Jennifer Lopez Has a ‘Post-Split’ Interview In Vanity Fair Already

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their split just two weeks ago, and ever since it’s been a carefully, calculated PR battle on her end to paint herself as the victim of a “controlling” anorexic Latino who, at best, weighs 90 pounds soaking wet with delicious salsa. So, of course, Jennifer Lopez somehow already gave an interview to Vanity Fair to dedicate their entire September issue to because those things don’t require at least a month of planning. (I’m implying she did this interview way before announcing their split because she’s a goddamn succubus who demands constant attention.)

“Sometimes it doesn’t work—and that’s sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love,” Lopez says. “It’s still my biggest dream. I am positive—determined to move forward with my life, bring up my babies, and do the best job I can as a mother, entertainer, and person. I now look forward to new challenges. I feel strong.”
… “I’m a hopeless romantic and passionate person when it comes to love,” Lopez explains, describing the passage that has brought her to her current state of mind. “It’s not that I didn’t love myself before. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are compromising ourselves. To understand that a person is not good for you, or that that person is not treating you in the right way, or that he is not doing the right thing for himself—if I stay, then I am not doing the right thing for me. I love myself enough to walk away from that now.

For the love of- Just once I wish a celebrity would spare the psycho-babble about “learning to love myself” and just say, “We got tired of each others shit and wanted to bang other people.” But, naturally, in this case it’s laid on extra thick because haven’t you heard? Marc Anthony’s controlling just like the husband in Enough. Jennifer Lopez barely made it to her diner shift alive!

Photo: Splash News, Vanity Fair