Jennifer Lopez Gives Casper Smart An Allowance

“She never gives me enough to buy LEGOs…” *kicks rock*

Jennifer Lopez might be old, but she understands young boys need their walking around money provided that walking around money is spent on her so she can feel like her cradle-robbing is really some sort of reverse gold-digging for idiots because it’s her own goddamn money. Your guess is as good as mine. Via Hollywood Life:

“She hated having to whip out her credit card every time they go to dinner,” a source says. “Jen figured it’s easier to give Casper a weekly stipend, and she thought $10K was a nice round number.”
But it sounds like Casper’s cushy new lifestyle comes with a few strings attached.
“Jen doesn’t want to go over the top, showering Casper with too much, but she also wants him to up his game,” the source continues. “Jen is hoping Casper won’t think twice about buying presents for her kids or whisking her off for a surprise weekend getaway.”

So, not only does Jennifer Lopez make Casper Smart drive her around in her own car, she gives him money but only so he can buy her shit and pay for her vacations? Yeah, this isn’t her boyfriend. This is her assistant. “Do I touch Miss Lopez’s vagina? Oh no no no. She no let me in the house. I wait in el coche and sometimes play futbol with Jorge the gardener. She no like that either. ‘You’ll stain your uniform,’ she says. Si, I validate.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet