Jennifer Lopez’s Ass, Anyone?

July 14th, 2010 // 93 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Lopez on a photo shoot in Malibu with her family yesterday and apparently she should’ve worn a longer blouse because, KERPOW, J-Ass! Except that KERPOW was a little unnecessary because this is absolutely nothing like I imagined it. I always assumed seeing the J-Butt would be more like seeing Jesus’ face and less like a reminder that death comes for everyone but first it’s gonna ruin your awesome parts. On that note, I’m going to run the opposite direction of the Earth’s rotation until I’m not 30 anymore or my penis stops looking like an old man’s face. Adieu.

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  1. ZigZagZoey

    NO spank you!

  2. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    Not sexy. Looks like padding for taking a shit.

  3. It looks like of lumpy. Just like my oatmeal.

  4. BIOB

    And another fantasy woman falls to earth with a crash.

  5. ilikebigbutts
    Commented on this photo:

    no thanks

    • Hugh Gentry

      you must prefer a cock and balls attached to it.

      • chelsea

        or he prefers butts that aren’t all lumpy and pale like cottage cheese. i don’t know, i think girls with big butts are attractive, but it’s hard to have an ass that big with no cellulite. it takes TONS of toning exercises and a really solid diet.

  6. Fati87

    a) You have a typo – it’s WORN, not SWORN.
    b) You’ve already had a picture of her ass on the site a while ago, so don’t pretend this is new for you.
    c) Shut up. She has an excellent butt. For a woman of her age to have a butt this large in such shape is a true achievement. I’ll see your wife’s (should any woman be stupid enough to marry a nerd like you) ass when she is forty-something. Now that will be truly scary.

  7. truth

    that is terrible….and she sucks in general.

  8. Pffft
    Commented on this photo:

    Mom a$$, it happens

  9. Pffft
    Commented on this photo:

    Mom a$$, it happens

  10. Hugh Gentry
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    i could get lost in there for days

  11. deigo
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    Not a fan, but her hind quarters are a hell of a lot better looking that sofia vergara’s hail damaged mine field of an ass. And she’s 3 years older than sofia.

    How about no more sloppy, aging, over-the-hill latinas?

    Who’s next? Charro?

  12. jumpin_j

    No thanks, I’m on a diet. Now Sophie Turner, well….

  13. NeNe

    Her butt is not what it used to be. She needs to take better care of it. No more bragging about her ass anymore. It ain’t all that.

  14. Hey, thanks but no thanks!
    Yes, she’s got a fine butt for “a woman her age”. Kudos to J-Lo.
    Now, what else ya got?

  15. joho777

    As unpleasant as Lopex is, it’s only fair that she has the skinny body of an immature kid including the flabby flat ass.


  16. memem
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    Keep em coming fish. I love them big rears

  17. lance
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    no way. that ass is still perfect. that ass is hotter than most 18 year old asses out there. Rotund, yet tight and not flabby. That’s a beautiful ass right there.

  18. Sugar

    Why are we supposed to care about her?

  19. Carolyn
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    Poor kids, right now they’re butt ugly.

  20. Parker
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s not perfect but you have to admire a woman who has trouble keeping her ass covered.

  21. Parker
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s not perfect but you have to admire a woman who has trouble keeping her ass covered.

  22. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  23. sunshine
    Commented on this photo:

    Poor kids, Mom thinks she’s still hot and Dad wears a Coast Guard uniform and a sweater cap to the beach and thinks he’s hot.

  24. w
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  25. Commented on this photo:

    You know what, after flipping through the pics, it is not the booty pop she is known for, but at the same time it is not terrible, or out of place for her structure. I approve.

  26. Bunny

    OMG where is Parker today??? He’ll be devistated that he missed this.

  27. Randal(l)

    “For a woman of her age” is not a good excuse. My 86 year old Nana has a slammin’ booty for an 86 year old, but at the end of the day it’s still a disgusting pile of lumpy wrinkles and shit stains.

    Love you Nana


  28. Jacks
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    I love Sofia and J-Lo. J-lo’s ass in these pics look great. She still got it going on. She is far from over the hill.

  29. ed3

    Tough life this witch has, huh?

  30. sunshine

    Is no one concerned about the clown in the Coast Guard uniform wearing a sweater hat to the beach this time of year? If you all thought the junk in the trunk was never going to be affected by gravity, here’s a harsh life lesson for you. Stuff starts to sag ~ big, heavy stuff, really starts to sag.

  31. jay95

    she is straight sexy. i wonder if she does anal. i know my pinky would bounce in her stinky for days.

  32. jime
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    Britney has the best hollywood ass ♥

  33. eternous
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    Very good

  34. horn dog
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    bleaah. I’m one horny mofo, but this leaves me cold.

  35. mao

    I just threw up in my mouth a little,
    I hate This Btch,
    South Park had it so right, She is the bitchiest person alive,


  36. RoniMikey
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    Looks great! Way better than Kim K.

  37. RoniMikey
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    Looks great! Way better than Kim K.

  38. lo pez dispenser
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    I bet her farts are BRUTAL!

  39. rene


  40. captain america

    ………………………dated so: NO THANKS, folks!!

  41. sum
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  42. John
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  43. supersex
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    without all that makeup she is an average looking bitch with a fat flabby ass!!!!

  44. munster4x4
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    She look’n like she needs to have a few pounds removed from the trunk.

  45. Chaman

    die bitch, but before kill ur damn husband and cypress hill too. damn good.

  46. Davinci
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    baby oil time

  47. jen
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    i want to know what’s up with her hair from the back. it looks like all different colors. it’s a mess. maybe she has a wig on or is it her extensions……either way, it’s hideous.

  48. brid

    she a fur hag fugly ho

  49. Hard 4 J-lo
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    Jenny on the block? More like fatty on the block…

  50. uncle tom

    aint what it used to be. id still smash it though

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