and goddamn, look at that ass! Those legs! That whole fucking figure! Years-younger-jolie aint got shit on her.

  28. noneyobeezwax

    she’s beautiful in that “girl next door” kinda way, but i bet she’s like a dead fish in bed. purely missionary position and there ain’t no way your getting to hit that ass. it just isn’t gonna happen. that’s why she’s always getting dumped.

  29. Pat

    Well I just hope my ass will look like that when I’m her age!!

  30. Pankteinor

    Fish, you are the Da Vinci of mammaries!

    i wanna be your friend

  31. AndrewMacCloud

    In order to get that muscular and shredded look for the movie “Fight Club”, her former Husband Brad Pitt used an intense workout routine drilling Jennifers Tight Ass for amazing results!
    A particular training session would look like this:
    Aniston: I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
    Pitt: Where?… in the face?
    Aniston: Surprise me.
    Pitt: Okidoki
    Aniston: My God. I haven’t been f*cked in the ass like that since grade school.

    Pitt also stated that jennifer garnered the nickname Jennifer Anuston for bending over naked in front of the entire locker room of Fight Club just to blowdry her hair..

    But Fight Club was only the beginning, now it’s moved out of the basement, it’s called Project Anuston

  32. mildly concerned

    Ted from LA…we are both being trolled! Your #63 troll posted:

    “yawn* i’m bored with all this sunshine and shit…oh wait i know, i’ll bend over right here in front of this paparazzi and show the world my girl parts in white panties…yah, that made my day.

    what makes her so sexy? it’s the twat man, anyone can see that. typical celebretard getting atention. so predictable.”

    Okay, it wasn’t brilliant, I know, but it was mine and showed up at 63 word for word from 12. That’s weird…

  33. mildly concerned

    To dude on a wire…okay, okay I admit it. These are pretty sweet pics. I guess I was just wistful about getting some kind of similar pic of a dude on a monday….a girl can dream

    and oh yeah


  34. Randal

    Jesus she let herself go, how many fat fucking porkers are you going to trot in front of us? Her ass is wide enough to land a F-16 fighter on and she needs lipo, then have it injected into her pancake boobs.

    Oink, fucking, Oink, Fish.

  35. deacon jones

    what the fuck are you guys smoking lately?

  36. FFF

    What beautiful feet! I’d give anything to run my tongue between those toes and up those soles!

  37. Tim

    Subtract 20 years of whining neurotic self-centered bitterness and you’d have a hot 20 year old in a bikini. In fairness, though, she seems “well-preserved” (which isn’t surprising, because what does she actually DO in life these days, other than give whiny interviews and make really crappy movies every once in awhile?).

  38. Peter

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    Oh Jesus, Superfish, you’re disgusting. You have the worst taste in women. This is too much. This chick is ugly as sin, and that flat ass full of cellulite only makes me want to throw up, that’s one hell of a hideous ass. YOU HAVE NO TASTE.

  40. Quinn

    84 Randal, are you being trolled too now?

  41. Quinn

    84 Randal, are you being trolled too now?

  42. Quinn

    She’s a natural, modern day hottie.
    AJolie has deformed grotesque lips so stop comparing them people.

  43. fygu

    Why does someone have to bring up how disgusting they find Kim Kardashian in every single talkback, usually in the first ten posts? What has she done to you? Kill you grandmother, run over your dog, steal your man? MOVE ON. Oh and Jen is not the “all natural beauty” you guys are calling her. She just got her second nose job two years ago. She also reportedly got implants many years ago (like 12-15 years ago)

  44. Oveta

    I have tits. big ones, even. anyone with real tits would never buy anything from Victoria’s Secret.

  45. Paige


    If the bikini top was underwire then the bottom of the bikini top would be more round due to the wire. The bottom of her bikini top is the standard triangle cut and has no underwire. For me I have no problem with well endowed celebrities as long as they are talented and did not get famous for bad bahavior.

  46. T from DC

    The F? What happened to the old superfish???? Jennifer Anniston will cure Mondays? Really? The old superfish would have just called her a she-male. Am I the only one that noticed this depressing change?

  47. Jackson


    I bring up Kim Kardaskank because some people posted negative comments about Jen. Jen maintains her weight and looks fabulous, unlike Kim who is fat and obviously loves to eat and has to wear a girdle to make her huge butt look perky but unnatural. Jen does not have to cover her tight butt whereas Kim as to cover her loose cellulite butt when wearing a swim suit. It does not look like Jen got implants because implants are wider than natural breasts.

  48. agree

    SHE LOOKS SO HOT. I saw her profileand photos on a milllionaire dating site ——”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m****** last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  49. Mia


    I have big ones for being petite at 5′ 2″ and I like buying my bras at Fredericks of Hollywood because they sell bras that unsnap in the front and have underwire. It think bras that unsnap in the front are the sexiest. Fredericks has a great return policy where VS does not.

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