Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need your pity

March 13th, 2006 // 66 Comments

aniston-no-pity-2.jpgJennifer Aniston recently told Vogue magazine that she is sick and tired of people continuing to make her the loser of her split with Brad Pitt, and that being made a victim makes her “skin crawl.”

Of her former husband’s relationship with Angelina Jolie, which often has Aniston being mentioned in press reports: “I’m so tired of being part of this sick, twisted Bermuda Triangle,” she says


  1. Jacq

    Poor Jennifer.

  2. I wonder how long it will take for someone to post a lame ass jenn nickname.

    My bet is…by post 6.



    #2, Do you mean a name such as Chinnifer Maniston,, lololol, Is that what cha mean. tee hehe

  4. wildchildintn

    like “maniston”…lmao…

  5. Leyna

    she has a point. Why does she have to be viewed as a victim. She seems very happy with Vince anyway so… just leave her alone?

  6. Grphdesi23

    Jenn says ‘Don’t feel sorry for me’, while she goes to the bathroom to do a line of coke. And to vomit up her last meal.

  7. Realistic

    Vaughn was Brad Pitt’s friend. He is definitely fiercely loyal to him.

  8. ~S.Starr~

    Hahaha…Damn my bet was off by 3 posts…I knew I should of guessed sooner!!


  9. lysistrata11

    Well I’m sure glad she doesn’t need it because I haven’t been giving it away.

  10. christee

    well, at least she will never be known as half of “jennrad.” or “pittiston.” i need a job…

  11. rds0811

    Long live “Vincifer” ;)

    She’s probably doing that thing like what people do for birthdays where they might tell you they don’t want anyone to buy them presents, yet everyone does anyways.

  12. B-Bomb

    oh, skeletor, don’t you know it’s impossible for anyone to feel as sorry for someone as ugly and mannish as you? p.s. your face is starting to resemble that of a ventriloquist dummy, what with the deeeeeep lines from your mouth to your chin.

  13. gammanormids

    Aj… I am tired of Jenniffer. What she had done? She played Rachel and she keep portraying her in all her movies but with different names but same haircut. Besides that, she married Brad Pitt. What else?

  14. Hmm, maybe we wouldn’t feel as sorry for you if you didn’t give out all those interviews where you were “Holding back tears”, saying your ex, “is missing a sensitivity Chip”, having your publicist say you are sad that you had to read about Angelina’s pregnancy in the papers…etc… you can’t have it both ways Manifer Assisgone

  15. mija289

    Well it’s a good thing she doesn’t need it since I have NEVER considered giving her any.

  16. Mr. Fritz

    #13, I couldn’t agree with you more. I made the mistake of seeing “Rock Star” with an exgirlfriend once and it was “Friends” but set in a skanky 80′s setting. She also sucked in “Bruce Almighty” and “Along Came Polly”. I can’t wait until she falls off the face of the Earth.

  17. mija289

    Although she never mentions the serial-adoptist couple directly, she does take a nice jab at Pitt at the end of the article when talking about Vince Vaughn’s Luca Brasi-esque quality:

    “First and foremost, he’s a really good, loyal friend. Fiercely loyal.”

    I guess I’m missing something here, but how is what she says a jab at Brad Pitt?

  18. downshine

    go team Brangelina! Jennifer is such a snobby bitch.

  19. gammanormids

    Jennifer is a press-spoiled. people liked Rachel and felt sorry for her when Ross and her split and now want teh same for her. She’s the one who tells everybody ‘I am fine, I am fine’ as though someone had though otherwise. GET OVER: you’re not the first woman whose hubby left her for someone sexier, deeper, amd more talented…

  20. NickiNicki9Doors

    Am I the only person wondering how one makes one’s skin “scrawl”? Proofread, Superficial – proofread.

    Having said that, her skin does look rather “scrawly” in that picture.

  21. scarlett138

    nahh, i mean yes, we all know angelina is wayy hotter than jen will ever be, but wtf, shes a snobby bitch? lol how?? w/e, all these celebrities are asses anyway, but if we are to compare, jen actually seems more down to earth than angelina
    anyway, i cant believe im commenting on this aniston-jolie shit again, this threesome sexcapade should be over by now…

  22. happy_bunny


    Was that English?

  23. HughJorganthethird

    I wonder if Vince does the motorboat with Jeniifer’s tiny ta-ta’s.

  24. wari06

    this triangle thing has been going on for too long..everyone needs to let go and the only reason why jen continues to speak about it is because people make it such a big deal and part of everyday life. if i was her i would say the same stuff to get the world off my back. i think jen needs to be cut some slack and not have every one of her words analyzed

  25. whackjob

    #23….yeah, but it comes out more like, “pfffffrttt”

  26. happy_bunny

    J.A. should go the “no comment” route on it. Vogue probably asked her to comment on it so she did. But going forward, when mags ask her to comment on it, she should just refuse. Tell the reporters to consult some back copies of Us Weekly and STFU.

  27. krisdylee

    Not that I really care, but maybe she should hire a couple stylists and work on her look. Do a Natalie Portman, shave her head, or pierce her nose…. For five cents, Jen, look at yourself. You’ve looked EXACTLY the same for however many years. That hair… ugh…. and maybe take some method acting lessons or something, because I am really fucking sick of Rachel.

  28. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    FACT: Jennifer Aniston has a nice body and her breasts are not small
    FACT: I used to feel bad for her when this first came out because Angelina Jolie is hotter than everyone and it is not fair.
    FACT: I do not feel bad for her anymore because she whines and bitches about it so much it only reminds everyone that she is uglier than Angelina.
    FACT: I’d hit it.

  29. gogoboots

    HAHAHA! Swingers is a great movie and Vince Vaughn is awesome in it!

  30. ribbit25

    If I was Jennifer and had a choice between your pity and Vince Vaughn’s “manliness”, I’d take your pity any day….

  31. Swingers was great. I think Vince needs to move on. If those stories about Jen are true, she one shallow bitch!

  32. LoneWolf

    “I’m so tired of being part of this sick, twisted Bermuda Triangle” I read that and went, wah? I get it that there are 3 people involved, but why is she calling it a Bermuda Triangle? Then I realized she must be talking about the vortex that into which her career is disappearing. Surprising insightful, Ms. Man’s Chin.

    And Luca Brasi, I believe, ultimately slept with the fishes. If only these three idjits would suffer the same fate. Unfortunately, it appears that they will remain awake on The Superfish instead.

  33. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    You don’t want our pity?? What, our pity ain’t good enough for you? Take what you can get! That’s the way you pick your movie roles! (Why am I saying “you”? J.A. ain’t gonna read this. She’s too busy refusing my pity as she does the backstroke through her Scrooge McDuck home bank vault.)

  34. kylieer

    WHO CARES?!? I am sick of all three of ‘em…they all have more money then I would ever know what to do with – why don’t they move somewhere where they are ‘not known’ and live off their riches in peace….
    Why do celebs always say – ‘I want my privacy’ but end up dining at the trendiest of restaurants and staying at the most notorious locales?!? hummmm seems to me they allll really LOVE the attention we all give them! How about we alll stop caring about these idiots and move onto people who are ‘in it’ because they are ‘talented’?!?

  35. Kelly

    Sure Jen milk your pathetic life for all the publicity that you can still get. I agree besides being Rachel in Friends and being Rachel on shitty movies this bitty has not done crap. Go away, far far away.

  36. nikki


    You want people to drop the topic? why don’t YOU fucking drop it.

    you’re nothing but a sore loser looking for pity. that’s why you’re gonna wring every bit of juice out of this topic. too bad it won’t make a difference to your pathetic acting career. loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Zanna

    Has anyone noticed the Superficial isn’t as funny as it used to be?

  38. hafaball

    Aniston and Vaugn look like good buddies, drinking buddies…getting naked and having wild sex buddies. Man, they sure are good friends.

  39. gogoboots

    This whole thing is a yawnathon, I’m glad Jen is tired of it as much as we are…

  40. JerseyGirl

    #37-Zanna, I totally agree. It’s kinda lame now.

    I think she’s going keep being asked about it until the reporters stop caring. Everyone wants to be the one who got her to say something bad about them, so they keep asking her. If she said “no comment” every time, I bet they’d probably write about how she being a bitch or still isn’t over it. Until some other celebrity drama happens we’re gonna be stuck hearing about every litte detail in the Brad/Angelina/Jen/Vince universe.

  41. maggixial

    She should just not comment about it. She shouldn’t even talk about her relationship with vince. It’s the death of all celebrity couples. KEEP IT ON THE DL!

  42. Big Fig

    The only reason I feel sorry for her is that she went from boning Brad Pitt to Vince Vaughn, who’s essentially an 8 foot tall walking forehead. Sure he’s funny and I’m sure he’s got a great personality, but man is he creepy looking. Imagine climbing that tree every night…sorry Jen.

  43. gogoboots

    Damn yeah, Brad is still way hotter than Vince, hands down. I’d hit ‘em both at the same time tho, woohoo!

  44. gogoboots

    Jen looks pissed in almost every picture taken of her. It’s so interesting. She must like the attention or something.

  45. madonnasponytail

    please. no more team aniston, jolie, pitt, or vaughn.

  46. Bo_Smith

    I wonder if Jennifer ever Googles herself and reads all the crap that people say about her chin. Shame! Remember how obsessed everyone was with her and her hair and all those magazine articles saying how to look more like Jen?

    I liked her in Derailed though I have never been able to work out people got so excited about Friends.

    My theory is that all three of them are gay and maybe even Vince Vaughn too. You never hear about how Brad sleeps around because I reckon he is doing it with men. Every other star the wife gets jealous and follows her husband around on film sets and stuff and there is some rumour – it is the same with George Clooney he isn’t with anybody.

  47. Bo_Smith

    and I’m sure he has a secret boyfriend and so does Brad, and maybe Brad is doing Tom Cruise after he has broken up with Rob Thomas, while Angelina bangs that Asian “Supermodel”.

  48. Bo_Smith

    I’m sure Jennifer will get up one night on the way to the bathroom and find she has left the computer on and type in her name just out of curiosity wouldn’t you?

  49. Bo_Smith

    Sorry I’m waffling a bit ;-)

  50. LickyLicky

    Has anyone forgotten the horrific waste of time, money, and brain cells that is The Good Girl?

    If you think her hair, her attitude, and her pity-party is one big yawnfest, than that movie can only be described as a “Soma and vodka induced, brain activity flatline, DNR in place, don’t wake me up if it means I have to ever watch that movie again on late-night TBS, kill me now and donate my organs to someone who promises to NEVER watch that movie” coma.

    Yeah, that was long, but not as long as that fucking snoozefest. She seems a bit wooden in all her roles. Rachel was her liveliest character, and I think that’s only because all the others distracted from her. Kinda like hanging out with fatter people than you. Wow, did you lose weight?

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